Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Change Is Coming"

It cannot be denied. It's blatant, it's in your face. America is at war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Libya. And "God" who knows where else. American troops or CIA operatives are. The 'powers' have poisoned you food, water, skies. They hit you with constant propaganda. So that they can make even inroads into your dreams. You unconscious mind is under attack. Yes a change is coming. Either folks wake-up. Or they will be enslaved and crushed you. Before I go on with today's subject. Here are a few short dreams by others. I'm showing these to prove to you. How you conscious mind. Can influence your unconscious mind. And that's why you are constantly be bombarded by. Those who want to take your soul and life from you. And turn you into a mindless drone. Who does what the media tells them to do. And completely abandons there own dreams.

They say the body is like a chest where the soul

is stored. But at "Times" the soul is so big that

the body, like a anise seed, has to be stored in the soul.

Ermilo Abreu Gomez

We only come to sleep, we only come to dream,

It is not true, not true that we come to live on the Earth.

Tochihuitzin Coyolchiuhqui

If man could pass through Paradise in a dream,

and have a flower presented to him as a pledge

that his soul had really been there, and if he

found that flower in his hand when he awoke-

Ay! - and what then?

Samuel Taylor Coleridge
(All three poems from, 'The People of the Bat')

The saddest part of what the World has become today. Is that most never see what is being done to them. And those few that see the onslaught. Wonder just what they can do about. And really, what can you do about it? You can take care of yourself. Protect your soul from the invasion. Turn away from the media. Turn away from those who look down on you. Because your not willing, to go along with the masses. Be strong in the fact that you. Have not become pressured by the system and friends. To do as those who have been brainwashed. Always keep looking for answers. The answers you have today. Will not fit in just a few short weeks or months. As you expand your mind. Other windows of learning, will present themselves. When you were a teenager. You thought you knew it all. Now as you look back. You see the foolishness of it all. That is the same thing. That should be happening to you now. If that is not happening to you. Then you have surrendered to the mass mind control.

Are you strong enough to go it alone? Most are not prepared for that. You see that in the fact. That most Americans have become fat and lazy. They are unwilling to stand alone. The media has pushed there families apart. They have abandoned eating correct. They feel a diet of fast food. Is just what they need. Because the media has pounded that. Into the masses unconscious minds. The system has told them. They are to busy to prepare good nutritional meals. And what the hell is meant by the term? 'In Your Busy Life Style Today' Yet, what are they so busy doing? Not a damn thing!!! They have simply been brainwashed into thinking that. In just the same way. They have convinced that Americas. Must be in a constant war, against Terrorism. With the 'powers' turning man against man.

Can you change the mind of your children? You sent them to public school. Where they were taught to be. Against everything you stand for. You let the Television and Public Schools raise your children. You never meant to let that happen. It just happened. Now your children all wear black cloths. With a Skull and Crossbones on them. This was taught to them, by the 'powers'. To show you who is really in charge. And it's not you, the parent anymore. The system is the parent now. After all, 'you have this busy life style now'.

Now you are suddenly faced with the facts. Now can you stand up and be proud? To spit in the face of the enemy. Who is silently everywhere. Can you take ridicule and save your own soul? Attempt to save your children? Chances are no!!! That would be to hard. Your fat and lazy. Your will to fight, has been taken away from you. And your not to sure how that happened. It happened with the poison foods, drinks, air you breathe. It happened with the constant bombardment from the media. You say to yourself, 'I didn't have a chance'. When in fact in your heart. You knew something was wrong.

Yes 'Change is Coming'. And which side of the 'Change' will you be on? Will you make yourself proud? Will you make your children proud of you? Will they say, 'dad and mom always stood up for what they believed'. Or they be ashamed of you? For buckling under to peer pressures. It's never to late. To try and save your own soul. And the souls of your children. Everyone dies. Fact is, some get to die with pride. While others die, never really being no more. Than a 9 too 5 clone of the system. 2012 and "Time" is racing at you. You must soon decide. Head held high, or head bent over in defeat!!!

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"God" bless


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