Sunday, June 26, 2011


I've read, that a child who dies. Has completed there cycle, here on Earth. I've also read that a child that has died. Left the family because, of disruptions between the parents. I believe both are correct. That doesn't make it so. Just one man's opinion. Now we have one more factor in this equation. The 'powers' are doing there best to harm your child. Too the 'powers', your child in just one more, 'Unwashed Human'. Another useless eater. They believe the World already has to many humans. You constantly hear how the Earth is over populated. And the facts that wars are not killing off enough human. The 'powers' have turned to killing off the youth. Now your child has over 30 inoculation by age two. With most, if not all containing Mercury. This is all done to ensure that your child. Will never make the age of sixty. And the child will be dumbed down. So that your child is not a danger. Too the 'powers' in the future. And will make a good Slave. Who does exactly what they are told.

Today you see more and more. How the Child Protection Agency, are getting more and more powerful. If you strike your child now days. That child my be taken away from you. You are told your not a good parent. And the 'powers' should be raising your child. You will see in the future. How children will be taken away from the family. And put in a Boarding School. Where the 'powers' controlled slaves, will raise your child. This is the same thing that was done to the Native America's children. The child was removed from the parent. Then sent off to a Boarding School far away. So that the child and the parent had no communication. Thus breaking down the traditional values of the Native American tribe. The child lost all of the ancestors values. And the 'powers' values where put in there place.

Values that teach the child. He is to be what he is told to be. And to have no free thought. This way the child can be made into the perfect soldier. Both female and male. No matter if they are the one, holding a gun. Or back home, making the weapons that kill other human. Like mixing Black Ants with Red Ants. The 'powers' love to see pain in others. They have no moral values them selves. They cannot see of feel the pain of others. Look at the Bush family, Dick Chaney, Donald Rumsfeld and others. Look at your government today. Only those elected to office are chosen. For there lack of moral values. That's why the laws you see today enacted. Are against the basic family structure. All the way down to your diet. You can't even have an organic garden. In your back yard now. Natural vitamins will soon be outlawed like they are in Europe and Canada now. Everyone will be forced to government controlled medical care. That way the system can say who live and dies. The 'useless eaters' will be left to die. While those that provide for the system. Will be let to live. That is, until they become old or sick.

The reason I keep bringing up the facts. Of this reality is. I see every day now. How the same thing that was done to all indigenous people. All over the World. Is now being done to the Worlds population. The 'powers' are killing off all the Blacks in Africa. They are pitting the Whites against the Tan and Black people. The 'powers' created religion. To divide and control the masses. And that is exactly what they have done. Not only do you haves races against each other. You divisions in families, over religious ideas. And sadly most of all. You have child against parent.

My Sister Was Underground

My mother dreamt that my little baby sister was lost. She was lost in her dream.

'Lolen!' she called, 'Lolen!'

My baby sister was underground. She answered from inside the Earth. My mother tried too look for her, tried to see her, but she never found her. No!

She called to her. Far off she heard her answering from underground. 'Come on out!' My mother tried to tell her. My sister answered back, but she didn't come out.

Three of four nights later she got nausea and diarrhea. My mother brought a Shaman, but sickness didn't pass. My little sister simply died. She died at the first opportunity.

Dreams sometimes come true. If she can't be reached in her dreams she'd lost forever.

People of the Bat

"God", My lord,

What could my soul, my spirit mean?

Will another of my children die?

Which one of my children will die?

I am suffering,

I am wretched, my Lord,

I can't bear the loss,

I can't bear the bereavement.

If my children die, My Lord,

It feels as if I myself were dying.

Listened to a program called Hidden Planet - Cannibal Island on UFO TV Presents on the net. It was about tribes in New Guinea. That were still cannibalistic until recently. The most amazing part was the story of how they were created here on Earth. Just like the Hopi and many other tribes of the southwest. They also emerged from inside the earth. And like most indigenous peoples. There ancestors were a part of every day life. They still worshiped the dead. Where as in modern societies. You don't even respect your parents. I also learned that one of the Rockefeller's turned up missing. While studying one of the Cannibal tribes of New Guinea. His name was Michael Rockefeller.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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