Saturday, August 13, 2011

"Riots and Diet"

Most everyone knows about the riots in England. But did you know, there are going going on in Chile? I have my own ideas about what is going on in England. And I firmly believe, something else is going on behind the scene their. But the riots in Chile have got no press. Why is this? That is a simple answer. All current events, and every thing the Americans hear about. Comes from the totally controlled media. If it wasn't for God Like Productions. I wouldn't know about the Chilean riots. I have my fights with the shill-debunkers on GLP. And yes the controllers of GLP. Do control much of the Threads posted on there site. Yet occasionally good things and current news get through.

The Chilean riots are going on in the cities of Santiago, Arica, Valparaiso and Conception. The majority of the rioters, are the youth. There are also parents of the children and labor activists. That are sympathetic too the youths problems.What they are protesting over. Is the high cost of education. And the fact they want the central government. To take over the education system. The Chilean people have the highest per-capita income. Of all of South American countries. Yet there seems to be great voids in education. Even though on average. The Chilean people have a higher income. There are great disparities in income. In other words, a great divide between the rich and poor. Which equates too, a very small middle class. Just go too You Tube and type in, Chilean student riots. There are some great videos. That remind me of America in the sixties. You have water cannons, tear-gas, and police. With the protesters taunting the police.

In England you have a much more serious condition. Here the youth are burning, looting and vandalizing. The very neighborhood they live in. Just as the Blacks were doing in Detroit and other major cities in America. During the violate years of the sixties. In England you also have the Blacks and other minorities. Who are mainly behind the riots. So what is behind the riots in England? Are the youth mimicking other countries, who have had recent riots? Have they found the need to protest there lack of jobs? The constant rise food and other commodities? Some of the Black youth complain. They they are constantly being harassed by the police.

It's reported the rioters use there cell phones. To organize themselves and pick targets. And they can suddenly show up at a predetermined location. Start looting businesses and starting fires. Un-like in the sixties in America. Where folks would meet at parks. Then start marching towards there target. In America during the riots. There were great clashes with police and even the National Guard (Kent State University). While currently in England. The police have been ordered to stand down. So why are the English police told to stand down? What is really going on behind the scene? Here is one man's opinion.

I believe the controlling 'powers' of England. Are behind the organized attacks on private property. And have instructed the police to stand down. They want the looting and destruction to carry on. So they can turn to the citizens of England and say. We can stop all this nonsense. You'll just have to let use administer 'Martial Law'. And take away even more freedoms away. From the citizens of England. In England you already have CCTVs. On damn near every corner. And even in some small villages. There a license plate readers. Which record everyone comings and goings in the villages. The British 'powers' are doing the same tactic. That the 'powers' in America did after 911. Using a staged event or False Flag Attack. To convince the citizenry, they need there constant protection. No different than the Mafia tactic on small businesses. 'We are offering you protection.' When in fact they are offering the citizens of England nothing. Because they are the ones behind the attacks. Then turn around and tell the citizens. 'See what a good job were doing.' Here folks in the truth. England is used as a test bed. If it works on the English people. Then it will be used on citizens of other countries. Hopefully the citizens of England will see what is being done to them. And just let this "Time" of riots, pass along into history.

Right now in America, you see such people like Alex Jones. Trying to edge the citizenry on. Trying to cause and up-rising against the government. Which will force the country into a 'Martial Law' situation. Then the government can take away the citizens of America's. Last and final freedoms. Turn America into even more of a 'Police State'. Guys with hunting rifles and the occasional AK-47. Are no match for the American Military firepower. In today's World, everything is orchestrated. The 'powers' control the media, the press, the politicians and the military. They can make thing appear the way they want. Don't fall for there tricks and deception.

A friend gave me a pamphlet about eating fruit. Here are some interesting facts about when to eat fruit. And some of the benefits from eating certain fruits.

#1 Fruit should only be eaten on a empty stomach. Turns out that mixed with food. It will pass right through the intestine. With-out ever being absorbed by the body. It will turn into an acid and ferment in the intestines.

#2 Never drink fruit juice from concentrated cans. It has been cooked. And all the nutrients have been lost.

#3 While eating fruits, do it slowly. The fruit needs to mix with the saliva in your mouth.

#4 Go on a 3 day fruit and drink fruit diet. It will detoxify your body.

Kiwi is a great source of magnesium vitamin and fiber. An Apple is a antioxidant and lowers the risk of colon cancer. Strawberry have the highest antioxidant power. And keep the blood vessel from clogging. Oranges dissolve kidney stones and reduce the risk of colon cancer. Watermelon is packed with glutathione. Which helps the immune system. Guava and Papaya are #1 in vitamin C. Never drink cold water after a meal. This can lead too cancer. It solidifies the oils from your foods.

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