Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Mound Builders"

From the Midwest too Florida. There are theses mounds. That were built by early Native Americans. Some were burial grounds, while some were for ceremonies. The real builder of these mound are unknown. I've read stories that the Hopi built them. To mark there migration trails. If you believe the Hopi were the first inhabitant, of North America. Then this would be true. Or if all first inhabitants of North America. Are the fore fathers of the Hopi. Then it's also true. They are Hopi mounds. The three main eras of mound builder were the. Poverty Point Culture, Adena Culture, Mississippi Culture and the Hopewell Culture. Before I get into the Mound Builders. My thoughts on a national I.D.

A National I.D. could be coming America's way soon. Arizona was one of the states to stop it's enactment. But with the federal government pushing it along. Americans will have to see what happens. This is just one more step in the NWO's plans. To have a few at the top. Controlling the masses. This new identification card, will have a memory strip on it. And will also be a tracking device. That will show your every movement. It has been suggested, that if you are issued a National I.D.. Take a hammer and beat on it. This will disable the tracking device. Or you can put it between two pieces of lead (metal), while traveling.

After the I.D. is put in place. A R.F.I.D. (Radio Frequency Identification Device) chip, will be put into your body. This is all being done to enslave you. You will be told that's this is how the NWO police. Can tell if your a terrorist (or "Alien") or not. One more important step in the NWO plans. Is to break down all boarders. Just as they have done with Europe. Next will come North America, then South America. Followed by China, the Orient and the Middle East. This progression got started. By breaking down the family unit. The same thing that was done to the Native American tribes. By taking the children away from the parents (By calling them un-fit parents.). And sending them away to boarding schools. Today the 'powers' use the TV, media and Public Schools. To accomplish the same effect. Just a reminder folks, what is waiting for you. Hidden from you in, 'plain sight'.

In North America there are thousands of these mounds. Some in the shape of Animals. Some shaped like pyramids. Some used as burial grounds. Some used as places of worship. While others were used as a structure. For placing homes on. The higher up your shelter. The higher you were in the system. Theses mound were started to be built in 1500 BC. So you can see they were long before the birth of Christ.

The Poverty Point Culture was established in about 1800 BC. It was in the area, known as Louisiana today. The largest mound was 70 feet tall. 710 feet long and 640 feet wide. It resembled a bird with out-stretched wings. And was more than likely. Used as a place for ceremonies. Artifacts found at the mound site were. Pendents, clay figurines, stone beads, copper art work, soapstone carvings and tools. This indicated they had trade from far away. Other Poverty Point Culture sites. Were found in Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri and Florida.

The Adena Culture of mound builders. Lasted from 1000 BC - 200 AD. These sites were in Ohio. And reached into Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, Pennsylvania and New York. Some of these mound were used for burial grounds. With artifacts buried with the dead. Like you would see in Egypt. Others were used for ceremonies. One of the most famous is in Peebles Ohio. It was called the, 'Serpent Mound'. It was shaped like a Serpent. About 6 feet tall, 20 too 4 feet across. With a length of 1350 feet. The head has the jaws wide open. Like it's about to join another mound. It is not known what happened to the culture either.

The Hopewell Culture lasted from 200 BC - 700 AD. And it was also in the Ohio Valley region. The Hopewell were know as great traders. With objects found near there sites. That came from such as Mexico (obsidian). Copper from the Great Lakes area. Shells from the Atlantic ocean. Alligator skulls and teeth from Florida. They themselves were highly skilled artisans. Carving stone pipes, pottery with fine designs in them. They made copper headdresses and breast ornaments, mica mirrors and shell drinking cups.

They would place these object in the tombs of the dead. Under burial mounds. Some burial mounds reaching 30 to 40 feet in the air. Other mounds were shaped like animal. They also built walls. In the shapes of circles, squares, parallel lines and octagons.

The Mississippi Culture started about 700 AD. it was along the Mississippi River. Reaching into Oklahoma, Wisconsin and down to Florida. They were also known as the Temple Mound Builders. As there structures would resemble pyramid's of Meso-America. Like the Mayans and Aztecs. They would put Temples on top of there mounds. Long log steps would lead up the side of there mounds. With huts on top for ceremonies. other mounds had homes built into the sides of them. With the highest ranking officials near the top.

Some of these mound could be massive. Being over 100 feet high and covering acres. Some villages had populations over 30,000 strong. With over 80 other mounds in the community. Some of the mounds would be used for burial mounds.

The Mississippi Culture were also great craftsmen. They made items such as, clay artifacts, carved shells, mica objects, marbles, masks, pipes, headdresses, etc.. Made masks that were used in human scarifies. Skulls, bones, buzzards, weeping eye masks. Were also worn in theses ceremonies. In about 1550 AD. The Mound Building era came to an end. No one knows for sure why this happened. Maybe the Choctaw and Creek are decedents of them. As they practiced many of the Mound Builders ways.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.

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