Sunday, July 31, 2011

"The Third Eye or Pineal Gland"

What is the Pineal Gland and why is it called the 'Third Eye'? The Pineal (pi-ne-al) Gland sits in the middle of your brain. It is the size of a peanut and is shaped like a Pine Cone. It's also know as your 'Third Eye'. What is meant by your 'Third eye'? Well it's your eye too other dimensions. Your spiritual hi-way to the Universe. It could be your conscience. That inner feeling you get. When you do wrong, instead of right. Some believe and I'm one off them. That those who bring harm to others. Such as the 'powers' of today. Do not have Pineal Glands or there Pineal Gland is weak. That's why they feel no empathy. For others they harm. How else could they see children and others suffer. Starve millions of people. Break-up families. Send the youth off to die wars. In some sort of 'Blood Ritual'. If they were able to see into, other dimension. They would find the Spiritual World. A Spiritual World, that would stop them from bringing harm to others.

At birth your Pineal gland weights about 0.1 grams. Then as the child approaches puberty. It begins to shrink. The Pineal Gland also seems to play a role. In the development of your sexuality. Currently there is an attack on the Pineal Gland. Why is there an attack on the Pineal Gland? The 'powers' don't want the population to know. That they are a Spiritual Being first of all. By not letting one develop there Spiritual growth. They are easily convinced. They are no more than a consumer of goods. There life has no meaning. Other than to seek self pleasure and consume. In this way the population is under complete control. Brainwashed you could say. Into thinking that they should do as there leaders say. That's why Fluoride has been put in the water. It's part of the dumbing down of the World. Dumb the citizenry down with Fluoride and a poor diet. Hit them was a controlled mass media. And you have what you see today. An America based on military pursuit and conquest of the rest of the World.

I can back the idea of the 'powers'. Trying to impair others ability to understand there own Enlightenment. The use of putting Fluoride in drinking water is a perfect example. Telling the innocent population, that Fluoride was good for there teeth. Was nothing but a bold face lie. Fluoride attracts too the Pineal Gland. And stops it from manufacturing Melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that is secreted by the Pineal Gland. It helps maintain the body's Circadian Cycle (sleep rhythms). Melatonin is a strong antioxidant. That helps the immune system. By putting Fluoride in the water. Two other things are accomplished. Women's reproductive cycles are impaired. The child's ability too fight disease is weakened. Thus slowing the birth rated and death of children is increased. Just what are the 'powers' are trying to do. Too reduce the Worlds population. The World is starting to finally wake up to the idea. That Fluoridation of the water. Is a plan to help reduce the World's population. Third plan of Fluoridated water. It lowers one ability to think as a Spiritual being.

All animals have personalities. Is this because of the Pineal Gland? Is the Pineal Gland part of the make-up of the Soul? Does the Pineal Gland? Warn the animals of impending danger. If all animals have Pineal glands like mankind. Then what separates the animals from mankind? If you are a flesh eater. Are you actually a Cannibal?

Like the story of the lady. That save chickens on there way to the slaughter house. That had fallen off the truck. She believed the chickens were saved for a reason. So she feed the chickens and kept them alive. She discovered every chicken had a different personality. Was the personality developed in the Pineal Gland?

The point I'm making. Do animal have Pineal Glands? Yes they also have the 'Third Eye'. Maybe this could explain why birds in flight. All turn at the same "Time'. Are they are communicating via there instinctive 'Third Eye'? I believe all animals have Souls. And there are many studies that prove my point. When the Pineal Gland is removed from cows. And placed in water with Tadpoles. The Tadpoles become transparent. This is caused by the Melanin in the Pineal Gland. I show this to prove, animals also have Pineal Glands.

When you look at a dollar bill. You see the eye atop the pyramid. This is the 'Third Eye'. This come's from the Egyptian 'Eye of Horus'. This represents the all seeing eye. Your eyes see what's around you. But your 'Third Eye', sees in the dark. It can peer into the Universe. Plants like mushrooms, peyote, pot and others. Have a substance in them that opens the 'Third Eye'. That's why Shamans used these types of drugs. The let them open up there minds. Let them peer into the unknown. By opening up there 'Third Eye'. Meditation is another great way to open up your 'Third Eye'. If you use plants or meditation at first to open your 'Third Eye'. After a while you no longer need them. You start living your life in a Spiritual manner. There is much to be learned about the 'Third Eye'. Do your own research. I've just wanted too open that door for you today.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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