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When it comes to human sacrifice. Native American tribes are never thought of. But the Pawnee were such a tribe. With the practice of human sacrifices lasting, until 1816. More on this subject later.

Today is the 21st. of May. The day that a man named Harold E. Camping. Said would be the day of Rapture. That is, all the good people will be lifted into heaven. Then the Earth will be destroyed. Mr. Camping also predicted that September 1994. Would also be a day of rapture. Mr. Camping is known as a Christian radio broadcaster. With over 150 outlets broadcasting his sermons. There is no where in the Christian Bible. That uses the word rapture. It can be found in contexts only. The use of the rapture, in Christianity. Seems to have come along in the 1800s. With all the reading I've done about Native American and Meso-American tribes. I've never heard of them waiting for someone from the sky. Coming to save there dumb asses. This seems to be a Christian thing. The Hopi have the 'Ant People' saving them. From the Earth being destroyed. But there are no streets paved with gold. Awaiting there arrival. Just the chance, to be reintroduced to the Earth above. So it appears, all us so-called sinners. Will survived another end of the Earth scenario. The next big date of course. Will be the Mayan 21 December 2012 date. So get prepared once again. For the end of "Time", I think!!!

Pawnee (Paw-nee) originated from Texas. Who got there name from there hair style. Pawnee means 'horn'. As the Pawnee wore there hair up. The Pawnee migrated northward into the areas of Oklahoma and Kansas. And later broke into four different groups.

The Pawnee were farmers. And lived in large villages. They built earthen lodges. With the arrival of the Spaniards. Trading horse to the Native Americans. The Pawnee also were introduced to Horses. This enabled them to follow the buffalo part of the year. Where they lived in tipis. Here they also learned from other Plains Indian tribes. Following the buffalo herds into even New Mexico.

There first contact with Europeans was the French. Who would trade guns and other goods for Buffalo and other hides. As the American west opened up. The Pawnee seemed to get along with the new settlers. And they would even help the new government. In battles with there traditional enemies, the Sioux, Cheyenne, Comanche and Arapaho. They were used as scouts by the U.S. Calvary. They also were used to guard railroads. This loyalty would later cost them. The Sioux ambushed a Pawnee group. Killing about 150 of them. And like most other tribes. That helped the new American government. This did not help them. When it was "Time" to divide up the Indian territories. And the Pawnee were given a reservation. On the Loup River in Nebraska. Then another slap in the face. As the U.S. government moved the Pawnee of the Nebraska reservation. And relocated them to Oklahoma Indian territory.

The Pawnee were Sun worshippers. And followed many of the ways of the Mound Builder and Aztecs. The priest were medicine men. And would led the ceremonies. Of song, dances and poetry. That would symbolize the Stars above. They also practiced human sacrifice. They would capture a young female from another tribe. Then on the simmer solstice. In a ceremony called the, 'Morning Star Ceremony'. The young girl would be painted up. One half of her body would be painted red (day). The other half would be painted black (night). They would tie the young maiden up out side the village. And as the Sun rose on the morning of the longest day. The priest would take a torch, knife and arrow to the young maiden. (Hopi have a similar ritual, only a Eagle is used.) Then every male of adulthood. Would shoot a arrow into the young maiden. This ritual would be stopped in the 1816. By one of the Pawnees own tribal member.

Today the Pawnee hold trust lands in Oklahoma. And hold a traditional Pow Wow every year. Resurrecting the ancient Pawnee ways. They hold contest for the fancy dancers. (My Tucson Pow Wow video.) And other traditional ways. They have casinos on the reservation now. They have formed a group called Native American Rights Fund (HARF). And like most other Native American tribes. They have married into other tribes and races. Thus diluting the Pawnee blood lines.

"God" bless


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