Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Three Days of Darkness"

A new video is circulating on
You Tube about a certain lady's dream. In her dream she say's she saw Three Days
of Darkness. Her name is Princess Kaoru Nakamura from Japan.
Now I didn't find this video, it found me. Not quite sure how You Tube decides
what videos they recommend for your viewing. And if it's based on some computer
program, that see's what your interest are. Then automatically put them on your
You Tube page. This video was posted on 5 January 12 and already has over 24,000
hits. Which is hard to do, no mater who you are. And add another dimension too
this count, who is Kaoru Nakamura? And why this sudden interest i what she has
to say. Even a person who's channel I listen too a lot Mr. Astrotheology has her
listed as a favorite.

What I was most interested in
knowing about, is were her so called dream came from. Was it taken from some
Mayan writing, or even the Christian Bible? I'll compare how this could have
been a plagiarized idea from either the Bible or the Mayans later. If you listen
to her talk of her dream. You will see that what come's from it. Is the idea
that during these Three Days of Darkness, there will be much soul searching by
the citizens of the World. Imagine you wake up one morning and there is now no
Sunlight, imagine your fears. Would become very small suddenly? Wouldn't you
want to know if the World as you know, it is about to come to a crashing end?
Would you wonder if there is an After Life. And if there is an After Life, will
you be doomed to eternity of Hell? Would you instantly think of all the bad
things you did too other. Too better your own position here on Mother Earth. All
the pain you inflected on your fellow human or family member. I bet you would
soon counter this with adding up the good things you did in your life. That
person you helped along in life, how you treated your own children, parents,
relatives and on and on. Then you would start weighing the good you did in you
life against the bad you did in your life. Then next you'd want to know if you
were lying too yourself. You'd wonder who would be the judge of your actions. If
there truly were a "God" in Heaven who would judge you. You would want to know
if "He" was a fair judge. If "He" would remember the good things you did in
life. Or would "He" only remember that bad things you had done too your fellow
human? You can only imagine what would be going through your head.

Well it might just be a good "Time" to start thinking about the possibilities,
of that day of decision being very near. Because the idea of the Sun
disappearing for three days in written in history. I'm not saying there is a
Hell, because only the Christians have a Hell. For no other religions or belief
system such as Eastern or Native American Indians have a Hell. One thing they
all have in common is a 'Day of Judgement'. Not sure if that 'Day of Judgement'
will be a "God" or if in fact you are your own "God". For most human beings know
in there Heart, when they have done a bad thing too another. No mater if it may
be a plant, animal, insect, another human or what ever. You know when you've
crossed the line.

Will a sudden change in your surroundings finally bring in a 'New Age'? Will this be the Event, the Mayans and so many other belief system say will happen? What a better way to change the
direction of the World. Then to have total darkness for three days. The Slaves
would soon turn on there Masters. For all the injustice done too them. All the
fears of one another would disappear in a Heart Beat. There would be a global
awakening, finally the 'Age of Aquarius' would be upon the World.

As I stated earlier the Biblical story of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Is a three day scenario of death of a Sun. Jesus is crucufied on the cross,
meaning the Son of "God" has died. Jesus is put in a tomb, as the masses
mourning death of the Son of "God". Three days later the Son of "God" is
reserected from the dead. OK now look at it this way. One morning the Sun does
not arise. And the masses begain mouring for there lives and the Sun. For with
out the Sun they will surely die. The the Sun reappears with-out warning and the
masses believe there prayers have been answered. But for those three days of
darkness. The masses relieved there lives. Wonder if they would be saved from
Hell. You see there is no real difference between the two stories. The Mayans
have a tale also about the Sun disappearing for three days. In the Mayan story
the Sun goes away one day. They also must have paniced in wonder if there lives
would continue. After three days the Sun reappeared in the sky. The Mayan
peoples did not know if it was a new Sun or the original Sun. Nor did the
Christians know if the resurected Jesus was the same person. In both cases the
masses would have had a great worry for there fates. For both groups worshipped
a higher "God". That offered them a life of enternity.

So now you can see how Prices Kaoru Nakamaru story. Could have come from either the Christian Bible or an ancient Mayan tale. And if both the Mayan and the Christians have similiar
stories. I'm sure there are many other cultures with the same sort of tale. Yes
she may of had her dream about the Sun and yes it could be a warning for the
masses. She could of envisioned a true tale from the past and the future. What
ever it was that brought about this story. It would be a good reminder to all
the peoples of the World. Becareful how you treat the planet you live on, along
with those who live on it. For one day your Sun may not arise in the East. How
will you prepare for your fate?

Speaking of Chem-trails, we're getting blasted today, got a few days off from
the spraying. On 'God Like Productions' you here a lot of sad stories, from
folks complaining about the constant spraying. Most folks frustrations are over
the fact they can't do a damn thing about them. And how clear beautiful days are
turned into gloomy afternoons. Our skies today in central Arizona, are a milky
white. The Chem-trail aircraft just keep making pass after pass, until you can't
see the Sun any more. The secrete about just why and who are doing the spraying.
Is about as big of a mystery, as who really killed JFK. I mentioned on a show I
was on, it could be a type of 'Slow Kill'. Mark the host of the show, turned
silent. As I reminded him of the fact that when I was a kid. No one died of
cancer, now everyone does. He could relate and agreed, because he's my age.

Well I guess I'm back in business I think. We'll find out as soon as I push the Publish Post tab. Tomarrow will see what the "Gods" put in my head to talk about.

"God" bless


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