Saturday, July 16, 2011


According to the Christian Bible. There will soon be the arrival of the 'Anti-Christ'. And maybe he's already arrived. You hear rumors, many believe the 'Anti-Christ' is. America's current president, Obummer. (Still can't remember his first name.) In the very way he is destroying the American economy. Something that is very important for the 'Anti-Christ'. For he must rule over everyone on the Earth, pocket books. That idea doesn't fly for me. Because Obummer is only destroying the American economy. What could be the 'Anti-Christ'. Is the person or persons, who really put him in power. He wasn't elected, because the voting system in America is rigged. Just as it is in all other countries. Who use the election system to determine who is the leaders. I want to show some of the facts. I'd discovered researching the 666.

According to the Christian Bible, the 'Anti-Christ'. Will appeal to every segment of the World population. The Christians are awaiting the re-arrival of Jesus Christ. To the Jews, he'll be the Messiah (I thought there "God" was already here. It's called money.). The Muslims wait patiently for the arrival of Allah or Imam Mahdi. Kristna will surely save the Hindu. Maitreya Buddha is the Buddhist's Cat. Saoshyant for the Zoroastrians (not sure who these people are). And last but not least the Satanist. Who are awaiting Dark Lord. One thing for sure according to the Christian Bible. The 'Anti-Christ' will appeal to all the Worlds religious and non religious peoples. You could say a type of 'Unifier'. The NWO talks about a World with one government and one "God". Who the entire World would worship. And be policed by One World Government.

This new leader of the World. Is called the 'Beast'. He will be a good "God", it will appear. He will have several names. That add up to the numbers 666. Some of the 'Beast' other names are, Satan, Devil, and 666man. In the Christian Bible you'll find these verses.

Revelations 13:1. 'And I saw the 'Beast', rising up out of the sea, having seven heads, and ten horns, and on his horns ten crowns, and on his heads a blasphemous (very irreverent towards what is held as Scared, foul mouthed.) name.'

Revelations 13:16-18 'He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free or slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that. No one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the 'Beast', or the number of his name. This calls for wisdom if anyone has in sight, let him calculate the number of the 'Beast', for it is man's number, his number is 666.'

You could call this, the current Social Security Number here in America. For with out a SS number. You will not get employed. And with-out employment. You can't buy food, water, fuel, medicines, etc.. That is unless you can live off the land. And that ability will soon be taken away. With the United Nations, 'Agenda 21'. Which president Obummer recently signed into law. Just Google U.N. Agenda 21, you will see what I mean. Another form of the 'Mark of the Beast'. Could be in the coming of the Chip. A law could be passed for security reasons. That to protect you from the evil terrorist. You now must be implanted with a Chip. That you will use to get a job. Pay your bills, buy food, water, etc.. With-out the Chip, just like not having the "Mark of the Beast'. You will become an out sider. And soon you'll be killed off. Through the use of forcing you to. Live out side the protective system.

Found this odd story relating to the Christian Bible about the 'Beast'. The Bible was written after the so-called death of Jesus. And some believe most stories are taken from real life occurrences. The story of Christ Resurrection could have been taken from this story about the Roman leader Nero. Who committed suicide in the year 68 C.E (Common Era, before Christ, BC).

'He exercised all the authority of the 1st. 'Beast', on his behalf, and made the Earth's and it's inhabitants worship the 1st. 'Beast'. Whose fatal wounds had been healed.' In other words, Nero came back to life. After his death, just as in the Resurrection Story.

Some now believe that 666 refers to the Pope. 'The first Beast' It is said to represent the Roman Empire. That 666 means, 'Vicarius Filli Dei', the papal title.

In your common bar code. You have a 6 at the beginning and end. Then in the middle you have another 6. And we all know you can't hardly buy anything with out a bar code now days. I'm a vegetarian and even all my fruits and vegetables now have bar codes on them. People what to call this on coincidence. I stopped believing in coincidences long ago.

Also there are some who believe that many politicians. Represent the 666, such as Ronald Regan and Adolf Hitler. The sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is (waw) which means W. All Websites start with what? www or three 666s. many believe the web is the work of the Devil. Look to the fact. That the most referenced thing on the www is porn. And porn is used to break down the family structure.

Now if you are a Native America and you are still practicing your ancient ways. Then this is all a bunch of crap. If you are living the ways of Nature's Laws. To you this is all a bunch of crap. You see, if you reject the 'Beast'. Then you are entitled to life for ever. If you submit to the 'Beast' This means you are weak. And you have chosen money and processions, before "Godliness". The 'Anti-Christ' is your test. Your test to see, that in your previous lives. If you have learned. What the true meaning of life means. The Hopi say, 'that the other 3 Worlds. Were only paths to enlightenment. And the Fourth World of now. Is the final test'. Many other religious groups have similar ideas about the test here on Earth. Have you learned your valuable lessons?

"God" bless

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