Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Calusa Tribe"

The Calusa tribe, once populated Florida. Were one of the tribes of North America. That openly practised human sacrifice. Oddly enough as I prepared for today's story. The World's elite are meeting a Bohemian Grove. And there are stories of human sacrifice their also. Bohemian Grove is located in Monte Rio, California, near San Francisco. And his owned by a Men's club called Bohemian Club. No need for me to explain what goes on their. Just click onto the link. One thing I do want to say before writing about the Calusa Tribe. Many of Americans presidents, have been part of the activities of Bohemian Grove.

Calusa, (cuh-LOO-suh) a tribe who lived in Florida. Were known as, master builder, pirates, carvers and cannibals. It is not known for sure were the Calusa tribe originated. Some speculate the Caribbean or South America. Because they had seaworthy dugout canoes. And communicated with the Arawak of the Caribbean. Even though they share the same language as the Muskogean peoples. There territory ranged from Tampa Bay. Down to the keys of Florida. There cultural traits were similar to other tribes. Who populated the area around the Gulf of Mexico. Such as the use of blow-guns. For hunting and fighting. They also used poison for fishing. Another typical trait used by tribes of the Southeast. Human sacrifices and cannibalism, was used by the Calusas. The extent of cannibalism by the Calusa is unknown. But it is known that tribes of South America. Used cannibalism for certain rituals. Or the eating of an enemies heart. That supposedly gave them extra strength.

The original name for the Calusa tribe is unknown. The Spaniards gave them the name Calusa. Based on the name Carlos. After the name of Spain's Roman Emperor, Charles V.. The Calusa had a class system. Much like other North and South American tribes did. There were Noble, commoners, and slaves. (The slaves were captured from other tribes.)

Archaeologist Frank Hamilton Cushing, who was also known for living with. And studying the Zunis of New Mexico. Discovered in 1884 Key Marco, a small island. Off the coast of Florida. Their he found Artifacts. Such as, carved wooden masks, wooden animal figures with moving parts. There were also man made seawall, jetties and drainage basins. He believed these were done by the Calusa.

When the Spanish discovered the Calusa in 1500s. They had gold and silver already. And became known as pirates. They could have raided Spanish galleons, loaded with gold and silver. That were headed back too Spain. Or they could have seized ships that were grounded off shore. They were known beach comers. Who were looking for ships. That had ran aground. In the tricky waters of the coast. And who's cargo had washed ashore.

Juan Ponce de Leon (Fountain of Youth fame), meet the Calusa in 1513. He's the one who gave Florida it's name. Which was Florida, meaning flowery in Spanish. Deigo Miruelo made contact in 1516. In 1517 Hermandes de Cordoba also visited the Calusas. Ponce de Leon returned in 1521 to to create a colony. He upset the Clausas peoples, who attacked him and his men. Ponce de Leon was fatally wounded by an arrow. And him and his men were forced back to Cuba. Hernando de Escalante Fontaneda was shipped wrecked of the coast of Calusa territory. He was captured and held captive for 18 years.

Later the Spaniards would try and establish a Catholic mission. In the territory of the Calusa. They had to abandon the attempt. As the Calusa rejected the attempts. To convert them to Catholic religion. Although the Calusas did start trading with the Spanish. This made them a target for the English. And there Native American allies. In 1745 many Calusas, Apalachee and Timucua tribal members. Had been captured and taken as slaves too the Carolina's. Many Calusa escaped this fate and headed too the West Indies. Others stayed behind and fought along side the Seminole. This was known as the Second Seminole war of 1835-1842. The Calusa last great stand together, was in 1839. They attacked the camp of Colonel William Harney. Killing 18 of his men. What happened to the tribe after that, is unknown. Maybe some faded into the Everglades. Along with many of the Seminole Indians. Some could have returned to Cuba. Like the tribe it's self, a mystery. Where they came from and where they went. Is still a mystery.

"God" bless on this Sunday Evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings


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