Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Conspiracy Theory"

Just what is a 'Conspiracy Theorist? This word became vogue, during the G.W. Bush era. Now it's a common theme. If the 'powers' want to counter those. That don't believe there bold face lies. Then they are a 'Conspiracy Theorist'. 911 seems to be the beginning of this. All though it may have started earlier. But the term started flying around the room. Soon after the Twin Towers and building 7 fell. In what looked like a perfect controlled demolition. Too counter these obvious truths. The Bush administration started using the term. To counter those who brought the subject up. Too take it a step further. You are now called an un-loyal American, or even worst, a domestic terrorist. If you don't believe the lies the government tells you. This weeks events, prompted me to talk of this subject. With the events in Norway and the death of Amy Winehouse. Amy Winehouse's death, will fit into the idea of a 'Conspiracy Theory'. More on this later.

Now this week, there seems to be another 'False Flag' attack in Norway. Of course to the 'powers'. Those who think, they are behind this incident. Are of course 'Conspiracy Theorist'. Every where I go on the Net now. People seem to recognize these common occurrence. Of the use of a 'False Flag'. The 'powers' seem to have lost this great. Mind control method, too control the masses. Now even Pearl Harbor is in question. Just as the 'powers' wanted the World to believe, Timothy McVeigh. Brought down the Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City. With fertilizer and fuel oil bomb, all by himself. And that 21 Muslims hi-jack 4 aircraft. Then brought down three buildings. With just two aircraft, in New York City. The same people want the World to now believe. That a guy named Anders Behring Breivik. Killed over 80 kids on a island called Utoya. And blew up a building. With a car bomb. All this in one day in Norway. If you doubt any of this. You are of course a 'Conspiracy Theorist'.

What does it take? For something to go from Conspiracy to a fact. If the controlled mass media is concerned, 'Never'. Because the same 'powers' that control the media. Are the same 'powers' behind all the hideous events of the last 100 years or more. As I've written before. 'When you control the presses. You control history.' While doing some research on this subject. Here are a few other of many, Conspiracy Theories'.

Are there powers at-large, New World Order (NWO)? Trying too force the World. To be controlled under one government. And who are to worship one chosen "God" for them? I certainly believe so myself. Is the Federal Reserve System? Today single handily, destroying the World's economy. By the way, most countries in the World. Are under this same type system. Only a handful aren't. And if they aren't, there under constant attack (Libya, North Korea, Iran). From the so called free countries. AKA U.S. of America, Britain, etc..

Here are some other 'False Flag' attacks. The Tonkin Gulf incident. That supposedly took America into the Vietnam War. Pearl Harbor attack by the Japanese. (Just how do you hide a Naval Fleet? Off the shores of Hawaii.) Pan Am flight 103. Columbine in Colorado. London subway bombings in 2007. 2004 Madrid Spain train bombing. The German Reichstag's Building bombing, in 1937. That sweep the Nazi Party and Hitler into power. Obummer's birth certificate.

Other 'Conspiracy Theories' with un-answered endings. Dwight D. Eisenhower's speech about the, 'Giant Military Industrial Complex' (Which he was a part of.). Just how much surveillance is carried out? On the unknowing American peoples. The assassinations of such notable leaders such as. John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy (all the Kennedy's), Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Osama bin Laden. Here is where the idea of 'Manchurian Candide' comes in. ( Robert Kennedy's shoot Sirhan Sirhan, John Lennon's killer, Ronald Reagan's shooter, etc.) When someone has been programmed. Too carry out the wishes of others. Such as you have today with the American president Obummer.

"Conspiracy Theories' go back to Biblical days. And probably even before that. The Hopi 'End Times' prophecies. All the Apocalyptic ending. Like those in the Bible. You have Armageddon, the arrival of the Anti-Christ, 666, The destruction of Babylon in Revelations. Nostradamus, Not to mention, most Native America tribes had 'End Times' tales.

Here is where the death of many Rock Stars fits in. Amy Winehouse died this last week. She was 27 years and 311 (3X11=33) days old. She is one of many Rock Stars who have died at age 27. The Illuminati control the music industry. They decide who is famous and who isn't. And as Bob Dylan said in a 60 Minute interview. 'I made a deal with the Devil. And now I'm trying to hold up. My end of the bargain.' Just who did Bob make a deal with? Was it the Illuminati? After all, we would of never heard of Bob Dylan with out them. I understand that the number 27 has magical powers. Can't prove or disprove this fact. Only know what I read or hear. There is a termed called, Club 27 and Forever 27. It stands for the other Rock Stars that died at age 27. Here are also other Rock Stars, that died at age 27. Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison (The Doors), Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones (Rolling Stones founder) Ron (Pigpen) McKernan (Grateful Dead) Some you may have never heard of. Three who were shot to death at age 27. Strech (Rapper), Fat Pat (Rapper), Ariester 'Dyke' Christian (Dyke and the Blazers). If you want too find more about the 27 Club.

In the end, I guess you could say. The whole World is full of 'Conspiracy Theorist'. I've yet to find anyone. Who is buying into every thing, they are being told. And I've noticed that folks around the World. Are starting to wake-up too what is going on to them. Look how many folks today don't buy into the government. Explanations of what really happened on 911. Yes there is hope for the World's population. Maybe just some how. The direction of a NWO will be stopped by the peoples of the World. If not one day. They will realize, they are living on a Prison Planet (Alex Jones term).

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


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