Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Tonight's Show and Stuff"

This evening I'll be a guest on a show called 'Planet Earth the Land of Delusion'. It will be on Blog Talk Radio on the Net. The host of the show is Monarca Merfield. We'll be discussing many topics, but mainly 'Native American Emergence Tales'. Monarca has been an illustrator for the 'History Channel'. When they do topics about "Alien" connections. And she also has one of the better UFO videos. I've seen on You Tube. Monarca has also been on several other BTR shows as a guest. You can also listen to tonight's show in the archives.

Monarca believes that she's been contacted by the other side. In the form of Jesus Christ. And after many lengthy conversations with her. I believe she has. She says that Jesus talks to her. For me that means. That those that want to communicate with her. Take the form of something physical on Earth, she can relate to. Like so many of us who have strayed off the beaten path path. She has paid the price with her family. Yet those of us that stay the straight and narrow. Of what we have been told. There is no other choice, but to relay what we've been told. You just can't say one day. 'This never happened to me. And I've been wrong all these years.' Monaca got some vindication from her family. When someone captured on video. A Flying Saucer type UFO over her moms house. The You Tube video is called. UFO - Binghamton NY 8/1/2011 "Big As A Football Stadium"

If things go well tonight, we'll do other shows together. Monarca feels she has been drawn to me. Because of so many Native American things in her life now. And just as I've always written. 'There are no coincidences'. There is a giant Universe. And mankind is just one small part of a larger picture. So join us tonight. And see what directions the "Gods" send the program.

FYI: In case you haven't heard yet. All homes in America will soon have 'Smart Meters'' on them. These new Power Company meters. Are equipped with a type of signally device. That will enable the serving electric power company. To be able to read your meter and power usage. With-out sending someone by to read your meter. All sounds simple enough. As a lawyer once told me, 'there are no free lunches'. Here is the catch. All new appliance will soon be coming with signally devices in them also. The serving electric power company. Will have the ability in the future. To control your home appliances. Here in Arizona some 800 customers on the APS electric grid. Are testing the new Smart Meters. Another thing about the new Smart Meters. Information about your comings and goings. Can be traced by your power usage. You do have the right. To refuse a Smart Meter put on you home. By law the serving utility has no right. Too send signal from your home. In fact the new Smart Meters. Are an invasion of your privacy.

In the past I've written about the Chem-Trail problem World wide. And I firmly believe that Evergreen Aviation. Is one of the contractors being used to spray the deadly chemicals in our air. Well today I find out. They have admitted too using spraying from there aircraft. For weather modification. To me this is a word to cover-up the real meaning. By saying they are spraying chemicals into the atmosphere. As a type of weather modification. They are admitting they are doing some of the spraying. You can go too there Web Site, Evergreen Aviation. And see they have admitted too the spraying. Here in Arizona were so lucky. We have Evergreen Aviation aircraft. Located in two different location. The main location is the Pinal Air Park. Located just north of Tucson. An Air Park that won't let you in. To see supposed moth-balled old airliners. Which I have tried to do.

Well some good news from Tulsa Oklahoma. (just kidding) 'The Cherokee Nation, Expel Descendants of Slaves'. The Cherokee Nation sent letters out to some 2,800 Blacks. These are the decedents of former Black Slaves. That were owned by the tribe. It is known fact. That Native American tribes. Would capture other tribal members in there raids. And use the captured members as slaves. The Cherokee claim they never owned Black Slaves. That only certain tribal members. Were involved in holding Black Slaves. I guess is a feeling of guilt among the Cherokee. They allowed the Black decedents, citizenship, medical care, food stipends and low income housing. During the Civil War between the States. The Cherokee sided with the Confederate Southern States. This is why they were holding Black Slaves. Then at the end of the War Between the States. The Black Slaves were freed. And given citizenship into the Cherokee Nation. 76 percent of the Cherokee Nation tribal members voted. To stop the reparations. Though most Cherokee now live off the reservation now.

To those not familiar with the story of Elenin. It is supposedly a Comet heading toward the Earth. Many believe this is the Sumerian Nibiru. That is suppose to return every so many thousands of years. And the inhabitants are the ones who created mankind. Or there is a satellite Planet of Nibiru. That hold the ancient Ananaki. Here again depending on which theory you buy into. NASA (Never A Straight Answer) has admitted to the existence of Elenin. And it's name was given by the astronomer who discovered it. Now NASA is saying that Elenin is breaking up. While other say it just gone behind the Sun. Some also believe this is the event that the Mayan were talking about. And instead of the year 2012. The extinction event will be in 2011. In other words, every so many thousands of years. Nibiru returns and bring destruction to the Earth. There is a lot to be said for this idea. After all, if life in the Earth was continuous. Why doesn't mankind know how the Pyramids were built. And so many other mysteries about the Earth. And isn't it interesting the name given too Elenin. If you break down the name to each letter. You have this, 'Extinction Level Event Nibiru Is Near'.

"God" bless


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