Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Test Post"

Missed last weeks post because while preparing my entry. My computer came
crashing down around me. Good thing I now make drafts of my post on my e-mail
draft page. So today I only need to cut and paste from my e-mail saved drafts.
Any others of you that have had problem with Blogspot closing your
blog entries while you are in the middle of composing them. This is a good way
to take your "Time" and proof read your story, before posting it. Before I
figured out this way to do my blog entries. I was forced to compose and write
quickly. Before the Blogspot page wiped out my writing's and thoughts for that
days blog. Now I start hours or even days, before sitting down and posting an
entry. Thus allowing plenty of "Time" to correct mistakes or to even change my
mind about what I want to say.

Thank goodness I have someone to repair my computer for free, when it crashes.
The company I do electrical estimating for. Has a guy who works for Phoenix
University, and keeps there computers going (and mine). He told me that the
Virus that attacked my computer was done so by an individual or group. And it
was no common day to day Virus. Not to sure what he did, but my computer left
with him and came back in four days. We talked about my writing's and who
attacked my computer. He said someone didn't care what I was saying apparently.

While away from my postings, I was still getting my ideas and thoughts out. I've
been on both After Dark Radio (Anthea Appel), and Ohio Exoplolitics, both on
Blog Talk Radio. Mainly talking about Chem-trails and other subjects like Hopi
Prophecies. I'm going to be on Inception Radio Network, with my good friend
Jamie Havicam. I'll post a link to that show date. Also Inception Radio Network
is going to make a place so my videos can be linked too there site.

Well I can see by my post today, I've still have some problems trying to cut and
paste from my e-mail drafts. With so many repaired needed to fix my Tower, it's
as if I have a brand new computer. Odd to fiqure how my paragraphs got turned
into what they are. I'll just post this now for a test to see if the problem

"God" bless

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