Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Battle of Wabash"

'Battle of Wabash' was the largest defeat for the American Army. During the Northwest Indians Wars, to steal North America from the natives. This battle took place in Ohio. At a fort called, Fort Recovery. On the morning 4 November 1791. Approximately 1,000 Native American warriors. Made up of Shawnee, Miamis, Delaware Lenape, Potawatomis of Michigan and Northeast tribal members. Attack the encampment at dawn. While the soldiers were lined up for breakfast.

The different tribes were led by. Little Turtle of the Miamis, Blue Jacket of the Shawnee and Buckongahelas of the Delaware Lenapes. Along with a large contingent of Potawatomis, from Michigan. The soldiers were under the command of General Arther St. Clair. Who was famous for his leadership during the American Revolutionary War. He was now suffering many desertions and unrest among his troops.

General Arther St. Clair that morning suffered a 97.4 casualty rate. A total of 832 soldiers were killed. Along with 39 officers killed, and 7 wounded. Only 48 soldiers survived the battle unhurt.

In 1794 a group of soldiers led by 'Mad Anthony Wayne'. Defeated the Indians at the, 'Battle of Fallen Timbers'. In 1795 a treaty was signed called, 'Treaty of Greenville'. Thus ended the Northwest Indian Wars.

Found this poem from the Chippewa (Anishinabe) tribe. It's a young girls love song.

'Oh, I am thinking
Oh, I am thinking
I have found my lover
Oh, I think it is so.'

Here is a cradle song from the same tribe.

'Who is this? Who is this?
Giving light on the top of my lodge?
It is, I, the little owl, coming,
It is I, the little owl, coming,
Down! Down!'

Romin Teratol dream from the book, 'People of the Bat'. It shows how everyone has a master or protector. And everyone reports to someone. Unless you are the "Creator" of all.

'I Find Beautiful Stone, See a Snake, We Fly Way'

"God" my Lord, I, Romin Teratol, dreamt a little bit just before dawn this morning, Wednesday, the eight of May.

I was in the shade of Women's Rock, digging under the trees for a little stone. They were very beautiful round stones.

Now I hadn't seen it until my wife shouted, 'watch out! look at the snake next to your foot.'

Damn, I looked. Then I saw it. It almost bit my foot. It was a horrible Coral Snake, lying on top of the leaves.

I picked up my machete. I cut the Snake in half. Now the front end rose to bite me. I swished the machete at it again and chopped off the head.

Then we fled because the Snake had a master who might come to kill us.

My wife didn't know how to fly. I knew how to fly, of course. I carried my wife and flew with her. We flew, and when I woke up I was still flying.

That dream means a devil is tormenting us. It's our souls being tormented by the Earth Lord when he is walking abroad.

Have you noticed how most everyone now days has a tattoo? This just shows the true powers. Of those that control the World today. They control your every move. How do they do this? With out a gun in your face? Simple stuff, it's done with control of all the media. From your public education. To the things you watch on TV, the Internet, the movies. The words to the popular songs now days. From Country and Western, Gospel, Rap, what ever. Every word has been crafted to control you. Even all the commercials between song and programs, have hidden messages.

So just to show how much control the 'powers' have over everyone. They have instructed them all to be tattooed. And tattooed they have become. The folks on TV, movies, songs, athletes, etc.. men and women both. Started appearing with tattoos. Then the 'powers' had Mike Tyson put a tattoo on his face. Now that has even become hip. The Bible had it right when it said. 'Your body is a Temple of the Lord.' Here is a small message I found. It is from the.

'The Ordinances of Thomas Lopez of the Royal Audience of the Confines 1552'.

No one shall cast grains of corn for divination,
nor tell of dreams, nor wear masks or ornaments of there heathendon (heathen),
nor tattoo themselves

18th century confession

Have you ever believed in dreams or bird calls or other abominations?
Have you ever worshipped the devil in images of stone or wood?

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings

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