Saturday, December 3, 2011

"American Legislative Exchange Council Protest"

ALEC stands for American Legislation Exchange Council. And the group met at a resort in north Scottsdale call Westin Kieland Resort. Now the groups name sounds harmless enough, until you know who belongs. Exxon/Mobil, Peabody Energy (There the ones destroying the Hopi home lands digging for coal.), AT&T, PFIZER, Walmart, Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, SRP (Arizona electric utility) and many many more large corporation. Contributors too ALEC are many, here are just a few. BP America (Gulf oil spill, ring a bell?), Bank of America, ARCO, Chevron, Dow Chemicals and many many more. Here is a link so you can just see many large corporations either contribute or are members.

What this group does in reality is write legislation for the government legislators. And this is what is call Fascism. Where the government no longer works for the people of any country. The government in a Fascist controlled country (Germany WWII), is controlled by Big Business. And that is exactly what has happened to America. This was easily done, by making running for political office so expensive. A person who wants to be in office, has to spend most of the "Time" collecting money for re-election. And here is where the large corporations come in. They give the politicians money for there campaigns. Thus when the individual is elected they are essentially controlled by large corporations. After the large corporation have taken control of the politicians. They then need a group of powerful individuals, too write legislation for the politicians. Thus you have what is called ALEC.

So now you understand why there were protester at the ALEC convention in Scottsdale. Personally I had no idea such a group even existed. I'd learned of ALEC from being on LiveStream, following the protester at Occupy Phoenix. To which I'd done a interview with on my You Tube channel (RD47blog). They were planning to be part of the protest, which would run for 3 days (Nov. 30 and Dec. 1,2). Via the chat room on Occupy Phoenix live stream on LiveStream. I told the folks their I'd go down Monday morning the first day of the protest and record it. The guys manning the computer at Occupy Phoenix thanked me for my efforts. With the un-official blessing next morning (Monday) I headed north too Westin Keiland Resort.

The resort was in a upper/upper part of north Scottsdale (Green-way/Hayden Loop area). When you have corporations such as I mentioned, financing your group. Of course you'll be meeting in the finest resorts. I turned west off Scottsdale road, onto Green-way/Hayden loop. My greeting was a blocked of street and a Phoenix P.D. helicopter flying over head. So I pulled onto a side street and looked for a place to park. While walking towards the main gates of Westin Keiland resort. Where I figured the main protest group would be. I ran into a reporter from the Arizona Republic News Paper. He had identification hanging from his neck. So it was easy to see who he represented. Asked him a few question about what was going on, and just where are the protesters. He was more than willing to talk to me. As I told him I was there to record the protest for my You Tube videos. As a side note, I want to mention that the folks from the major news papers and television station. Had plenty of identification hanging from them. The reason for that was, if arrest were made of the protesters. And the reporters got caught up in it. The would be released immediately. Because after all, they are part of the same system that ALEC is part of.

The reporter told me I'd missed the original out break between the Phoenix police and the protesters. The fact that the ALEC group was being protected by the Phoenix police seemed odd. Because I'm sure the resort was in City of Scottsdale proper. One thing for sure, Scottsdale police are not equipped as well as Phoenix P.D. for riot control. And well equipped, were the Phoenix police, to say the least. Phoenix P.D. was dressed in the black uniforms, riot helmets that look like WWII Nazi helmets only black. Some of the police has gas masks on. Which I sure they were the one dispersing Pepper Spray. And all of the police had clear shield covering there eyes. There were no body shields like you see used in L.A. or New York city riot police. And there was definitely no love between the protester and the police. And soon I was going to find that out personally.

As I approached the front gate of the Westin Keiland Resort. There was an ambulance with two paramedics and a plain cloth Phoenix policeman, out side the gate. With three protesters standing near by. Asked the policeman what had happened, 'he said one of the protesters attacked the police as was Pepper Sprayed.' And the paramedics were putting up there equipment after the confrontation. If you go too You Tube and type in ALEC protest Phoenix, you'll see the confrontation. It was clear the protester were no longer at this location. So I asked the policeman where they were. He told me they had moved too the west end of the resort. The protesters that were near by, I joined. Then the four of us headed to the west end of the resort. The three I walked with were two older people and one guy in his late twenties. Not the kind of trio you would think were protesters. As we rounded the corner heading too the west gate of the resort. You could see all the protesters around the west gate too the resort.

You had a gathering of every age group, the young, old and of course the Anarchists. The Anarchists are easily spotted. They always wear black with bandannas covering there mouths. And they were the young ones, ages ranging from late teens too mid twenties. As I have read and watched on You Tube many protests. Such G-20, G-8, the riots in Pittsburgh, Canada, France and England. One thing I've learned from this, the Anarchists cannot be trusted. Most protesters want the protest to be peaceful. Always citing Gandhi, Martin Luther King and others. And there approach of a peaceful protest getting much more accomplished than a violet protest. The Anarchist on the other hand, think differently. They are the ones who love confrontations with the police. Breaking window, starting fires and just general destruction in the area of protest. During the resent Oakland riots of Occupy Oakland. You could hear the peaceful demonstrators yelling at the Anarchist to be cool. Which of course didn't happen. And the rest is history as fights broke out between the Oakland police and the protesters.

Here at the ALEC protest the same thing happened. As I mingled with the protester wanting to get the feel for what was going on. You could feel the tension in the air. As you can see from my You Tube video. The Anarchists started yelling, 'there going to arrest all of us, don't panic, because that's what the cops want'. While another Anarchist yelled out, 'they are surrounding us they are across the street preparing for arrest'. The crowd did go into a panic mode. And the Anarchist knew this would happen. Myself included, the crowd headed in all directions. I went across the street, others simple drew away from the main crowd. The old and the reporters from the news agencies stood there ground. The reporters knew they were protected and the old didn't feel like moving.

To me the Anarchist are in with the police and 'power system'. They want confrontation, they want panic. They are trying to do the 'powers' job, to start Martial Law across the country. If the citizens of America or any other country get out of hand. The the 'powers' can say look at them. They are out of control and need to be taught a lesson. A lesson of total and complete control. You see this in all protest now days. The leaders of the Anarchist convince the younger protesters, the only way to get things done is through violence. And the kids not knowing any better, follow along with the older Anarchist. In just the same way the military recruits kids too go off and fight in some foreign country they never heard of. It is really no different. And my visit to the protest brings that point home. The folks from Occupy Phoenix wanted no part of the violence on this day. But the outsiders, the Anarchist are brought in from the outside to cause trouble. And of course they are the only ones who get any press. Because they are in it with the press and the 'powers'. I'll talk more of this to marrow. And about two Laws that are about to be passed. One about the power of the military to retain anyone they please, with out a warrant. And the law passed concerning Beastuality (sex with animals).

"God" bless

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