Sunday, September 11, 2011

"911 Ten Years Later"

Wow here it is, ten years later. And nothing has changed in the battle for the truth. The same old lies that were thrown out on the day of the attack. Are the same tired old lies of today. That are still being pushed by, the same old tired whores. Who support the murders on 911. And the murders that still continue today. The media and George Bush proclaimed on that fateful day, 'nothing will ever be the same'. What he was really saying. Is that now we are going to take away. Americans few remaining freedoms. I can still hear that bastard whore George Bush saying, ' Your either with us, or your against us'. As if to say. 'You cannot questions the events of 911'. With in days, a Bill in congress was passed. It would become know as the 'Patriot Act'. Nothing patriotic in for the American public though. It stripped the public, of the 'right of passage'. What I mean by that is. American will no longer have the freedoms. Too come and go on public transportation. With out at any "Time" be searched. Your private conversation can now be monitored. Even the history of the books you check out in your public library. Can be subject to a search. Your e-mails now are no longer private. Your phone calls can be monitored. All in the name of national security.

Lets look at why the 911 attacks were committed. And there were several fronts, to why the attacks were done. The first thing it did. Was get the 'Patriot Act' passed. Something the American public would have never accepted before 911. It's and old trick by the 'powers'. 'Order out of Chaos'. They create the chaos, then offer the solution. 'Hey will protect you from those damned old Muslims'. 'But first you must give up your personnel freedoms', aka the 'Patriot Act'. The next thing the 911 attacked accomplished. It turned the American public against the Muslim World. This was one of the main reason. I believe that the state of Israel. Was in on the attacks of 911. America isn't fighting and dying Americas enemies. They are fighting and dying for Israel's enemies. By staging the attacks of 911. The Jewish controlled media. Could blast the American public. Saying look at those terrible dark skinned Muslim. Look how they have attacked you. Now you be sure and go get those Bastards. When in fact, the bastards were the Israelis.

And of course what the attacks of 911 accomplished. American is now in a state of perpetual war. With in days of 911. Bombs were being dropped in Afghanistan. The press was telling the American public. That Suddam Hussein was massing weapons of Mass Destruction. That Osama bin Laden from a cave some where in Afghanistan. Had master mind the attacks of 911. William Cooper was way ahead of the game. When he said before 911. 'That America would be attacked. And that Osama bin Laden would be blamed for the attacks'. It cost William Cooper his life. Just after the events of 911. William was murdered in McNary Arizona. How did William Cooper figure out attacks were emanate? Some how Fox News. had discovered where Osama was hiding in the hills of Afghanistan. Now the giant American Military Industrial Complex couldn't find Osama's hiding place. Yet Fox new with a film crew could find him.

Most folks who were around for the murder of JFK in Dallas. Remember exactly where they were and what they were doing, that fateful day. Now this generation will have it's own day of infamy. It will be, 'September 11, 2001. I was walking to the paper stand. When a neighbor yelled out. 'Do you have your TV on'. I replied, 'no I don't'. 'Jan yelled down to me. 'An airplane just hit a building in New York City'. Rushed back up too my condo. To see the second so called aircraft hit the second tower. Then suddenly all these reports started coming across the TV screen. It must have been Muslims terrorist. The fix was being set up, the plot had thickened. Instinctively I though our own government was behind the attacks. Me like most other Americans and folks around the World. Would be totally convinced that Muslim terrorist with box cutters. Had pulled off the impossible. With the 'powers' Jewish controlled media in full swing. This day had been planned for years. And all the major networks. Were doing there part. To make sure the lie. Would be carried around the World on the airwaves. For once the rest of the World felt sorry for America. For the powerful America had finally be attacked on there homeland. The World realized it was America who came to every other countries rescue. When natural or un-natural disasters occurred. And America needed the rest of the World's sympathy. Now several years later. Most of the World has woken up too the truth. The attacks of 911 were an 'inside job'. Once America went into Iraq and Afghanistan. The gig was up. The attacks were only a ploy. To fool the American public. And the rest of the World's opinion. And now 10 years later. America is in never ending wars. Pakistan, Libya, Yemen and others. Have felt the wrath of the American mighty Military. Soon Iran and other Middle Eastern countries. Will come under attack.

Now the World will really see what's behind all these wars. As the World's economy is broken down. And the Middle East is on fire. A new government, will be introduced too the World. It will be just what was intended by the 'Globalist'. A 'New World Order'. That will make the World's population. Live under the control of only a few. That will make sure, the masses only worship there "God". Get ready folks, it's at your door step.

Next I'd like to talk about the groups. Who are seeking the real truth behind 911. As I am in construction and one of my best friends is an Electrical engineer. The first group is called, 'Architechs & Engineers for 911 Truth'. There web site is, (membership includes 1,559 structural Engineers and 13,012 other engineers supporting there group.) These folks know there is no way that the Twin Towers or Building 7. Could have fallen from the strike from an aircraft. They believe that there was never. An aircraft that hit the buildings on 911. And if they did. There wasn't anyway that the fire could have brought down. The Twin Towers and Building 7 down. Both of the Twin Towers have 147 vertical concrete covered iron beams. That are four feet across. A aircraft flying at any speed. With a load of jet fuel. That is basically only kerosene. Could have created enough heat, to twist or melt steel, 4 foot beams. Kerosene has a flash point of around 460 degrees. Meaning that's how hot it burns. If you throw in some office furniture, carpets and such. The most the flames could have reached. In both the Twin Towers. Would have been around 1,000 degrees. Here in lays the kicker. Steel which what was under the concrete of the Twin Towers superstructure. Begins to melt at over 2,900 degrees. And that at several minutes, before reaching it's melting point. As you can see from the pictures of the rubble of the towers. There is no mass amounts of meted steel. What you have is a pile of decomposed metal. As I learned last night from a friend. Who was a New York City cop on duty, the day of 911. That rubble burned for 99 days. So just how does that happen? This group believes that some type of explosives were put into the Twin Towers and Building 7. That is the only way. You can have such a small debris field. Where the towers collapsed. If the building collapsed on there own accord. The pile of debris, would have been over 15 stories high.

The next group I'd like to talk about. Is a group of airline pilots. They have a video running on You Tube called. Pilots for 911 Truth - World Trade Center Attack (5 parts) They have proven that first of all as reported. The aircraft that hit the Twin Towers. Was supposedly traveling at over 500 knots. At sea level. The wings would have came off the aircraft at around 350 knots. These same pilots set a simulator up. Too see if the could hit the Twin Towers at high speeds. Only after several tries. And reducing the speed of the aircraft to just above stall speed. Could they hit the Twin Towers. These are pilot with over 20 years of experience. Not some Muslims who took a few flight lesson in Arizona and Florida.

Another group is called, 'Firefighters for 911 Truth'. There site is, The firefighters that went into the Twin Towers. Went in because, no concrete build had ever fallen from a fire. Little did they know the Twin Towers were laced with explosives. Firefighters reported that explosions were going on above and below them. As they were going up the Twin Towers. To close off the area the fires were burning. And too rescue any saviours from the fire. You can go too You Tube. And see many of the firefighters, talking to the press and others. About what really happened on 911.

Last I'd like to give a good friend Anthea Appel. A plug for her book on 911. Anthea was on duty as a New York City cop. The morning of 911. The name of the book is, 'The First Responders'. And you can contact her at, Currently her book is a best seller in it's category. Well this is my 911 thoughts. If anyone can disprove a thing I've written. Your welcome to post your words. I promise I'll post what ever you reply with. Life would be easier. If what I'd written wasn't true. Fact is what I've written, is nothing but the truth.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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