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Mormonism, Buddhism, Protestantism, Catholicism, and all the ism's. Seem to arrived about the same "Time" on Earth. Was this the product of the Freemasons? Or was it from a higher realm? Today I want to talk about 'Mormonism'. And how it got it's start. The original leader of the Mormon Church was Joseph Smith. And I'll show how the Mormon church is bases on Freemasonry.

Joseph Smith was originally indeed a Freemason. And that is where most of the ideas behind the Mormon church come from. When he founded the 'Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints'. Like Freemasonry, Mormonism is a Cult. The Freemasons offers protection and a job, or a means to feed and protect your family. Just as the Mormon church of past and present does. As a kid growing up in a predominately Mormon town of Mesa Arizona. Us kids always said. 'How can you tell a Mormon, he's looking for a job.' And like the Freemasons. If you need a job. Or are hoping to enhance your career. Join the Mormon church. Which is just like the Freemasons. And a portion of your income. Must be given too the church. A kind of, 'one for all and all for one'. This ensures the strength of the larger group. All personal identities must be thrown aside. For the betterment of the group.

Mormons are expected to work on communal projects. That belong too the church. The Mormon church has lots of farm land, orchards, warehouses etc.. The younger member must go on Missions. Through out the world. Going door to door, telling of the wonders of the church. And just like the Freemasons. Those at the bottom. Know very little of what goes on at the top. Folks like Mitt Romney, the past Governor of Massachusetts. Who's now running for president of the United States. Knows far more about the inner workings of the Mormon church. Then the kid in a white shirt and black pants. That peddles up too your house. Asking you to start reading the Book of the Mormon. In the same way. A 33 degree Mason, knows far more than a 3rd degree Mason. And the farther you go up the food chain, in the system. The more things start changing.

Joseph Smith claims, like in the tale of Moses. That he had a vision. At age 14 in the year of 1840. In a forest near Manchester N.Y.. Joseph Smith prayed to "God". 'What is the true church'? There seems to be conflict in some dates about Joseph Smith's visions. Did his vision come about 1832? And were beginning to be published in 1840. That's not important here though. Some believe Joseph Smith's first visions were. An illusion, self deception, intentional fabrication, or an hallucination.

Here is one account of what Joseph Smith saw. In the so called 'sacred forest'. 'A pillar of light descended onto a young Joseph Smith. Getting brighter as it descended. It lit up the area around him for some distance. As the light reached the tree tops. Joseph was in fear the forest around him, would catch fire. When the light reached him. It enveloped him. It produced a peculiar sensation. (Now I know where Travis Walton. Who just happens to be a Mormon also. Got the bases for his story about his Abduction. Which later became the movie 'Fire in the Sky.) His mind was caught away from natural objects. With which he was surrounded. And he was en-wrapped in a heavenly vision.' One version says he saw the Lord. Another says he saw Angels. The rest is history as they say. These visions were the beginning of the Mormon church.

Living here in Arizona. You can see the influences of the Mormon church. Many of the towns in Arizona were early Mormon settlements. As the Mormons spread southward from Utah. Mesa, Lehi, St. Johns, Joseph City, Heber to name a few. Were settled by the Mormon missionaries. The Mormon missionaries spent a great deal of effort. Trying to convert the Native American tribes in Arizona. The Mormons go on to say. That the Hopi were actually Mormons. For the most part. Most native American tribes resisted the Mormon influences. Like the story about the Zuni. They called the 5 cent Mormon. Who was given a nickle. If he would let the Mormon missionaries babtis him. The Mormons also believe that. Jesus visited the southwest America of today. You could go on and on about Mormon tales. regarding the southwest. The reason the Mormons settled the southwest. Was because they were pushed westward. Mainly because of there belief. In the males having several wives (polygamy). And in recent news of Warren Jeffs. Who was the leader of a break-away group of the main Mormon church. Now sets in a prison in Texas. Because he was still practicing polygamy.

Here is a list of some of the more bizarre Mormons beliefs.

#1 Tithing - You cannot attain Heavenly grounds. Unless you give too the church.

#2 Bodily Sins - No caffeine, alcohol, drugs or tobacco (tend to agree with this one, except wine)

#3 Spirits or your Soul - At death your body is separated from your Spirit. The good go too Spirit Paradise, the bad too Spirit Prison.

#4 Prophet - Anything a Prophet says is official. If you are deemed a Prophet by the church. What you say, 'goes'. (Wonder how they decide who's a Prophet?)

#5 Jesus visited America - Covered that earlier

#6 The Nature of "God" - Mormons believe that Jesus, "God" and the Holy Spirit. Are three different entities.

#7 Priesthood - Only men can attain this and not women. Only until recently could Blacks attain Priesthood. (This cause some of my Mormon friends. To drop out of the Mormon church.)

#8 Multiple Heavens - Celestial Kingdom (This is for the good followers of the church) Terrestrial Kingdom (This for the followers of the laws of Moses) The Telestial (Followers of Carnal knowledge)

#9 Forgiveness - All sins are forgiven except for denying the Holy Spirit and Murder

#10 Multiple Worlds, Multiple "Gods" - The Mormons believe "God" created Multiple Worlds. Who each have there own "Gods". (kinda Mayan there)

There you go, a short history of the Mormon church. This all got started, because I'm dealing with some Mormons from Meas Az. I'm buying a MINI from.

"God" bless


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