Sunday, June 19, 2011

"Don't Blame God"

I found a tale by Tonik Nibak. I'll not put all of it down here. Just the last part of the tale. It reminded me of what happened to me, a few years ago. And why your problems are your own, to deal with.

A neighbour kid asked if he could go camping with me. He said he heard stories about me. And he wasn't scared of my friends. My friends he was talking about. Was my Martian friends. I seem to have this "Alien" connection to my life. And others are quite aware of it. I've written about those connections before. So there is no reason to repeat them here.

I always wanted to go camping in an area just east of Aravaipa Canyon. It's located south of Mount Graham, in eastern Arizona. Mount Graham is know now days. Because it has the famous Catholic telescope on it. Didn't like going in remote areas by my self. In case my old Ford truck at the "Time", broke down. So knowing the kid could help me out. In case I had truck problems. We packed up and headed for the a camping spot. That was near the base of Mount Kennedy. About 20 miles east of Aravaipa Canyon. The camping spot was about 45 miles from the nearest paved road. And about 60 miles from Safford Arizona.

That afternoon, after arriving at our camping spot. We headed out to look for some Fire Agate. Which the area is famous for. There's even a few Fire Agate mines in the area. That produce some of the World's best Fire Agate. After about an hour, hiking towards Mount Kennedy. And finding several fine specimens of stones. We both hear a loud shrill behind us. As we turned around to see what the sound was. We both saw a UFO type object. Racing toward the area of Aravaipa Canyon. I have had several UFO sighting in my life. So to me it was just another UFO. The first few ones really get you attention. After those first few sightings. I felt that the "Aliens". Just wanted to prove to. Who ever I was with. That they did really exist. And I wasn't full of BS. This sighting scared the hell out of the kid. From then on, where ever we hiked. He was right beside me. Like if the "Aliens" really wanted our dumb asses. I could do something about.

That night I made a supper of spaghetti. Being a vegetarians, I figure it would be something we both could enjoy. The next morning we headed toward Aravaipa Canyon. I could see from my binoculars. There were some old mining roads. Scattered around the foothills. We climbed to the top of this hill. With the road getting worse and worse. I thought the better of turning around. Right after I got my old Ford truck (1969 short bed), turned around. We headed down the hill towards the valley below. No sooner did I start heading down the hill. All of a sudden my gas pedal. Delivered no power to the rear wheels. Got the truck stopped, to see what was going on. There was my right rear wheel with axle attached. Hanging 3 feet away from rear axle housing. With brake parts laying all over the place. To say the least, panic struck in. Here I was 50 or 60 miles from the nearest paved road. And about 75 miles from any help. Worst even yet. Only enough money to my name. To get enough gas to get us home.

With no place or anybody to turn too. I decided to pick up the brake parts. Jack the truck up, and push the axle with wheel attached. Back into the axle housing. With a raised hand to the Lord. Asking for some help. The truck started moving forward. All I wanted was to get the truck off this mountain road. And down to some flat land. Then go look for some help somewhere. The kid I was with. Was already drinking booze. So he was no help in this situation at all. Asked him why he was drinking that early on a Sunday morning. He claimed he was still shook up from the UFO sighting. Well I got the old Ford to flat land. Next step was to see how far we could get. Before the axle came out again. So I headed for the hi way. That led to either Globe or Safford. It took about 4 or 5 other "Times". Of replacing the brake parts and pushing the axle back in. Before we got too the hi-way. Next I headed towards Globe. Hoping a hi-way patrolman would come along and help us. Because I was only going down the hi-way at about 25 miles per hour.

With the help of "God". I got the old Ford home late that evening. With all that had gone wrong on the trip. And the fact I was on unemployment. Because the economy was going bad in construction. And was at my wits. To figure out how I was going to get the truck fixed right. I lashed out at "God". I was screaming at the top of my lungs. Where was my protection? Where was my safe passage? Why did he hook me up with that dumb ass kid? Well you know what "God' did to answer my questions. He broke my air conditioner down next. 110 degrees in the Arizona summer. And with all my other problems, no air conditioner. "God" eventually took care of my problems. But not without reminding my dumb ass. Who was really in charge.

Tonik Nibak

Who Survived the last Great Flood.

Monkeys are the people of long ago. There faces look human, except they have fur. They have fur and long tales. And live in the forest. Because they didn't obey Our Lord's command. If you don't obey the command, your fur will appear! Go eat berries of the trees and berries of vines for the rest of your life!

Those who didn't say a single word were left to repopulate the World.

The man's children married. The people multiplied.

Those who didn't talk back to Our Lord, who didn't speak improperly and didn't make a sound, bowing low, weren't guilty. They are humans now. Just like us.

Happy Fathers Day son.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.

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