Sunday, August 7, 2011


One of the most hotly discussed subjects on God Like Productions. Which is the most visited Conspiracies sites on the Net. Has too be Chem-trails. In fact an argument I got into yesterday on GLP. Was about Chem-trails. Professional debunkers or Shills (plant or stooges), attack anyone who brings up the truth about Chem-trails. They constantly attack me on the site. They know I can influence others on the site. So when I support someone who posted a Chem-trail Thread. I come under attack. Yesterday was no different. As I always post the videos I've made on the subject. Attached too someone else Chem-trail Thread.

To get an idea of what kind of person. Could defend those who poison the skies with chemicals. I posted a question to a Shill debunker. I asked him or her. 'Are you short, fat, college educated, Jewish?' Wow did I open a can of worms. Apparently I hit the truth. As other Shill debunked jumped in to attack me. The Shill debunkers exposed themselves. As being all of what I'd said. Even to the fact they were Jewish. One even calling himself a big nosed smart man. His avatar on GLP is 'Snake Airlines'. I always try to defend those under attack on GLP, about Chem-trail Threads. But no one came to my defense yesterday. The Shill debunkers can have you banned. If they don't like what you have to say. So many others are afraid of being banned. If they came to my defense. The site calls it's self (GLP). A place for freedom of information. Where in fact, if the owners and there Shill debunkers disagree with you. They immediately ban you and remove your IP. Which Shill 'Snake Airlines' threaten to do too me. I could care less. I know what they are and what they do. I've been banned several "Times" before anyway. Too the Shill debunkers, this is there 15 seconds of power. With what happened yesterday on GLP. Today I'll talk about the Chem-trails. What chemical compounds have been found in them. Where and why they are sprayed.

Former FBI Chief 'Ted L. Gunderson'. Called the Chem-trails 'Death Dumps'. The fact that there are so many attacks. On those who talk and write about Chem-trails. Proves that they are actually a fact. Chem-trail first started showing up in the skies in 1998. Although the government supposedly banned the use of aerial aerosols years before. When the government (Air Force?) got caught. Testing spraying methods on the general public. Is what the government test did. Was to use aerial spray on certain towns in America. Then see how many people reported to doctors or emergency rooms. With the effects of what they had sprayed. They could use a strain of flu, for example. Then see how many people reported the effects, to doctors. All the while the effected person. Did not know they were part of an experiment.

The science of geoengineering (climate control, environmental control) through Chem-trails. Is backed by the White House science czar John P. Holden. In his book 'Ecoscience'. Holden was in favor of poisoning the water supply. As a method of controlling the World's population. This involuntary sterilization, is also know as Eugenics. A form of World depopulation. Other application of the use of Chem-trail spraying. Weather modification, and Over the Horizon Radar. The U.S. Navy has two program using Barium in the aerosol spraying. One is called 'Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation'. The other is 'Radio Frequency Mission Planner'. these are both a type of radar application. Or they can be used for communications between Naval sea or air vehicles. Here is another U.S. Navy program, 'Atmospheric Aerosol Spray Enhancing/Refracting the Signaling of Radio/Radar Waves.

Scientist at Carnegie Institution are using tax payers money. To see what happens if the atmosphere is injected with materials. That will be used to cool the Planet. Too stop the Global Warming effect. Of course this is all a big lie. The idea of Global warming. Is just another trick by the 'powers'. Too create a Carbon Tax. Which is just a way of taxing the Worlds population. I call it 'Money for Nothing'. Who knows for sure what they are studying, maybe nothing. And simply stealing the tax payers money.

When and where are the Chem-trails mostly sprayed. From talking to others on the Net. It seems they are being sprayed year round. And the spraying is mainly in NATO member nations. Here in Arizona they are mostly. Only sprayed in the winter months. All though when a weather front moves in. You can see the Chem-trails aircraft. Spraying there lines in front, of the in coming storm. This summer many folks from around America. Have said that they haven't seen Chem-trails for a couple of months. With many hoping the aerosol attack have stopped. While others have said that the World is waking up to the spraying. And that the Chem-trail aircraft have resorted too night "Time" spraying. As fall approaches and weather cools down. Folks will be waiting anxiously. To see if the Chem-trails return. FYI To be able to tell the difference between a Chem-trail and a Con-trail. You need only look at the length. Con-trails are short. And dissipate very quickly behind the aircraft. That's because they are only condensation. Coming off the leading edges of the aircraft. While Chem-trails are long. And they spread our and last for hours.

Here in the Phoenix Arizona area. A test was done on the air. After several days of Chem-trailing. The test was done by taking air samples. 4 hour of air samples during the day light hours. Then 4 hours of air samples during the night. This test lasted for 28 days. Here is what they found in the air sample. All these numbers are based on. Safe limits of particles in the air. Barium was 278 X times higher than safe limits. I will use an X for times the amount of safe particles. Copper 98 X, Manganese 5,820 X, Zinc 593 X, Cadmium 126 X, Chromium 282 X, Nickle 169 X, Aluminum 6,400 X, Iron 28,000 X, Potassium 793 X.

These high levels of metal can cause several health problems. High levels of Aluminium in the water or air. Has been proven to cause Alzheimer's. High level of Barium has a connection too Multiple Sclerosis. Barium is used when taking a body scan. The patient drinks a solution of barium. Then the patient is x-rayed. The barium can be detected by the x-ray. Many folks on the Net. Have complained about other problems. After heavy Chem-trail days. Most what you hear are stories about lung problems. Which would just make sense. Other are head-aches and vomiting. Like the murder of John F. Kennedy. Chem-trial knowledge has been kept very secretive. No one out side of a handful of people. Really know what the Chem-trails are all about. Folks like me and others. Can only report what we hear, see and feel. I would suggest that on heavy days of Chem-trail spraying. Try and keep indoors and wear some kind of mask out doors. I always wear a bandanna over my mouth and nose. When I ride my bike on Chem-trail spraying days. Hopefully the spraying will come to a stop. And we can look forward. To seeing clear blue skies again. Instead of the milky white skies of today.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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