Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Church Today, 501 (3) (C)

The idea that a church is solely a place of worship is a fraud. For a church must first ask the governments permission. To be a Tax-exempt entity. Believe it or not. This goes back to 250 BC in Rome. Where Caesar didn't care what you preached. As long as it wasn't detrimental to the Roman Empire. Nothing has change in two thousand years. Why is this? Because the same power structure in still in place. The Roman Empire worshiped the Sun "God" Ra. And today most large multi-national corporation. Use some form of the Sun, in there logos. And most families of power today. Can be traced back to the Roman Empire.

To become a tax-exempt church. You must first become incorporated. And if you are incorporated. The State is the soul authority and sovereign head over the corporation. Because in reality, the church doesn't exist. The State has total power over the formed corporation. The corporation is a artificial person. The corporation must submit to the State Charter. Declaring it's a creature of the State. The corporation or church, is a privileged, granted by the State. The church is now a State franchise. Which has sole control over the church. Now that this has been established. The church does not fall under the rights protected by the First and Fifth Amendments. It is not an individual, it's a State controlled entity. What does all this mean?

Let's say your minister is totally against the Military Industrial Complex. And all the wars and miss spending of Americas tax dollars. If the minister uses his pulpit to express his beliefs, too his congregation. The Church may lose it's State controlled corporate charter. Simply put, 'the minister must support the governments agenda'. And you thought going too church. Was a safe place to get away from all the corruption in America today. As long as the church and the minster stay. Within the guidelines of the State (Federal Government). They can take the money from the parishioners and do want they want to with the money. Just as long as they, play by the rules. Technically the church isn't tax-exempt. It must pay social security to church employees. Members of the Church do not own any of the assets of the church. In a corporation, the state owns the assets. That way if the corporation i.e. church goes Bankrupt. The individuals can not be held reliable to the creditors. Just like a LLC company, that files for Bankruptcy. If a church declares Bankruptcy. All of it's assets, are distributed too other 501 (c) (3) corporations.

By having the church under control via the 501 (c) (3) status. The church is now in the same group with. Satanist, Planned Parenthood (genocide), Witches, etc.. Any group or organization who wants a tax-exempt status. No matter where you turn in American society. The ugly hand of the government is everywhere. Just try and think of anything you do now days. That does not require a permit or taxed. Want too get married, want to drive your car, want that cute little puppy for your kid? Well you better pay 'The Man' for the privilege. Spend a couple of moments naming the things in your life that isn't controlled or tax. Bet you come up empty handed. Your kid can't find a job. Let him join the military, they'll take good care of him. He can help too kill brown people all over the World.

Enjoyed my weekend trip too New Mexico. Videos of my journey are on my You Tube channel (RD47blog). I wanted to video the 90th annual 'SWAIA Indian Market'. And a few other stops while visiting New Mexico. Which is held in Santa Fe, about 60 miles north of Albuquerque. On the way I stopped in Gallup N.M.. Their I wanted to record the 'Richardson Trading Post'. I had discovered it. When I went to see 'Chaco Canyon'. The family owned trading post, goes back over a hundred years. It's called a trading post, but to me it's a museum. I'd called the day before. To see if I could record the 'Richardson Trading Post'. The lady in charge that day. Didn't seem to like the idea. But told me to stop by anyway and check. I believe she was one of the Richardson family. As I went to ask permission to video. She just happen to be gone. One of the workers told me to come back in a few. So I made a quick video of the main part of Gallup. The main street in Gallup is the old Route 66. After the video was made. I went back too the trading post. The lady wasn't their. I thought damn, what bad luck. Just then an elderly man behind the counter walked up. It was Bill Richardson the owner. Bill asked me what I wanted. Told Bill I view the trading post as a museum. More than a trading post. And I'd love it if he would let me record it. Said too Bill, 'I'm not making a dime off this'. Bill asked where I was from and my age. Give him my town and age. Bill says, 'well son, go ahead and film what you want'. You see I'm 64 and Bill is 94. "God" bless Bill for letting me record the place. If you watch the video. You get a sense of Southwest history. Gallup was and still is a rail head. And a place the Native American from the Four Corners area. Can bring there art work too sell. Even while I was videoing. Native Americans were bring in there goods. Too see what price they might bring. I hope everyone enjoys the video, as much as I did recording.

I spent two nights in Bernalillo N.M.. As the cost of staying in Santa Fe would have been 3 "Times" as much. With just a 40 minute drive north too Santa Fe. I've got to say. Santa Fe was a disappointment. Beautiful shops much like Old Town Scottsdale. But the town was just not right. Streets were in ill repair. The colors were drab and only one color light brown. You could see how the folks of the town. Taxes were taken from them. And never put back to good use for the community. In fact all of New Mexico seemed that way. Like some Illuminati bank account. Where the good folks were taxed. Then never given back any of the funds through improvements.

The Indian Market was a mad house. Making the Heard Museum annual Indian Market seem small. At every booth folks were backed up 4 deep. It was hard to even walk around. And like you were trying to swim up-stream. No matter which direction you went. I even ran into different artist I'd meet hear in Phoenix and up north at the Hopi land. There were other artist I'd meet at the Museum of Northern Arizona. The best part was running into the Zuni Dancers. They were used as street musicians and artist. They roamed the streets, preforming. As they preformed they would lay out a Indian blanket and look for donations. And donations they got. I couldn't believe the fact the Zuni Dancer knew who I was. Turns out from my other Zuni videos on the Zuni Dancers. They knew me and my videos. The name of the group recording in Santa Fe was called 'Kya'na (Ojo Caliente). The leader of the Zuni Dancers asked if I'd follow them and record the dancers for the day. You can see them on my You Tube channel. Damn I felt proud. It was nice to hear the kids say how much they loved my videos. Most of the "Time" I get no thank yous. The Zuni leader also wanted me to record some videos of the home town of Zuni Pueblo. So on my way home too Scottsdale. I took exit 81 at Grants N.M.. And headed for 'Inscription Rock' and 'Zuni Pueblo'. Spent 3 hour recording 'Inscription Rock'. Which happened to be the Zuni's original home. Until they settled at Zuni Pueblo. Sad to say I couldn't find the old Zuni structure of the pueblo. But I did buy a bow and arrow from a Zuni on a bicycle. lol

Hope folks enjoy my videos from New Mexico. Next week-end I plan on going down to Tombstone Arizona. It's there Old West Days. My last trip for the summer. So far I've been too Flagstaff twice, Prescott, Hopi reservation and New Mexico.

"God" bless


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