Saturday, December 31, 2011

"2012 Thoughts"

Last day of 2011, hard to believe, the years are just flying by for me now. With the coming year I'll be 65 years young. And that saying that '60 is the new 40' is BS. That is unless your me and others like me. Who make sure they eat (vegetarian diet), drink (plenty of water and organic juices), exercise and get plenty of rest. Another important factor is using your mind and stretching it. For the mind is no different than your body. Quit using it and it deteriorates, then the mind tells the body to die. For me I'm an Electrical Estimator and I bid jobs into the millions of dollars. Along with that I do my blog, build Remote Controlled Airplanes. The remote Controlled Airplanes I build, are made mainly from balsa wood. And when you buy a kit, you open up the box and there are only sticks and flat pieces of balsa wood. The instructions are terrible and short. So it is up to you to stretch your mind and think several steps ahead. But this is not what I want to write about today. Just some helpful hints to a good life. That includes keeping both your mind and body in shape. For the coming years will require, that for your survival. Both mind and body, to be in great shape.

Just what is in store for the coming year? Is the date 21 December 2012 truly a Mayan end of "Time" scenario? Has this date been fabricated by others, and just who are the others? You may think that the old men bent on destroying humanity. Are the ones you see in the news, such as Henry Kissinger, The Rothschild, Rockefeller, political figures and such. Much is written about such groups as the Freemason, Bilderberg Group The Pope and Catholic Church, Templar , Israel, The Zionist and many many others. As the old saying goes, 'everyone has a boss'. So just who do these groups truly answer too? Are all these said groups inter connected? Are they all trying too take control of the Planet's population? Are they all competing against each other? That answer you will not find here. Unless someone pops into my life to give such knowledge. I am given knowledge via messages sent in dreams or actually physical evidence. Some "Times" medical thing are done to my body during the night. And when I awaken a certain problem is gone. This to remind me who is really in charge. But as far as too who's doing what to whom. I'm not in that loop. Later today in my writings, I'll talk about who's the current controllers bosses.

One thing I've have noticed is that the year 2012 is getting great play. When I first heard of the year 2012, it was when I read the book called, 'The Mayan Factor'. This book written by Jose Argulles was written in 1987. And I believe he is the one who started all the '21 December 2012 End of Time' talk. Once I believed most of what Jose Argulles had to say was true. But the more and more I read what he had to say. The more and more it started to sound like this New World Order agenda. Jose died this year at age 72 (23 March 2011). The problem one has with anyone who gets plenty of press, from the totally controlled mass media. Is the fact they are probably under control from those who control the mass media. So was Jose only a pawn for the 'powers'. The 'powers' are always so many years ahead of the public. Did the 'powers' have Jose Argulles plant the seed? Of the idea of '21 December 2012 End Time' happening.

So just what is in store for the World, this coming year? With all this saber rattling, is WWIII just around the corner? Will a fake "Alien" attack be happening? Will the 'Second Coming of Christ', be in the cards? Will the World's economy be brought completely to a standstill? And folks are more worried about feeding there families, than what is be done to them behind the scenes? Any of these possibilities could be in the cards. One thing for sure, the 'powers' want a 'One World Government' in place. And a combination of all religions brought under one Wing, one "God". With that one "God" being them that's worshiped. With all this hoopla about 2012, being the year of decisions. Something is going to come down, in a big way. The Book of Revelations prophecies have for the most part been fore-filled. Sans one large remaining event Armageddon. And that is being prepared as I write today. And there is no doubt that the 'powers' are the one behind the 'Book of Revelation' and the Christian Bible it's self. So if everyone has a boss, who's the 'powers' boss?

This is really the big question before mankind today. For mankind has been divided and conquered. And there is no one from Earth, that has the mental abilities to pull this off. So the only logical answer is, an "Alien" agenda has come forth. With the local 'powers' be instructed in how to move the masses to this point. You need to look no farther than the past history of the planet Earth. To know there were great 'powers' who once and probably still do. Control what goes on here on Mother Earth. And Father Time in the Sky holds all the cards. For a new Epoch is about to come onto the Earth. There is no going back as each and each day. More and more folks minds are opening up too the fact that someone is manipulating circumstances here on Earth. Is this all part of what was needed to open the populaces minds? Mankind had to be pushed to a breaking point. For mankind to understand how destine works? The Hopi talk of this in the stories of the previous Three Worlds. And that was needed to develop ones own soul. Mayan tales talk of the stepping stone of the development of the brain and mind. All these Beings or Creators, that created mankind needed certain pressure points. To force mankind along an upward spiral. Mankind can only hope that this is what's being done to them. For all the things going on in the World today, are not coincidental for sure. Coincidence is for the naive only. And that everything that happens in this Space and "Time". Is being pushed along by a much greater force that exist here on Mother Earth.

Is all one can do, is protect themselves as best as they can, from coming events in 2012. Spiritual growth, diet, exercise, meditation are all needed now. For many false leaders will be put before you this year. It is up too the individual to see through these lies. And you will need those who created you, to help you. Just as the Hopi had when they made there migrations to settle the Earth with humanity. All this 2012 hype is no coincidence. Mankind is being pushed into a corner now. The hand writing is on the wall.

Many are today hoping that there is a Savior to help them. Maybe the "Aliens" will arrive in a 'neck-of-time', to protect them from the evil 'powers' here controlling the Earth now. The Christians are sure there Jesus will protect them. All other religions have a Savior mentality. In reality you will soon find out just who is running the Show here on Mother Earth. I do believe this is a pivotal year. Just to much going on to not be. Right now while I write is entry, Chem-trails are being sprayed over me. I went out side for a moment to give the birds water. The air stunk of a heavy chemical smell. Not even sure I want to do my afternoon bike ride. The fact that the skies are filled with a constant white milky look. Tells you something isn't right. Why are they covering the skies with Chem-trails? This is a fact of life no one knows for sure, except those having it done. This is just one more fact that has me believing, this is a year of destine.

Well these are some of my thoughts about the up-coming year. Maybe it will just be another year of my life. And after 21 December it will just be 22 December. Only problem what will December 21 be like. Will the Middle East finally explode in war? With the western powers, going against the powers of Russia and China. Who say they will defend Iran if attacked. To me it's more like a big game being played by the 'powers'. They are in control of all the World's powers. And a giant or Armageddon type war, will user in a One World government. And once again, who is pulling the 'powers' strings? Some Reptilian off Planet controller.

"God" bless and Happy New Year


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