Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Hostiles and Friendlies, the Split"

Got another negative comment from a Native American. My recording of the Hopi Dancers at the Museum of Northern Arizona (2010). For some reason, attracts negative comments. He or she was complaining about the lands. That were taken away from the Native Americans. And that fact cannot be disputed or denied. Problem is, the Native Americans. Were constanly not only takeing territory from each other. They were also taking slaves from each other. And some Native American tribes were even cannibalistic. These facts in no way justifies. What the white Europeans did too the Native Americans. Of both north and south America. But by the native Americans still bring up old wounds. It helps to divide Americans. At a "Time" when unity is a must. In order for America to survive.

Today America is under attack. From powers that no longer have any need for a strong America. Just as the friction was created amongst the Hopi on Oraibi. These same tactics are being done to America's general public. I'll show how the the tactic used in Old Oraibi. Over one hundreds years ago. Are the same tactics being today. For the 'powers' have used the same tactic for thousands of years.

Before the split at Old Oraibi. The U.S. Calvary came too Old Oraibi. They brought foot and horseback soldiers. They also brought a 8 foot long cannon. Which they fired off twice. To show the Hopi, how powerful the cannon was. The oddest thing was a type of French Guillotine. The two leaders of Old Oraibi, Lololma and Yukioma. Were asked, 'are you willing to have you heads cut of'? This was a trick by the U.S. Calvary. They knew that Hopi leaders. Must be willing to have there heads cut off. For the betterment of the Hopi people. Or if impending danger, to the Hopi is emanate. Both Loloma and Yukioma both refused. This brought embarrassment and disgrace to both. And this would be the beginning of there down fall. This test by the Calvary. Showed the weakness of the Hopi leaders. And was the beginning of the 'Split at Old Oraibi'.

Lololma was to die in 1901. There had to be a new chief brought forth. But by now. The children who were in line. Had been sent off to Christian or American schools. Far from the reservation. They were not taught by there elders, 'the ways of the Hopi'. The nephew of Lololma had to refuse being the chief of Old Oraibi. For he had been sent too school in Phoenix. And had taken a White's name, Charles Fredericks. Not only that, he was now a Christian, living in New Oraibi. Next in line was Wilson Tawakwaptiwa. Who was young and illiterate to Hopi ways. You see here the plan by the government. To conquer the Hopi. Without a shot ever being fired. By having the leaders like Lololma. To send there off spring away to government schools. They would soon become pawns. In the war to separated the Hopi. From there natural resources, coal and water.

n Tawakwaptiwa was put in place. As the Chief of Old Oraibi. Yukioma resented this fact. And he became more and more powerful with the Hostiles on Old Oraibi. This would now widen the breach between to two leaders of Old Oraibi. Each group would now hold separate ceremonies. Such as the winter solstice ceremony of Soyal. It wasn't long before Tawakwaptiwa. Would ask Yukioma and the Hostiles to leave Old Oraibi. Yukioma refused and even brought on others from Shongopovi to strengthen his side. Battles between the Friendlies and Hostiles would break out. Some Hopi were even starting to arm themselves.

Other Hopi reminded the Hopi, that were squabbling. Hopi do not bring blood harm, to other Hopi. So a shoving match would be set. Both sides gathered there forces. There were 324 Friendlies and 298 Hostiles. They would meet west of Old Oraibi. A line would be drawn on the limestone. The losers would be forced to leave Old Oraibi. Not by psychical force. But by there agreement before the match. The Hostile lost the match. And were forced to pack up there belongings. And head westward. To what is known as Hotevilla-Bacavi. There would be no more fights between them. A promise was made and kept.

Now none of this wouldn't have happened. If it wasn't for the U.S. government. Mingling in the affairs of the Hopi. Today I see the same thing happening. The children are being indoctrinated in the public schools. That the ways of there parents, is all wrong. And the parents are now afraid to stand up. To those who are dividing them from there children. What happened on Old Oraibi. Over a hundred years ago. Is being played out in every day life now.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


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