Sunday, January 1, 2012

"United Nations Agenda 21"

I've touched on this subject only briefly before. Now that the war is officially on, between the citizens of the World and there governments. It's "Time" go spend some effort on the subject of Agenda 21. Yesterday in Hawaii America's Kenyon born president, signed into law, the military spending bill budget. And part of the bill says anyone in America can be arrested and locked up indifferently. Lock you up and throw away the keys type thing. All this being done for your own protection, your government tells you. For the terrorist are every where now. There on your public buses, trains, roadways, airports, subways and maybe even in your car and home. In fact if you disagree with any governmental policy you are in fact a domestic terrorist. So in this day and age in America. About 80% of Americans are domestic terrorist. And since you are mostly terrorist here in America. You better be herded into concrete prisons called large urban cities. And that is where Agenda 21 comes in.

Agenda 21 was introduced during a meeting in Rio de Janerio Brazil in 3 June 1992. At a meeting of United Nations participants or UNCED (United Nations Conference on Environment and Development). The meeting called 'Rio Declaration on Environment and Development' and the 'Statement of Principles for the Sustainable Management of Forrest'. This agenda was signed by 178 governments of the World. A commission was created at that "Time" called 'Commission on Sustainable Development' in December of that same year. This would be the Watch Dog group, to make sure each country was following the Agenda 21. The key word in the entire thing is 'Sustainable Development'. And this would be the key two words, that empowered local government, aka City, County and State. The UN commission would meet every five years to ensure that the Agenda 21 laws were being enforced.

By the United States signing this proclamation. It gave the United Nations power over where you may live. And broad sweeping powers to local Code Enforcements. Now city, county and state Code Enforcements, can say where you may build a home or any other structure, backed by UN Agenda 21. And this is just one more chink in your armor. The armor that protects your freedoms. These international laws were reaffirmed in Johannesburg, South Africa at the meeting of WSSD or World Summit on Sustainable Development on 26 August 2002. This further implemented the powers of UN Agenda 21.

With out you even knowing it. The United Nations now has power over local governments. Did you know you were under control of United Nations laws? Bet you didn't even consider the fact. Now lets see why where you live is in the hands of the United Nations.

#1 Human beings are at the center of United Nations concerns. (they only care for your happiness LOL)

#2 States (Arizona, Texas, etc.) have the power to control the use of there resources. As long as it falls with-in the guide lines of the United Nations.

#3 Any new development must show concern for future generation. (aka the 'powers' children)

#4 In order to achieve Sustainable Development (told you beware of those 2 words) the environmental protection shall be a part of any development. Or if the United Nations thinks your harming the 'powers' land.

#5 All States and all people shall cooperate in eradicating poverty. And disparities in standard of living. In other words, no middle class, only the super wealthy and the Slave Class.

#6 Special situation and needs of developing countries, those least developed and environmentally vulnerable, shall be given special priority. (In other words. Keep your country poor and not developed for the sake of more powerful countries.)

#7 States shall cooperate in a spirit of Global partnership to conserve. (NWO plain and simple)

#8 To achieve Sustainable Development and a higher quality of life. States should eliminate unsustainable consumption. (Stay poor and limit your movements)

#9 States should cooperate to strengthen endogenous (grow from with-in) capacity-building Sustainable Development by sharing technological knowledge. (Here again One World Government, no boarders.)

#10 Environmental issues are best handled with participation of all concerned citizens. (This is actually a good idea.)

#11 States shall enact effective environmental legislation. (Most western counties already have these laws.)

#12 States should cooperate to promote a supportive and open international economic system. (NWO agenda)

#13 States should develop nation law regarding liability and compensation for victims of pollution and other environmental damage. (This is total BS, look how BP did the citizens of the Gulf States. Agenda 21 will not help any citizens of any country.)

#14 States should discourage or prevent the relocation of hazardous material from State too State. (Good idea, never gonna happen)

#15 This resolution says that if you damage your local environment, you must clean it up. (another never gonna happen)

#16 National authorities (NWO) should endeavor to promote the internalization of environmental costs of pollution. (in a World controlled by few, who is the polluter?)

#17 Environmental impact assessment as a national instrument. (Here again the NWO policing themselves. Just how does that work?)

#18 States shall immediately notify other States of any natural disasters. (With Agenda 21, this makes no sense.)

#19 States should provide "Timely" notification to other States. When they are about to do environmental damage to there own State. (This just keeps getting funnier and funnier)

#20 Women have a vital role in environmental management and development. (Hell doesn't the NWO have Hillary Clinton?) Told you this would just keep getting funnier and funnier.

#21 The creativity, ideas and courage of the youth of the World should be mobilized to forge a global partnership to achieve a Sustainable Development. (Hitler Youth anyone?)

#22 Indigenous people and there communities and other local communities have a vital role in environmental management. (Damn I guess the NWO folks are tired of killing them.)

#23 The environment and natural resources of the peoples under oppression domination and occupation shall be protected. (Yeah Right)

#24 Warfare is inherently destructive of Sustainable Development (you think so LOL)

#25 Peace, development and environmental protection are interdependent and indivisible. (With liberty and justice for all, or something like that.)

#26 States should resolve all the environmental disputes peacefully. (Damn I thought the NWO folks liked killing.)

#27 States and people should cooperate in good faith in the spirit of partnership.

Well they you have it your future World. Take it or leave it, unless a greater power intervenes to stop the NWO folks. You can do more research on the subject, but this is basically what you have in Agenda 21.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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