Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Jesus, Son or Sun?"

The Christian bible tell the reader in the New Testimony. The story of the Son of "God" Jesus. And his twelve disciples. And Jesus constant battle with the Devil. Jesus is the Light and the Devil is Darkness. And what about Jesus Twelve Disciples? If you think in terms of the Universe. And our local Galaxy. it's easy too figure out. That Jesus represents the Sun, which is the light of day. And the Devil represents the darkness, which is night. The battle goes on continuously.

Jesus is only one of many Suns in the Universe. And the Twelve Disciples represent the Twelve Astronomy signs. Thus you have Jesus the Sun and not the Son. These stories go back thousands of years. They are called 'Holy Science or Solar Science'. They were converted to religious doctrine. To control the masses. The Christian Bible is only about two thousands years old. But the science of the Universe is thousands of years old.

In a book written by Swami Sri Yukteswar called 'Kavivalya Darsanam'. He talks about how all religions have a parallel idea. Which is rather obvious when you think about it. All have the Great Flood, and Noah story. Both the Hopi and Mayans have a similar story. And so to many other religions Native American and cults. This is because they all came from the single teachings. And those teaching are called the 'The Holy Science'. If you go too You Tube. And search for Mr. Astrotheology or Santo Bonacci. You will soon learn. That you have been lied to for thousands of years. You will learn as I've always stated. You are a unique individual. And the 'powers' have been trying to dumb you down. By not telling you the truth about your self. I've communicated with Santo Bonacci. About the similarities between what he teaches about. And the knowledge I have about Hopi, Mayan and other Native American. Maybe some day we'll do a You Tube video together. Showing how 'Holy Science' and the Americas indigenous people parallel.

Going back to the teachings of Yukteswar. He taught back in 1894 about the our Sun having a twin. Now it is becoming common knowledge. That 80% of Galaxies Stars systems are binary, or have two Suns. He taught that every 24,000 years. Our Sun revolves around another Sun. Today there are many stories about the so called Nibiru (planet X). Which is said to be a Brown Dwarf. Which means it's a Sun that has not ignited yet, or never. Sumerian stories say that mankind was created by the Masters of Nibiru. This also is the same type of story from the Mayan Popol Vuh. Yukteswar also has a story about where mankind's mental powers come from. _Holy_Science (you'll have type in the link)

In the realm of there is truly a "God" or "Gods". As I took a break from today's entry, to make lunch (veggies). I went to God Like Productions. Here is what I found. Some You Tube videos, about current events and Hopi prophecies. Here are the links to part 2 and3. (Elenin, Info-World Global) pt.2

Which talk of Hopi End Times predictions. Using Elenin as a comparison to the Hopi Blue and Red Star Kachina. With the Blue Star Kachina coming first. Followed by the Red Star Kachina. That will be the purifier. And that folks will have to make a decision. On either too stay in the past. Or to move into a new World of Enlightenment. The next paragraph I had already written. Funny or not so funny. How things have a way of working out.

Supposedly this is the beginning of the 'Age of Enlightenment'. That is about to reign over the World. "God" knows I'm hoping so. Mankind is hopefully leaving the age of Taurus the Bull. Leaving the Material World behind. And heading full steam into self enlightenment. Mankind has been manipulated, long enough by the Darkness. Here is the real problem I see going forward. There are those who are around. And those at the top. Like the Dick Chaneys and Donald Rumsfelds of the World. Who will never enter into an age of peace. And many of those common folk, who walk around the Planet. That will be un-willing to stop there harmful ways. What happens to them? Are they swept aside by the hand of "God"? Will the idea of the NWO, just disappear one day? Will the citizens wake up and realize. There is no need for governments and religions. There seems to be no answer at hand.

Yesterday I forgot to mention Veronica Garcia. She is the girl from my resent You Tube videos (RD47blog). That told her story of her UFO sighting. Just a few short years ago, or even last year. I would have a hard "Time". Getting folks to talk about there UFO events. That has changed, almost over night. I'm sure it's from the change in the way the. Mass media covers and talks about UFOs now. Even the Catholic church has made a reversal. Admitting the existence of our "Alien" brothers and sisters. Like Veronica said, 'she had been ridiculed about her story'. Off camera, she said her children even had a hard "Time" with it. Well folks as the old line goes, 'I saw what I saw'.

Next week-end I'm going down too Tombstone Arizona. Tombstone got it's name from a story a like this. If you go down their. The only thing you'll find, 'Is your Tombstone'. For folks who don't know the area. There is plenty of sight seeing to be done. I'll first go too Bisbee. A town much like Jerome. As both were booming mining towns at one "Time". Then record some reenactments of western shoot outs, in Tombstone. Here is a short story about how tough Tombstone was.

'At the end of 1881 and early 1882, a flurry of stagecoach robberies in Cochise County. Brought Wells Fargo Agent James Hume from San Francisco to investigate. Unfortunately for Hume, the stagecoach he took too Tombstone was robbed. By two road agents wearing black cloth masks. They took about $1,500 off the coach. And Hume was relieved of $75 and two fancy pistols. Hume wrote to his wife. Tombstone has a population of six thousand. Five thousand of them are bad. One thousand of them are known outlaws. I don't want much of Tombstone.'

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings.

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