Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Everything Just Seems Clearer, Smaller"

Not sure what has happened to myself. Could it be my diet? Could it be the position of the Stars and Universe? Has "Time" finally been on my side? As I like to say, 'I'm killing "Time" before "Time" kills me'. What ever has happened. I feel more comfortable in my own skin. Today as I wait to be interviewed on 'Unknown Paranormal Radio'. And just hoping I find the right words. How have I got here from their? When I go into chat rooms on Blog Talk Radio. I am always acknowledged. The host always seem to make sure. That people listening on telephones or who will listen on the archives. That RD47 is in the room and listening. I'm quite aware who I've become. By certain medical things that have been done to my body. By those I call, 'Those Above'. I will encounter certain physical problems. Things I know may require surgery. Then I awake on a Monday morning. And like magic, they have gone away. I'd tell people here on my writings what has happened. But no one would believe me anyway. I've told my children of these things. They never make a comment, and just stare at me.

To say I'm 'Abductee' really wouldn't fit. To say maybe I'm from another dimension or reality. That would be closer too the truth. Not real sure myself. One thing for sure. No one knows where I was born, who my parents were. Not even the family I was dropped into. With six brothers and two sisters. When the U.S. Navy couldn't find my place of birth. When I went for a Top Secret Clearance. Tells a lot about me. The Navy uses the FBI for such investigations, into Top Secret Clearances. Like yesterday I remember the FBI agent telling me. They could not give me my request for a TSC. Reason was, 'we can't find your place of birth'. If adopted, that was an easy find. Just ask my so called parents. The Navy should have kicked me out of the service. After all, I'm an illegal alien. The problem for them was. Where in the hell do they deport me too, 'Mars'? Now at age 64. Things have become much clearer.

When I see commercials on the Net (don't have a TV). I don't see a commercial. I only see the propaganda behind it. The hidden messages. When I read my morning newspaper over tea. I don't see the articles, only propaganda. I only see how the stories have been twisted. Even the photographs are propaganda. Showing White males as being weak. As being dumb and inferior to women and Blacks. The Jews are always portrayed, as the only intelligent race on the Planet.

When I go shopping or into public places. I see the children have been poisoned. Been taught nothing but lies in there education. The Disney effect I call it. Where a child has been placed in front of a TV from birth. All the screaming propaganda seen on TV. Is forced into the fragile mind. Turning the child against there parents. Making them into mindless controlled Robots.When I quit watching TV. It was mainly because of the conversion too a new signal. Although I watch very little TV anyway. It opened my mind. Those who say TV is a form of mind control are correct. I was evening having withdrawals from TV viewing. That seems hard to believe, but it's true. A friend of my has a great collection of Movies on CDs. So I decided to borrow movies from him. For some reason something in my mind. Wanted to keep watching TV, even though it was movies. Started with Disney movie series of Johnny Depp in, 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies. Al,l I could see was the hidden propaganda in them. The Skull and Crossbones, a secrete society. The Bushes and many other presidents came from. Was one of the more dominate themes. No mater what movie, it was all the same. Tried to see what was all the hype over the Matrix movies. To me, nothing but propaganda. Now I just visit certain programs on the Net. Mainly folks talking about what the system is trying too do to the masses. A few good shows on Blog Talk radio. Truth Frequency Radio on Oracle Broadcasting. Another good Net program is Red Ice Radio. Jeff Rense has some good guest. On Saturday evening, 'The Edge Broadcast' on Live Stream is where I'm at. Plus 'Live Stream' has a ton of other programs running 24/7. There is plenty too see and learn from. Folks just need to turn the TV off forever. Relearn to think for them selves. Reeducated there minds. Break from the so called Matrix. It may take a couple of years to de-program your mind. Once that has been accomplished. You'll look back and think. Wow what have they (the system) done to me.

Something else I've noticed about myself. The World is a much smaller place. Phoenix is a much smaller town. Arizona is a much smaller state. This comes from the expansion of your mind. Which happens when you force yourself to think for yourself. Having to entertain yourself. Not setting in front of the Boob Tube. And being programed, with others ideas. Remember it's your life. Not some outside individual. Who has been programed to program your mind. Question what you hear on the media. Like what has happened too Osama bin Laden. Why is that the Special Forces that supposedly kill him. Have some how all been killed off. And the final group being killed in helicopter crash. How the same military couldn't find bin Laden for 10 years. Can some how find the guy who used the weapon. That shot down the helicopter with remaining Special Forces in it. How 911 was pulled off with 21 Arabs with box cutters. How 2 aircraft brought down three building in New York City. Why a group of New York City firefighters are suing the Federal government for '911 Truth'. Why over 3,000 architechs and engineers are also suing the government. Looking for the truth behind 911.

Basically what I'm trying to say is. You also can find yourself. Your life may not be as odd as mine. But were all a type of individual. Who has there own special place on Earth. Each one of our journeys have there own special meaning. Don't let the 'powers' take that from you. You are you, and not what the TV tells you, who you are.

I'm going too Santa Fe, New Mexico next weekend. To hopefully make some good recordings. Of the annual Indian Arts Fair their. It is supposed to be the largest in America. With a little luck, I'll get some good interviews. That will be posted on my You Tube channel RD47blog. "God" willing I'll be back posting some other stories in a couple of weeks.

"God" bless on the Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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