Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Why are Americans so Obsessed?"

Why is American's youth so? Obsessed with letting others know there every move. Most American kids have too have two Cell Phones these days. Belong to either Facebook or Twitter. Plus there are several site. That offer the ability to tell the World. Just exactly your doing, every moment of your life. You can go to sites like Godlikeproductions. And see threads about individuals thought and and ideas. If the population only knew. This was a type of Data Mining. What exactly is Data Mining? it a way of learning each individuals movements,thought and plan. The 'powers' computer can keep track of every ones movements. Who they communicate with. What they think about the current power structure. The 'powers' can even invade your thoughts. By gathering all this information. The 'powers' can make there plans. About what the youth of today should be wearing. How to influences the minds of the youth. See if there propaganda is being effective enough.

How did this all get started? When just a few years ago. Only doctors 'on call' had Beepers. First thing the 'powers' had to do. Was to convince the Congress. Or as I believe, tell Congress. To pass a Bill. That everyone in America deserved to have access too the Internet. Have access to Cell Phone communication. And the only way too insure this to happen. That the American tax payers foot the bill ($). Through either subsidies, or tax breaks. Either way, Joe Six Packs was paying for it.

The backbone of the communication system is Satellites and Cell towers. That are going up more and more each day. No matter the fact. That a Cell Tower generates a Micro Wave type signal. That can be harmful to anyone living or working near one. With the 'powers', power of the media. Blasting into everyone's heads. You need to be in constant touch with every one you know. Not only that. You need the ability to find sports scores. Go too Google, You Tube, etc. etc. etc.. And by "God", you need to get there fast. And of course this the propaganda has worked out quite well. The public has not only paid for the communication super structure. They are paying the communication companies tons of money for the instant service. Let's do the math. 50 million Americans, with a monthly Cell Phone bill of about $100. Multiply that times 50,000,000 = a cool $5,000,000,000 (5 billion) a month. Now lets multiply that times 12 months = 60,000,000,000. Folks that 60 billion bucks!!!

Yeah you Americans sure are free. And it is the land of the 'Free and Brave'. Your free as long as you keep your head in the sand. And do what ever the controlled mass media tells you to do. And seeing that the 'powers' only want you alive. Until you reach about sixty. So that all of the Social Security and Unemployment taxes have been taken from your pay. Which have already been stolen from you. Your new 'bitching' Cell Phone. Is going to give you Brain Cancer. And just before you die. The same power structure. Now is going to pump you full of Kemo. Which it's self is radioactive material. And rob you of your life savings. All this being done to you. So you can have great fast communication. Isn't America just great?

Friday afternoon in Reno Nevada. During the annual Air Races. A P-51 Mustang single engine Un-Limited racer. Crashed into the spectator crowd. As of this afternoon. 9 were killed including the pilot of the P-51 Mustang. 69 other were hurt with 31 in critical condition. The pilot of the P-51 was Jimmy Leeward age 74. A Hollywood stuntman and airplane racer. The aircraft's name was 'Galloping Ghost'. And had crashed 40 years earlier. At the same race. From an apparent engine failure. Here are a few facts about the aircraft. It was built in 1946. At that "Time" the P-51s. Were thought to be the fastest aircraft in the air. They were designed and built for battle during WWII. As long range bombers and support aircraft. For bombing runs over Germany. The P-51s are the most common Un-Limited racers. They have been modified. The engines have been up-graded. Along with the area behind the pilots cockpit.

There are several picture already all over the Net. With rumors flying about. The photos taken just before the P-51 hit the deck. About 30 feet above the ground, before impact. Do not show Jimmy Leewards head. You can plainly see. What looks like no one behind the controls. You would think that with the massive amounts of G-Forces. Being asserted on Jimmy Leeward body. The head would be thrown back against the head rest. The aircraft at the "Time" it lost control. Was going over 450 MPH. And is capable of going over 500 MPH. It would be hard to believe a 74 year old man. Would have the muscle strength. Too bend is head over and put between his knees. Thus you now have rumors flying. That the aircraft was being flown remotely. There are several videos on You Tube of the aircraft just before impact. It was going damn need vertical into the ground. No spectator had ever been killed at the Reno Air Races. In it's 47 year old history. A couple of things I happen to notice. Jimmy's racing number was 77. And the FAA aircraft registration number was N79111.

When it comes to what happened in Reno. You will always have conspiracy theorists abound every where. And there are some real oddities. Like the aircraft numbers and lack of a pilot. And the fact that there was a training exercise going on. At the "Time" of the crash at Reno. In case there was a major disaster. Like an aircraft going into a crowd of people. The fact that on 911. There also was a disaster training exercise going on. The day of 911, in New York City. Like most things now days in America. There will be a long investigation into what happened. In Reno Nevada, that fateful day. And thirty percent won't believe the final report. One final word on the subject. I just finished building my first Remote Controlled Airplane. It's a SIG Senorita Kadet. I'm just starting on my second Remote Controlled airplane. Oddly enough, it's a P-51 Mustang. With a wing span of over 6 feet. Maybe I'll have decals made. And call it the 'Galloping Ghost'.

Final though for today. The interview I did went really well last night. Monarca was a good interviewer. And just let me do my thing. It was my decision on what day and "Time". That the interview would be done. I did pick a bad "Time". The show was up against some Blog Talk Radio regulars. That would have had listeners. Into the same subject I was talking about. Good news is those that started with my interview, stayed until the end. One and one-half hours later.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


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