Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Mayan Shamans"

I've written about Shamans before in my posts. Today I'd like to get more in depth, with Mayan Shamans. And there connection to the Pineal Gland. Which is known as the 'Third Eye'. And to marrow, I'll write about the Pineal Gland. After I do more research on the subject. Here are a few interesting facts about the Pineal Gland. It was the 'Eye of Horus' too the ancient Egyptians. It's your Spiritual Guide. A opening to the 'Secrets of the Universe'. I've posted some new videos on my You Tube channel this week (RD47blog). 2 were of the kids and there leader. At the Old West Days in Prescott Az. And the third segment of my interview of Dave Stewart. Dave said he would like to talk about a certain battle. That happened during the Vietnam War. It was a battle over a certain hill near Da Nang. And like most of these types of battles. A bunch of Marines and Vietnamese lost there live. For nothing more than some type of Satanic Blood Ritual (More on that subject, in future blogs.)

Mayan Shamans were to been able too. Move from the present World. Into another reality or dimension. They supposedly could communicate with the "Gods". With the dead ancestors and the Spirit World. They could enter Portals. (A type of opening in the present World. That allows one to go to another dimension. Some believe there is a Portal on South Mountain in Phoenix. That the Hohokam Shamans used. To get answers for there peoples.) Mayans believed that Portals reached into the Itz. The blessed substance of the Sky. The Itz could be sweat on your brow. It could be tree sap or rust that is on metal. And with the knowledge from entering the Itz. The Shamans could control this World. By taking knowledge from another dimension.

The Mayan believed that all real (authentic) humans. Were Shaman-Creators, in one form or another. Much like the Bible stories. That all humans can attain "Godliness". But first you must educate one's self. You must undergo personal sacrifices. Becoming a Shaman-Creator was a must. If one wanted to survive your physical death. The Mayan believed that in return for there personal sacrifices. Shaman-Creators built there own Resurrection Body. This assured them eternal life.

In the Classic Period Mayan. Shaman King (Shaman-Creator) was the Twin Gods. Like the stories of Jesus, Buddha, Hindu gurus. The Shaman King, lived two Worlds simultaneously. The divine World and the physical World. The Shaman King was the most authentic. Of the true human beings (Those that sacrificed for the after life). He was truly the most complete. He had great vision. And he provided for his peoples, through his great knowledge. In Izapa (Chiapas Mexico) is a stela (inscribed stone slab). That describes (petroglyph) that Shaman Kings, were the creators of life. It shows a World Tree. With a hole drilled in it. And from this hole. Partially formed human beings tumble out. (The Hopi tell a similar story. The difference is that the partially humans are coming too the surface of the Earth. From inside the Earth.)

The Mayan Shamans also believed in the concept of the Third Eye. Today it is known as the Penal Gland. Too the Egyptians, it is the 'Eye of Horus'. It's your guide too the Spiritual Universe. Opening the Third eye to the Mayans Shamans. Was akin too Godlike visions. The Mayan Shamans could only open the Third Eye. By long periods of meditation and fasting. Leaving the Material World behind. And entering the realms of the Universe.

In today's World. Mankind spends most of there "Time", avoiding pain and suffering. This only leads to self fear. Questioning your own identity and self worth. People turn to drugs, porn, wealth and self fulfillment. All the while finding no peace in there soul. While the Mayans Shamans embraced self sacrifices. They believed that you entered a false reality. By avoiding personal sacrifices. I'm not meaning you should go out and beat yourself with chains or leather straps (like some religions or cults). Sacrifice can be as simple as. Avoiding a diet that includes animal flesh. Avoiding personal desires, for the betterment of your physical body. If you feel any guilt in what you are doing. This is your inner spiritual self. Sending alarms to your brain. By use of chemicals, created by the Pineal Gland. It's your Third Eye. Doing it's best to wake you up. Awaken you from a mindless slumber. Warning you there is much more than the moment. Like a runner after a long run. They fill fulfilled, because they have preformed personal sacrifice. They cleansed there body of toxin. Filled there mind with oxygen. Most runners never realize. They have preformed a type of self sacrifice. If you plant flowers around your house. This is a type of personal sacrifice. You could have taken the same energy. And used it for self pleasures. Instead you created a new life. You've nourished a plant. Mentally you've nourished one's self. Like a Mayan Shaman King. You also have created life. Maybe not on the same level. Yet that just may be in your future. You never know, the Galaxy is a big place. Maybe one day you'll have your own. Little part of the Universe. And you can decide to create life in it. This goes back to where I started. You just might become a Shaman-Creator.

Here is a little Mayan poem that says it all. When you think life has treated you badly.

Never, my young men

you who complain, you know no joy in your lives,

never will you know, any joy in your lives,

till you ask for lightning instead of love

till you pray to the right "Gods", for the

thunder-bolt instead of pity

If everyone is a 'Shaman Creator'. Then how did the World get too, where it is today. Simple, those in power. Have convinced the masses. That the only thing important, is personnel pleasures. They gave the masses sports, pornography, and material possessions. In trade the masses gave there Souls away. And by giving there Souls away. They have en-slaved themselves. The 'powers' left it up to the individual. Too throw away ther lives. The 'powers' never put a gun to anybodies head. Saying here, 'take these Worldly thing. And in return I get you Soul.' The masses decided themselves. So just remember that some day. If you reach for the Stars. Instead of the material items here on Earth. You just might become a 'Creator King'. With your own Universe. And you can decide to create life yourself.

"God" bless


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