Saturday, June 11, 2011

"When Christ Was Crucified"

Found an interesting book at Scottsdale Library, (Civic Center Branch). The book is called, 'The People of the Bat'. It's a collecting of dreams, tales and myths. From a a small Mayan community. Located in Chiapas, Mexico. They are called the Zinacantan peoples. And to them dreams are part of the human experience. While you are asleep, they believe. Your soul wonders about, other realities. That's why your dreams are so vivid. When you wake up. And you wonder, just what that particular dream meant. Or sometimes you can't forget a dream. This book will not explain anything about that. It will just show that others, also have bazaar dreams. The one I'm passing along today. Is one that stood out to me. They Zinacantan People knew nothing of Christ. Until the invasion from the East. Of the Catholic religion.

Last weekend I traveled first. To edge of the Pinetop-Lakeside community. Where I recorded 7 segments of 'Pow Wow in the Pines'. They are on my You Tube channel, RD47blog. This 'Pow Wow' was held on the White Mountain Apache reservation. Next to of course, a Casino owned by the White Mountain Apache tribe. 'Pow Wows' can be the most colorful event, you may ever attend. With all the different types of dancers. And several categories of dance. From the more traditional dancers. To those dressed in elaborate costumes of feather and lace. The dancers range from all ages. From those who are not sure, where they are even. To those who are re-kindling there youth. I learned that those that run these events. Are a traveling act of organizers. They go from Indian community too Indian community. Putting the shows on. Then relying on the local tribes to provide the entertainment. If there is a Pow Wow close to you. Be sure and attend it. Be sure to bring your camera. As you are more than welcomed. To get up close to the dancers. And take as many photos as you like.

My second stop was to the land of the Hopi. After spending the night in Winslow. I got up early and headed up to meet my Hopi friend. His name is Ahkima Honyumptewa. Who is on 3 of my You Tube videos. He lives in the village of Bacavi. A little history about the Hopi and the villages of Hotevilla-Bacavi. They were established in about 1906. When the Friendlies and Hostiles, had the split on Old Oriabi. I've heard the story of the dispute, two different ways. The part that I'm sure hasn't been changed. Is the story about the line cut into the soft rock at Old Oriabi. The Hostile were on one side of the line. With the Friendlies on the other side. A shoving match would decide. Who will stay on Old Oriabi. And who must leave. And head west to start a new villages. These new villages were, Hotevilla-Bacavi. The fight was over who wanted to continue ancient ways. And who wanted to become modernized. And start following the Christian ways. Both Old Oriabi and Hotevilla are traditional villages. They have no electricity or running water. While Bacavi has both. And became known as a Christian village. Ahkima tells me that Bacavi became Christian. Because it was in the dead of winter, when the split took place. And the Christians helped the settlers of Bacavi to survive winter.

Ahkima agreed to let me record his version of the 'Hopi Emergence Story'. Which I posted on my You Tube Videos. (Can't post links now with Firefox.) Ahkima added a new twist to the story. And I'd be recording more of Ahkima's Hopi tales, in the coming years. We both agreed, there are so many faulty stories. Out in the public about the Hopi. That Ahkima would like me record his peoples, (elders of Hotevilla) versions of the stories. After the recording of the 'Emergence Story'. Ahkima and I headed out to record the Petroglyphs on the Hopi reservation. There are 3 videos I've posted of them.

"When Christ was Crucified"

When the world was made long ago, the holy father walked. He made rocks ans sea, corn and trees, everything there is on Earth.

When he was chased by the devils he ran. But the devils were right behind him. They saw that there were trees already, peach trees, white sapotes, everything.
'Hurry up you bastards, he's here now, he's near now.
He's planted everything already.

Our Lord ran around the world. Ooh, he was tired out, he hid under some banana tress to rest.
He's here now, said the devils
The magpie-jay was there. He was human then.
'It's out Lord your looking for?' asked the jay.
'He's here now, seize him.

They captured our Lord. They made him carry a cross. Our lord bent low to the ground.
They hung him on the cross. He cried. He bled.

'Let's eat he's dead now,' said the devils
Our Lord was left hanging.

A rooster landed on the arm of the cross.
'Tell me if your coming,' said our Lord
'I'll climb back up the cross right away.
I have more work to do.
'All right,' said the rooster. 'Cock-adoodle-doo!'

Quickly Our lord climbed up the cross.
'Where are the devils?' he asked
'Nowhere, they aren't coming,' said the rooster.
'What are you good for?' said the Lord.
He wrung the roosters neck until dead.

A sparrow appeared.
'You sing out,' said the Lord.
'I'm going to work a little while.'

The Lord came down from the cross. He looked for a blue pebble.
He threw it into the air. The sky was made.

The sparrow called out. Our Lord climbed up the cross.

All the devils arrived.
'He's still hanging there,' they said.
'We killed him. Let's bury him.'
He died. He was buried.
'We'll come back in three days from now,' said the devils.

'They thought I died,' said the Lord.
'But I'll revive in three days.'

Living he rose to heaven. He left a substitute here on Earth.
'The rooster is no good. He can be sacrificed.
The sparrow musn't be harmed,' said the Lord.

So,living, he rose to heaven.
He arrived at the right hand of the judge.

Romin Teratol

"God" bless bye

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