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When you read about the Cheyenne. You are basically reading about the Arapaho also. They both roamed the areas of Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. Today as I prepared for my story. I kept thinking, 'haven't I written about this before?' Like the Arapaho the Cheyenne gave up a farming life. After the were introduced to the Horse. Then they became mainly hunters of the Buffalo. And a peoples on the constant move. There pottery and arts had no place, for the migrating Cheyenne.

Before I start today's short history of the Cheyenne. I want to share a You Tube channel with you. (For some reason, Firefox won't allow these links. To let you go directly to the site from here.) I meet Paul in Truth Frequency Radio chat room. He too was also concerned about the terrible Chem-trailing. That most of the World is experiencing now. Like myself, he is trying to warn others. I always bring up the Chem-trailing to guys. I meet on job sites, or on the streets. Paul has put together some great cartoons. About what is happening to Americans and the World's citizens today. Also here is a link to a video on his site I found. (It's Raining Fibers and Particulates in Phoenix, Jan. 7, 2011) That show fibers of Spider-web looking materials. That are falling from the sky. On a day of, heavy Chem-trails. That are be sprayed over Phoenix Arizona. I have also see these Spider-web looking fibers from my patio. The Hopi have a 'End Times' prophecy that says. 'Spider-webs will be in the Skies.' Paul's You Tube channel, will link you to his other great sites, so enjoy.

Cheyenne (shy-ANN) meaning, 'beautiful people' or our people'. Originated in the Minnesota area. There they lived in villages and were farmers. And like all other tribes of the Americas. They were also hunters and gathers. The first Europeans they meet were the French. Who had come too the area. Looking for pelts, for there fur trade. They left the Minnesota and moved westward. As they were being attacked by the Sioux Indians. They settled into a area now known as North and South Dakota.

In the 1700s the Cheyenne came in contact will horses. And that totally change there life style. They had lost there prays as farmer ('lost the corn'). When they became Buffalo hunters, on horseback. The Cheyenne suddenly became nomadic. And began living in tipis. That were easily moved from place to place. Some of the Cheyenne kept traditional ways. And they lived along the Missouri River. With constant attacks from the Sioux. The Cheyenne were forced to move farther south. The settled in the North Platte River area in Wyoming.

The Cheyenne soon split into two groups. One group stayed in the Platte River location. While the other group went south. And settled on the Arkansas River of Colorado and parts of Kansas. This is when the northern Cheyenne became allied with the Northern Arapaho. And the Southern Cheyenne allied with the Southern Arapaho.

The Cheyenne became known as. One of the Great Plains Indian tribes. And started sharing many of the same ideas. That other Plains Tribes had. They began forming societies. One of the most important societies was the 'waring society'. The Cheyenne would fight along side other tribes. Who also had 'Waring Societies'. They would meet with other tribes. To discuss plans for wars with other out-side tribes. Each society had there own rituals. That they would preform, before going into battle. The Cheyenne had groups with such names as. Dog Soldiers, Fox, Elk, Shield, Wolf and Crazy Dogs.

The most important part of Cheyenne life, was the family. Then came the tribe and band. Courtship between males and female took long periods of "Time". Women wore forbidden to have relationships with men before marriage. How a young female acted before becoming married. Had a great impact on who she would marry later. Cheyenne women were known for there chastity. And this helped to keep the family unit strong.

The Cheyenne had two important ceremonies they preformed each year. One was called the 'Arrow Renewal' and the other 'New Life Lodge'. The 'Arrow Renewal' was about four sacred arrows. The 'Great Spirit' named 'Maiyun', gave Sweet Medicine four arrows. Two for hunting and two for war. The arrows symbolized the life style of the Cheyenne peoples. And the ceremony symbolized. A new beginning for each year, for the Cheyenne peoples. The "New Life Lodge' ceremony was also a renewal ceremony. It was preformed each year. To make the World over again. This has been depicted in many movies. You see a young worrier with rawhide skewers attached to his chest. As he dances around a wooden pole in a lodge. This self torture would ensure that the tribe would have food for the coming year. The act was banded by the government in 1910.

Colorado had it's own gold rush days. Many miner came into the Cheyenne territories looking for gold and silver. The government wanted to open the Cheyenne-Arapaho territories to the miners. This caused conflicts between the government and the tribes. In 1864 a war was started. It was called the Cheyenne-Arapaho War. It lasted two years. In the battle of 'Sand Creek'. 200 Cheyenne and Arapaho men, women and children were massacred. By U.S. Calvary troops. As in other conflicts with the U.S. government. The military out-lasted the Native Americans. With the use of superior armament and numbers. The Cheyenne were eventually forced onto reservations.

The Northern Cheyenne now live on a reservation in Lame Deer Montana. While the Southern Cheyenne share land with the Arapaho in Oklahoma.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


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