Saturday, December 24, 2011

"American History and Mayan Calender"

I'm here to declare you can't trust your own American history. Little humor there, but it's so true. All the wars American fought, were created to line the World's elite pockets. The elite have other agendas also, like population control, and weeding out the undesirables. Pearl Harbor Sneak Attack, Tonkin Gulf Incident (Vietnam), 911, Banana Republics, even the War Between the States. Were presented as being good and just wars. Yes the fighting men of America have stood tall and strong. In defense of the American way of life. This couldn't be farther from the truth. America has no real enemies, the so called enemies. Have been created by the 'powers', to divide the masses. To tax the masses, keep them under control. In modern "Times" war have been used to keep the drugs flowing into America. A public that has been lured by TV and the movies. That being stone is just part of life in America. Today you see picture of American troops guarding Opium plants in Afghanistan. In South America the CIA makes sure what governments are in control. To insure the flow of Cocaine and Marijuana for the consumption of Americans. The so called Drug Wars are a farce. The only Drug War, is against the little independent smugglers. To make sure that all the drugs that come into America. Are controlled by the CIA. Even now there are stories about how the government in Washington D.C.. Is bought and paid for with money earned from the drug traffic.

And while all this is going on. Laws are being passed right and left, to remove more and more freedoms. From the unsuspecting American public. The American public is now, 'Enemy Number One', to the corrupt government in Washington D.C.. And how has the American public become 'Number One Enemy'? Because they are starting to wake up to what is being done to them. Just a year or so ago, if you spoke against the government in Washington D.C.. You'd be attacked from all sides. Calling you a 'Conspiracy Nut', un-American traitor. Now you say something and folks chime in with you. Offering there own ideas about what is happening to America.

Now how does this connect too the Mayan Calender? I will show with the teaching of Ian Xel Lundgold. According to Ian Xel Lundgold, a Mayan Historian. (Was born in L.A. in 1949, died in 2005 of cancer. He was first a jeweler, then a Mayan researcher. Here is a talk he gave in Sedona Arizona 2005. ) All these steps that are taken by the World's 'powers'. They only help to push along the opening of the minds of the Worlds population. When you are under duress, your mind works harder to protect your body. If you combine Ian's Mayan research with today's Astrotheology. Between theses teaching and the ancient knowledge they both bring. This will enlighten the masses of the World. And bring them together, without the burdens of central governments or religions. The last thing in the world the 'powers' want. Is for the masses to have knowledge. For knowledge will free the masses from there burdens.

Now that the World is on the count down too 21 December 2012. And "Time" is quickening rapidly. The pressures put on the Worlds population will enhance one's own learning. That's why these Draconian laws were put into place. Because the 'powers' are aware of what Ian and others have found out. And by distorting History and trying to convince the World's population. That there are terrorist behind every corner. And Iran is a evil power, bent on destroying Israel (who gives a fuck) and America. Which couldn't be farther from the truth. For Iran wants to be at peace with America the Giant. Iran with it's population of only 70 million. With no Air Force or missiles to attack America. Only want's to be left alone in a tough neighborhood. Yet the war drums are being beaten by the American propaganda machine.

And the same propaganda is being put on Americas population. That there are many in America bent on revolt. And that's probably true. Because when men are being pushed to there limits, they will lose it. Ian teaches the best thing you can do is not to resist. That the World is being pushed along by a much greater force than the 'powers'. And the 'powers' don't even realize they are causing this great awaking in the masses minds. There plans to make the Worlds population submit to only a few old men. Will soon backfire on them. For they are only helping the masses to be enlightened. This is all spelled out in the Mayan Pyramid calender.

Mankind has been pushed along for tens of thousands of years. And this has help mankind to develop. Just as the Hopi say that the previous Three World. Were only what was needed to help make mankind develop. To help mankind reach this critical point in history. Here in the Fourth World. Just as mankind has survived the Ice Age, because they had discovered fire. And just as mankind survived meteor attacks from the sky. Thus mankind will survived these attempts to enslave all of humanity. These struggle have helped mankind's advancement and enlightenment. And as you can see, the World is going trough a great enlightenment period now. Religious group are dwindling in popularity. The Catholic Church is losing millions of followers. People are turning from there TV and going too the Internet for truth. Programs such as I have been interviewed on. At one "Time" would only have a few viewers. Now the archives have millions of hits. The evening News on major networks, will only have a few million viewers. When only a short "Time" ago, the American populace would be having supper, watching Walter Cronkite and a few others.

This is all happening because of the World's speed-ed up enlightenment. That has been cause by the pressures put upon them. This next year will be truly interesting. To find out what the Mayans were trying to say. And if the 'powers' constant reminder of 2012. Is some sort of set-up for what they have planned for the World's population. Will there be a fake "Alien" invasion. Will the 'powers' us Holograms too project the second coming of Jesus Christ? Will WWIII be thrust upon the World? With all those involved, being partners in the deception. Just as the 2 previous World Wars were. Just a short 363 days left to see what is planned. And will this be the last Christmas celebrations for the Christians? Tomorrow I'll be heading up to Sedona like I do most years lately. To do some hiking and maybe create a new video. With each passing year now, more and more are doing what I'll be doing. Getting away from the television and enjoying the great out doors on Christmas day. If I don't get another writing out before the New Year, happy 2012. Don't know about the rest of the World, but I'm a little nervous about the coming year.

"God" bless and happy New year.


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