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"Pleiades Tales"

For the most part my story line and subject come from thoughts I have. Last night I woke up, thinking about the Pleiades Star system. So of course that would be the subject for today's story and research. I written about the Pleiades before I'm sure, but not as a lead topic, I think. So here you go, some information I've found, hope you are interested and enjoy.

The Pleiades are often called the 'Seven Sisters'. This come from the Greeks and the Pleiades means 'Flock of Doves'. And they are chased through the night Sky by three Stars of Orion's belt. You can find mention of the Pleiades in almost all ancient cultures, including Native America. The Hopi talk about the Pleiades being where they came from.

A Navajo legend says, 'that the Earth was separated from the Sky'. And that the "Black Sky God" had a cluster of Stars (Pleiades) around his ankle. The cluster was called 'The Flint Boys'. In the "Black Sky God's" first dance, he would stomp his foot. Each "Time" raising his foot higher and higher. He went from his knee first, then too his hip, then up too his shoulder and finally too his forehead. Where is foot remained, as a sign of the "Black Sky God" was Lord of the Sky.

To the Kiowa tribe of North America. The 'Seven Sisters' (Pleiades) were transported in too the Sky by the "Great Spirit". This was done to save them from the giant Bears. The "Great Spirit" created the Mateo Tepee (That's why you have 'Devil's Tower' in Wyoming.), so the 'Seven Maidens' would be beyond the reach of the Bears. But the Bears kept climbing the sheer cliffs, gouging claw marks as they climbed towards there prey. The "Great Spirit" saw what was happening and placed the 'Seven Maidens' in the Sky.

Western Mono Indians saw in the Pleiades a group of wives. Who were fond of eating onions and were thrown out of there homes by there angry husbands. The husbands became lonely and went seeking for there wives. But there wives had wondered into the Sky and became the Pleiades. The Inuit tribe of Alaska, believed a great Bear threatened mankind. And a pack of wild Dogs (Pleiades) chases the great Bear through the Sky.

The Blacfoot tribe of Alberta Canada and Montana, know the Pleiades as the 'Orphan Boys'. The fatherless boys were rejected by the tribe, and a pack of wolves took them in. The 'Orphan Boys' were saddened by there life here on Earth. And asked the "Great Spirit" to let them go play in the Sky. So the "great Spirit" made them a group of Stars (Pleiades). As a reminder of how bad the tribe treated the boys. Each night the wolves howl at the Sky, hoping for a return of the 'Orphan Boys'.

The Hopi of Arizona build a kiva for ceremonial use. They make an opening at the top, so you can climb down into it. (My video of Hopi artist Ernest Honanie, talking about kivas.) The passage of the Pleiades during the winter months over the top of the kiva. Signal a "Time" for certain ceremonies to begin.

A Cheyenne myth tells of a 'A Girl Who Married a Dog'. She was the daughter of a Chief and had seven puppies with the Dog she married. They became the Pleiades.

The Mayans have a tale of how the Quiche People of Mexico got there name Mayan. The Mayans original name was the Quiche Peoples. The Quiche Peoples were still living there traditional ways, long after the "Gods" left the Earth. Upon the return of the "Gods" from the Pleiades. They were searching for tribes still living by the ways they were taught. The "Gods" could not find anyone still living by the ways they were taught. That is until the found the Quiche People, living on the pan handle of central Mexico. The Quiche People's Shamans were still taking there special herbs (magic mushrooms, etc.). And going up to the mountains to communicate with the "Gods" who had departed. When the "Gods" reunited with the Quiche Peoples. The "Gods" gave them the name Mayan. After one of the Pleiades Stars named Maia.

Here are the Greek names of the Seven Stars of the Pleiades.

Alcyone or Halcyone (Queen who wards off evil)

Asterope or Sterope (lightning, twinkling)

Celaeno (swarthy)

Electra or Eleckra (amber, shinning)

Maia or Maya (Grandmother, nurse)

Merope (eloquent, bee-eater)

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