Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Wounded Knee Massacres"

Wounded Knee was one of the more known, 'Indian Massacres'. It all started over a new Native American ritual. The 'powers' want the people of America and World to believe. That one of the founding principles of America. Was the freedom to practice your own chosen religion. Yet the same 'powers'. Spent a great deal of energy and bloodshed. To stop the Native Americans from following there own ancient ways. Of worshipping there creator "God"!!! The 'powers' needed to stop the Native Americans rituals. So they could enslave the inhabitants of North America. With the same religious 'Dogmas'. They used to enslave the rest of the European World, with Christianity. Even today most Americans are still enslaved. By the Christian religion. The good news, is that most Native American tribes. Are turning away the Christian religion. That was used to turn the young against the old. And are finding there roots. You can see this happening at Pow Wows. It's to late for the 'powers' to put a gun. In the faces of Americas Native Americans anymore. And demand them to follow there Christ. Today the Navajo and other Native American tribes. Use the Peyote Cactus button. As part of the religious ceremonies. "God" bless those that strike out against those. Who chose to enslave them with religious doctrines. That have no place in the modern Americas. From the tip of Alaska, too the tip of South America. The indigenous people, are waking up to there past and powerful ways.

Wounded Knee was not a battle between. The U.S. Calvary and Native American warriors. A new Native American religion. Was started by the Paiute Indians of the Great Plains. This religion was called the 'Ghost Dance Religion'. And it's practice was banned, by the U.S. government. And would be enforced by the U.S. Calvary. This new religion, quickly spread to other Native American tribes of the plains. A Paiute named Wovoka, started it. Wovoka believed that the World was soon to come to an end. And in the New World. All the good Native Americas. Would inherit the new Earth. There would be plenty to eat. With prairies fill filled with high grasses. Where there would be plenty of Buffalo for the Native Americans to feast on. Not only would the living inherit this new World. Even the old would come back to life. (You can easily see how Wovoka. Stole many of the new religions ideas, from the Christian bible.) Is all you had to do to be part of this New World. Was to avoid the ways of the Whites. And keep to ancient Native American ways.

Ghost Dance Religion used various methods. In there rituals, such as. Prayer, chanting, meditation and dancing. These practices would help the ones preforming the rituals. To see into the future. And see what was ahead for them. If they only keep to there ancient ways.

The main reason this new religion became so popular so quickly. Was that most Native American tribes were already living in poverty. As there traditional lands had been take from them. This new religion offered them hope. The one day soon. They would return to the ways of the past. Much in the same way. The Christians are awaiting the return of Christ. To solve all there modern day problems.

As the Ghost Dance Religion grew and grew. The government wanted more and more. To stop these gathering from happening. (I guess they felt they were a threat. And the tribes would collective gather together. And defeat the U.S. Calvary.) The Sioux of the Dakotas. Gathered at a place called Pine Ridge and Rosebud. Here would be a large Ghost Dance Religious gathering.

Sitting Bull was invited to the ceremony. The U.S. Calvary got news of the impending arrival of Sitting Bull. So they sent out a party of soldiers. And killed Sitting Bull, along with seven of his warriors. The U.S.Calvary also ordered the arrest of Big Foot. Who was a Miniconjou Chief. Who took about 350 tribal member too Pine Ridge. Of the Miniconjou tribal members, most were women and children. Major S.M. Whitside intercepted the tribal members. He ordered the members to set up camp at Wounded Knee. The soldiers set up cannons around the group of tribal members.

The next day. The troops went to the tribal members to disarm them. A medicine man named Yellow Bird. Told the tribal members to resist. And the that the powers of the Ghost Dance Religion. Would protect them from the U.S. Calvary's bullets. A shot was fired. Either by the tribal members. Or by one of the soldiers, chaos pursued. The soldiers open fire on the tribal members. As the soldiers retreated too there lines. The cannons opened fire on the tribal members. In an instant, over 150 tribal members were killed. Women and children lay amongst the dead. This would be the end of the Sioux's Ghost Dance gatherings. Their at Wounded Knee. A proud and free peoples. Were hushed, by the superior firepower of the U.S. Calvary. This would be the end of the 'Indian Wars'. That same year, (1890) the government announced. There would no longer be lines on the maps. That seperated Indian lands from the U.S. government.

Here is just one more example. Of what I've been warning American folks about. What was done to the Native Americans in the past. Is now being done to the citizens of America.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings

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