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"Summer 1967 Vietnam"

Went too see my friend Dave Stewart. Him and his wife Karen. Own a Health Store called 'Nutrition Works'. It's located here in Scottsdale (480-609-8812). Dave really knows his stuff. When it come to diet and medical supplements. He amazes me with his knowledge. Of how supplements break down and help the body. But I'm not here to praise Caesar. The reason I was their today. Was to talk too Dave about my display. Dave and Karen are going to display some of my jewelry, I've created. The Stewart's and I have become good friend over the years. So when I do pop in. We always seem to have friendly talks about life. And other esoteric maters, like who really killed JFK (lol).

Today Dave and I were talking about how mankind. Are in reality, no more than slaves to the over-all system. I was telling Dave, how I heard. About what was on the back of all birth certificates. I'd heard it,on some Internet show. That on the back of live birth certificates. There are a list of other countries. And that meant, that you could be traded to any other country listed. As if you were no more than cattle or sheep. Dave goes now you've sparked my interest. So he headed back into his office at the store. I followed along behind him. He opened his file drawer and took out a folder. Asked him what he was looking for. He said, 'my Birth Certificate, now you got me going'. All he could find was some copies and other related papers. Like his Honorable Discard Certificate from the Marines. Also he found these copies of reports. Of his days in Vietnam. They were copies of actually combat patrols. Dave said a friend from his Platoon. Had shot and killed his wife. And they sent him copies of Patrol Reports. From the patrols he was on with the guy. Dave never said why they sent them to him.

Funny I'd told Dave earlier. I didn't know what I was going to write about today. Then told him, 'some how "God" always gives me something, to write about'. Asked Dave if I could barrow the reports. That I'd some how use them in today's blog. Dave said sure, 'didn't you say. "God" always gives you something to write about', then he laughed. These reports seem almost surreal in my hands. I'm a Vietnam era Vet myself. But nothing like my brothers who served and died. In the jungles of Southeast Asia. Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and other clandestine operations.

These reports are from June, July and August of 1967. U.S. Marine Corp 1st. Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st. Platoon, Company D. Chu-Lai, RVN (Republic of Vietnam)

This first report is from 30 May 1967 until 1 June 1967. Debriefer; GySgt (Gunny Sargent U.S. Marine Corp)

Synopsis: This patrol covered a period of 52 1/2 hours with 11 sightings of 64 VC/VCS (Vietcon). 8 artillery fire missions were called resulting in 10 VC KIA (killed in action) probably (note the term probably). LZ (landing zone) mined. Helos (helicopters) received fire on insert.

Time: 301000H Coordinates
Coordinates: BT 134217 Observation: VC moving east, blk (black) PJ's (pajamas) 1 rifle. Called ffire mission, cancelled.

Time: 301335H
Coordinates: BT 130235
Observation: 5 VC in OP (operation) site observing friendly fire troops sweeping the area, blk. PJ's 5 rifles. Informed infantry.

Time: 301900H
Coordinates: BT128235
Observation: 24 VC moving east, mixed black and green PJ's. Informed infantry

Time: 301900H
Coordinates: BT125225
Observation: @ VC searching area that the infantry had swept the day befor, blk. PJ's. 2 rifles. Called fire mission, good coverage.

Time: 310950H
Coordinates: BT110218
Observation: 10 VC searching villager, blk PJ's. and khakis. # rifles and cartridge belts. Called fire mission, good coverage. 4 VC KIA (prob)

Time: 311105H
Coordinates: BT130235
Observations: $ VC entered hut, blk PJ's. 3 packs, 1 rifle. Called fire mission, 1 hut destroyed. 3 VC KIA (prob)

Time: 311225H
Coordinates: BT139235
Observation: @ VC moved into area where hut was destroyed, blk PJ's. 1 rifle. Called fire mission, good coverage. 1 VC KIA (prob)

Time: 311340H
Coordinates: BT 098212
Observation: 6 VC hiding weapons under hay stack, blk PJ's, 6 rifles. Called fire mission, good coverage. 6 VC KIA (prob)

Time: 311500H
Coordinates: BT 098212
Observation: $ VC moved into hut, blk PJ's. ! rifle, 1 pack. called fire mission, 1 VC KIA (prob)

Time: 311735
Coordinates BT 112218
Observation: 1 VC moving west, green utilities. 1 pack, 1 rifle. called fire mission, excellent coverage. 1 VC KIA (prob)

Time: 010905H
Coordinates: BT 130235
Observation: 4 VC around hut, blk PJ's and khakis. 2 rifles. VC moved under hay stack, possible cave entrance. Called fire mission, 1 hut destroyed.

Other information: Insert and extract LZ BT 131203, good 2XH46 zone. Helos received fire on insert from the Southeast. VC moved back into area after the infantry sweep had gone through. ! mine was found on the LZ at the fork of the trail. Patrol booby trapped trash pit with M-26 grenade. Booby trapped is under 60 lb. rock on the top of trash pit in the center of the patrol's defensive position. Do not move rock.

Results of encounters with enemy: 10 VC KIA (prob)

Conclusions and recommendations: valley needs a good sweep by the infantry.

As you can see from the Vietnam war. Every "Time" there was an encounter with the enemy. Air fire or artillery support was brought in. With all the superior fire power the U.S. had in Vietnam. They were never suppose to win the war. This was just a game to those that really control things. Just as Dave and I started today's conversation. About slavery of Americans. This report goes to show how. Absolutely right on we were. Thanks again Dave for these reports. They go to show how absolutely controlled. The American and peoples of the World are. They are pitted against each other. In this manner. The powers constantly keep control over the masses.

"God" bless


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