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Arawak, pronounced AH-ruh-wock, it's a tribe of the Caribbean Islands. In fact the first ones to encounter Christopher Columbus. Now we know, tribes were also in the Caribbean area. And they traded with tribes in Florida and South America. First my thoughts, on the so-called killing of Osama bin Laden. Looks like this will be the last "Time". Osama bin Laden will be killed. Once America says your dead, your dead. LOL Like many others. I've heard reports of his death. Since just after the inside job of 911. That he had failing health. (kidneys?) An that he wouldn't survive living in a cave. Some where in Afghanistan. But then he again. He orchestrated 911, from those same caves. LOL This even get funnier. Osama was buried at sea. Turns out Muslim, are buried at sea. Must be because, they spend there entire lives. Wandering around in the desert. Then magically they want to be dropped off in the ocean. Makes total sense to me.

The real reason for this next lie from the 'powers'. Is to show Obummer is strong leader and a great strategist. Plus the fact that another false-flag event like 911. (and many others) Will soon be happening. Even in today's propaganda newspaper (Arizona Republic). That very idea was planted in folks heads. Now we hear, that Pakistan is on Americas list. To be attacked, for hiding Osama. You can easily see how these Whores work. The problem is, most Americans will buy into this crap. The 'powers' will have there group called Al CIAda. Cause a motion, by bombing s and killing some poor Americans. Then the 'powers' will stage a false rally, in DC and New York. To show how much Americans are mad at. Those damn old Al CIAda Cats. The 'powers' never seem to get tired of the same old game. Create a dilemma, then have the answer for it. Only problem is, every "Time" this trick is played on the Americans. More and more freedoms are taken away. And then of course, the poor old Americans. Need to to be taxed even more. So the government can get those bad guys. I'd go out on the streets. And say, 'wake up America'. But the same folks who are being set up. 'Would stone me'. Like the story of 5 Monkeys. (look that one up) Now to some of the same crap. That was done to the tribe Arawak.

Today the Arawak are living on the islands of. Bahamas, Greater Antilles, including Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Barbados and Trinidad-Tobago. This area became known as the West Indies, because of Christopher Columbus. Thus the name Indians. Got started for all the tribes of North and South America.

Arawak were farmers because of the abundant rainfall. They grew such crops as, corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, peanuts, peppers, cotton and tobacco. In fact this is where the use of tobacco by the Europeans got started. The Arawak were obviously fisherman also. One of the ways to capture giant sea turtles. Was to use Remora fish. They would attach a line to the Ramora fish. Then it would suck up to the bottom of a Giant Sea Turtle. (Not sure if I want to believe this one. LOL) Then they would drag it into there canoe.

The hierarchy of the tribes. Was to have a supreme leader. This position was hereditary. (England) The oldest son would presume leadership after the Supreme rulers death. In case of no son. A daughter would assume the powers.

Men and children went naked. With the women wearing an apron. Made of either cotton or leaves. They adorned themselves with. Necklaces, nose pendents, jewelry made of cotton. Chiefs and noblemen, wore gold and copper. In ceremonies they would wear carved masks. Put feathers in there hair. Painted there bodies, with bright colors. They believed in an immortal being who lived in the sky. Yocahu was his name. And he was born of a mother named Atabex. (Hopi, Spiderwomen)

The Arawak were peaceful peoples. Who lived in cone shaped house of palm leaves and cane. Chiefs lived in rectangular homes. Also made of palm leaves and cane. They slept in hammocks. This was the first know use of hammocks. Sailors learned this idea from them. And started using them on there ships. They would only take up arms. When attacked by the Carib Indians. They shared many of the same ideas about life. As the Aztecs and Natchez peoples.

They built dugouts that would hold 100 people. This is how they made there trading trips. Through out the Caribbean. They would even venture up to America and Florida. Down to South America. They treated the Spaniards well. (This would come back to haunt them.) They were known to have helped Spanish, ship wreaked victims.

Later colonist left behind by Columbus. Would try to enslave the Arawak people. Forcing them to search for gold. Many Arawak rose up against the Spanish. And killed all of them. Then on Columbus's second voyage to the area. Columbus brought more colonist with him. They again forced the Arawak to search for gold. When they found no gold. The Arawak people were taken in as slaves and sold off. The Spaniards over worked the locals. Many died from lack of food and over work. Many committed suicide, with mothers killing there babies. So that they would not have to grow up in such conditions. They were forced to give up there traditional ways. And made to convert to Catholicism. Today many of the original Arawak people live and thrive. In Cuba and other Caribbeans islands. Here again you see the ruthless behavior of the so-called Christians. Those that raped and plundered the people of the western hemisphere. And today you see the ancestor of the murdered and plundered. Living by the Catholic standards. Makes no sense to me. You can see how World wide propaganda. Has changed the minds of many of the indigenous peoples of the west.

"God" bless

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