Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Knights Templar, Vietnam, Poems"

Never thought I'd be doing this, this long. Today marks my 665 blog entry. And I got to say. I have learned so much from it. When I started writing these short stories. I still had some trust in the government and system. I trusted the government line, about what happened on 911. Didn't even know what a Chem-trail was. Had no idea what was being done to our food. And that Monsanto was generically modifying seeds and crops. These are just a few examples, of what I've learned.

In the beginning there were those. That tried to discourage my writings. As I look back now. I know that they were being pushed by others, to stop me. That very fact made me realize. That I must pursue my writing. It made me wonder. Who really cares about what I may say? And if no one ever reads my stories. That was OK by me. My next entry will be next weekend, "God" willing. It will be number 666. So this week I'll spent "Time". Researching the myths and so called fact about this magic number. And if it's really the 'Mark of the Beast'. One of the few things that I've maintained about my writings. Are the quotation marks around, "God", "Time" and "Alien". To me they are the cornerstones of this 'Reality'. You must first have a "God" a creator. Then you must have "Time". Then you must have those that carry out "Gods" work. And anything you don't understand. Then is "Alien" too you. So you could say, that those three items are still, "Alien" to me. Thanks to those who send encouraging words to me. And the few kids who tell me. I'm helping them through college (lol).

Got my propaganda news this morning. Called the Arizona Republic Newspaper. I was going to cancel my prescription. I was not willing to pay $26 month for basic propaganda. The sales person assured me. That the propaganda was only costing $16 a month. So I keep it. Hard to change a routine. I'd been doing for over 40 years. Of getting up and getting the newspaper. Today I found the most interesting article. It was about the on-going drug wars. Going on down in Mexico. This week they found 40 more bodies. And most of the killings appear to be revenge killings. Like this week, when some drug cartel members went into a bar. And shot up the place. Killing 20 people inside. Here s what struck my attention, 'Knights Templar'.

There are so many of these types of stories in the paper now days. I never take the "Time" to read them. But when the words 'Knights Templar' appeared. I started reading the article. You see the 'Knights Templar' go back to the 12th century. And I've read and seen enough videos about the Templar's. To understand they are still in the Game today. The 'Knights Templar' history goes back to the days of the Crusades. They were a sort of Christian fighter in those days. They were known for there charitable offering. And they may have been, where the story of 'Robin Hood' came from. I'm not so sure this is good thing or not. But they were recognized by the Catholic Pope in 1130 AD.

The 'Knights Templar' were a rather large organization during the Crusades. And if you Google there name. You will see much information about them. Just something you might want to add, too your mental catalog. They are where the term Friday the 13th came from. As being bad luck. And the old tale about, "Pocket Full of Posies' came from them. Just as the American military is today. Only a handful of 'Knights Templar's' were soldiers. The far majority were banker, cooks, medics, supply, transportation, etc. Like today's modern army's. For ever guy pulling a trigger. There are 9 others supporting him.

Back to the Mexican drug wars. The reason the name 'Knights Templar' was used. Was the fact that the drug cartel named La Familia Michoacana. Wanted to up-grade there image. They are mostly known for there Methamphetamine trade. (I have my own ideas about how the Mexican Drug lords. And America's secrete government are connected.) Although they are also known for there kidnapping and extortion according to DEA. The DEA also says they are connected to other cartels. Like the Gulf Cartel and Sinaloa Cartel. This re-named group says that they are there to protect the common person. Just as the 'Knights Templar's' did, in there hey days. (A Tiger never changes his strips.)

Wanted to add another part of yesterdays entry about patrols in Vietnam. Dave gave me a total of 6 reports. I'll write about only the majors parts of this patrol. It took place between 11th and 13th of September 1967. These operations were between Chu-Lai and Da-Nang. Of the Marines. There was 1 officer, 18 enlisted, 1 USN (medic). The Navy always provided the medics. For the Marines during Vietnam. 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Platoon, Company 'D'. This patrol covered 36 hours.

On the 13 day of September. This patrol encountered 40 VC. Here is the exact report from the officer.

Patrol made contact with estimated 40 VC. VC wearing cartbeltd, khakis, and had A/W. Patrol returned fire and threw grenades. Engaged enemy in hand to hand combat. Resulted in 15 VC KIA (confirmed) and 9 USMC WIA (wounded in action): 1 DOA (dead on arrival).

Conclusions and recommendations: Use Napalm to burn off the vegetation near top of Hill 445 before future patrols in this area. (Hills were given names by how many meters they were high. And not in feet for some reason.)

Report by: S. Ramirez SSgt. USMC assistant Patrol Leader

From 'The People of the Bat'

Holy Heaven,
Holy glory,
Holy Earth,
Holy ground,
Holy King,
Holy Angel,
Holy Serpent,
Holy Thunderbolt,
My beauteous Father,
My beauteous Lord.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings.

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