Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Spiritual Development"

Why is your Spiritual development so important? It's your ticket to the next level. You way out of Dodge. As a child your born pure. Then as you grow in years. Influences from others, change you rapidly. From pure too, not so pure. You are constantly being bombarded with negative ideas. It is up to you. To decide which path too take. Shall you take up the high road? Which is a much harder climb. A one that your peers will shun you for. Because they cannot achieve what you are trying to achieve. In reality that is truly your only choice. The other choice will give you. A feel of belonging, within the current system. You will probably feel more secure with your surroundings. But will there be a inner emptiness? Will the material things in life, being happiness?

People knowing that you have these feeling of emptiness. Are the ones who have created all these religions or cults. They know your fears. Your fears of feeling of loneliness. Your fear of dying. So they offer you an alternative, a group setting. One that offers you companionship. One where you join others. In developing a common ground. What they offer, has there own self interests only. To pry you from your hard worked for earnings. That is why mankind must develop them selves.

With all the craziness in the World today. Your being under constant attack. From the TV, the Movies and even music. "Time" has arrived to save yourself. Saving yourself is simple. Peace of mind is simple. You don't need too give your money too anyone. You can find it in your own mind. No need for meditation. No need to go too a friend for advice. Just find a quiet place and think. "God" gave you a brilliant mind. Your answers are with-in.

I've written about this topic before. I just wanted to remind myself. Because the country of America. Has been subverted and taken over. With America killing innocent peoples all over the World. And an economy that is being destroyed. Chem-trails being sprayed over head. The poisoning of the food, water and air. Folks need to be reminded that they are here on Earth. To develop there own Spiritual growth. And not let the pressures of daily life. Deter them from what is really important, 'Them'. And with the Spiritual growth of self. One can reach out and help there families. Other around them. And not let the system of today break them down. If you want to dissolve yourself from the 'powers'. That want you constantly with an upset stomach. Constantly on the edge of your seat. Then simply turn away. I didn't get mail for six years. Didn't file my taxes for ten years. And when I decided to return to the system. I just stepped back in. Like nothing ever happened. You also can turn your back on the 'powers'. Tune your mind too another frequency, you could say. The other crap around you, will still be there. It just won't be interrupting your personal growth.

Here in Arizona we have been getting a lot of news. About the trial of Warren Jeffs. Warren Jeffs is the leader of the, 'Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints'. Which supposedly has no affiliation with the Mormon Church. Although they have many of the same beliefs. One of those same beliefs is Polygamy. Warren Jeffs's church is located in Colorado City. Which is just south of Utah in Arizona. And later Jeffs moved a branch to Texas. Warren Jeffs took leadership of the church in 2002. The state of Arizona had raided the village, several "Times" over the years. I've read that at one "Time". The community was set of wooden rails. So if it was raided by either Arizona or Utah. The community could be simply move from one state to the other.

In 2005 Jeffs was indicted by both Arizona and Utah. A year later Jeffs was captured. Convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison. For arraigning the marriage of a underage girl, to her adult cousin. That conviction was overturned. (There had been faulty instructions too the jury.) After the move to Texas. A police raid, raided the Church's new location in 2008. They found several underage girls pregnant. A call to the Texas police hot line. Forced the state of Texas. To place 400 hundred children in protective custody. They were all later put back with there original families. As the call turned out to be a hoax.

Texas brought charges against about a dozen men, of the group. All were convicted, and sentenced to prison. With Warren Jeffs being the real prize in the cult. (I believe all branches of the Mormon Church are cults. That is set up, much like the Freemasons are.) During the trial of Warren Jeffs. Prosecuted pointed out that Jeffs had 78 wives. And 24 of them were under the age of 17. Jeffs also preformed over 500 polygamist marriages. There were also 67 other marriages involving underage girls.

Yesterday Warren Jeffs was convicted. He faces life in prison. Jeffs believes he is a prophet from "God'. Sad part is, several other sect members also believe he is. During the trial Jeffs warned prosecutors and jury members. That "God" would punish them for there actions. Also during the trial. A tape one of Jeffs sexual acts with a young girl was played. Jeffs was heard to say too the young girl. That "God" would bless her for her sexual acts. Here are Jeffs's word from the tape. 'I preform this services in the name of Jesus Christ.' Then asked the young girl not to talk while praying. Jeffs represented himself at trial. After firing his court appointed attorneys. He brought only one witness to the stand in his defense. He was a church elder named JD Roundy. All he did was read from the Mormon Churches scriptures. For 4 1/2 hours. In closing Jeffs compared himself to Mormon leader Joseph Smith. And how the Mormon leader was treated. Also reminded jury members of the civil-rights movement of the sixties.

Here is a perfect example of what today's topic was about. Do not allow others to take control of your Spiritual development. You are in-charge of your own life. You have to face yourself. And not blame others for miss-leading you.

"God" bless


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