Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Weekend in Indian Land"

I try do leave Dodge every holiday, the Pagan Rituals depress me. The part that depresses me most, is the fact that folks don't even know what they represent. And will make for a great blog some day. This Thanksgiving "Time" I decided to go up too what the local Native Americans call 'Indian Lands'. I wanted to record what is called 'Antelope Canyon' near page Arizona on the Utah border. And while up their I'd stop and see my Hopi bud Ernest Honanie. Who is know to Hopi Kachina collectors around the World. For the quality of his craftsmanship. And which none of them can I afford. Got to know Ernest from doing my videos of Native American art. We first meet at the Heard Museum in Phoenix. When the Heard Museum has the Hopi Kachina carvers in exhibition for exploitation (some things never change) once a year.

Ernest and I had talked about doing a video of him before. So this seemed like the perfect opportunity, to do the interview for my You Tube video collection. RD47blog I called Ernest to see if he was up for the idea of doing an interview. Ernest lives in the village of Kykotsmovi on the east side base of Third Mesa on the Hopi reservation. It lays below Old Oriabi and has a connection with the clans on Old Oriabi. Ernest was more than open to the idea, so that was great. Ernest and I made plans on the phone about what to talk about and location in his village. That would be best suited to give a pictorial idea what Ernest would talk about. I was excited to say the least, because most Hopi are hard to get interviews from. And to have a Hopi Kachina carver the stature of Ernest was a big bonus. I usually do the Payson too Strawberry, too Winslow route up too the Hopi reservation. Ernest suggested a new way to save an hour off the journey. To go straight to Flagstaff then get on I-40 east towards Winslow. About 10 miles out of town take the Winona turn off. That would take me to the Luepp Navajo village. Then a left just after the Little Colorado River, out side Luepp. As the old line goes, 'you never teach an old dog new tricks, that will just confuse him'. After spending 30 minutes driving around Flagstaff, that point was brought home. I finally got pointed in the right direction and headed for Kykotsmovi via Luepp. I was so pissed of about losing precious "Time" needed for the interview with Ernest. I was going about a 100 MPH across the Hopi, Navajo reservation. (My new little red Jetta can fly.) Everyone drives fast on the reservations because there are no Hi-way Patrolman on the reservation (more on Hi-way Patrolman later). You only have tribal cops and they stay pretty close too the villages. Because of the vastness of the reservations in Arizona.

I finally arrive at the village of Kykotsmovi about 2:30 in the afternoon. With the Sun setting around 5:25, I needed to find Ernest and start recording. Ernest was looking for me to arrive and that was neat. Ernest thought a good location was near his mom's home on a hill over looking K-Town (local name for Kykotsmovi, although Ernest doesn't care for the name). Ernest asked me what I wanted too hear about. Told him would be best if he opened by giving his name, location and his art work. I trying my damn-est to keep my mouth shut when interviewing folks, but it's hard. (I kinda have an idea where I want he interview to go.)

Ernest started by talking about his village and his childhood. And about how he sold his first Kachina for $800, which launched his career. In the back of my mind I wanted to talk about the UFOs over the reservations of northern Arizona. I knew Ernest had some sort of interest, because the last "Time" I talked to him. I mentioned UFOs and the Native Americans, and his eyes opened wide and he look up too the sky. Like a door had just been opened. So I knew there was something there to find out.

Well I couldn't have been more right on. After the interview got flowing, well it was "Time" to push the UFO button. Said to Ernest I'd like to give the interview a UFO touch. A sort of the Hopi and the "Alien" touch. Then I found out for the first "Time" talking too Ernest about UFOs, just what he thought of the subject. Wow was I in for a surprise. Ernest had seen a UFO that covered the area of Old Oriabi. That would mean a UFO over a half mile wide. His eyes were wide open and looking to the skies as he told me what the craft looked like. It was a Flying Saucer shaped craft, and totally silent. With square white lights all around the edges. Ernest said at first he didn't want to believe his eyes. To him UFOs didn't exist and the idea of seeing one, just didn't fit in well with his realities. After that the interview even went much smoother. And Ernest felt even more comfortable with me and the camera. It was like a giant weight was lifted off his shoulders. He let the World know about what he had saw.

Ernest wanted to move the interview down by where he keep his cows and bull. It was south of Kykotsmovi, in the flat lands, which most of the Hopi reservation is. I got a total of about 45 minutes of video from Ernest. And at the end, Ernest was willing to keep talking. But it was getting late and I still had a two hour drive to get too Page Az. I'm uploading the three segments now, too You Tube. Here is a chance for the World to hear from an honest Hopi. Telling his story and not some BS you hear on the Internet about the Hopi. This is the main reason I keep trying to get these Hopi interviews. So the Hopi tell there stories. And not some White guy who had read a couple of books about the Hopi. And now calls himself an Hopi Historian. pt. 3 link

For some unknown reason my watch stopped while doing the interview with Ernest. Guess the "Gods" wanted to make sure I got a good interview and was not rushed for "Time'. It was 5 o:clock when I got headed towards Tuba City, then up too Page. Finally arrived into Page at around 7:00 PM and of course it was dark. Had a hell of a "Time" trying to find my hotel in the dark. Checked in and headed out for some supper. While passing through the lobby, two bus loads of tourist showed up. They were all from Japan I think, anyway that's what there voices sounded like. Arizona is a heaven for tourist for the Far East. I'm sure it's from all the old Westerns made about Arizona (little humor there). Had a great supper in an Italian restaurant in Page. Next morning headed out towards lake Powell. Which is the second largest man made lake in America. It is on the Colorado River which creates the Grand Canyon. And the dam that holds back the Colorado River is called Glenn Canyon Dam. On my way for some videos and pictures of the area around the lake and Glenn Canyon Dam. A Arizona Hi-way Patrolman pulled me over. He came to my right side car door and I opened it up for him. He was young and I asked him what I'd done. He replied 'you were going 56 MPH in a 45 MPH zone'. Told him 'I was sorry and the car was new. And had not gotten use to the speeds'. He asked for my driver license and returned to his patrol car. Just knew I was going to get a speeding ticket, so I relaxed an accepted the facts. The officer come back to my car, opens the door and said to me while giving me back my drivers license. 'Do you have any questions for me?' There was not ticket in his hand. He looked like he had pulled over someone he shouldn't have. I was polite and asked him for some locations of scenic views. He told me some locations and was on his way. Not warning, no nothing from him, other than tell me some locations and to have a good day. Some "Times" being a martian really pays off. There is a good video on my You Tube channel of the area of Glen Canyon.

Well this will do for for today. Next week I'll share the journey into South Antelope Canyon south of Page. Where the rushing waters have cut a beautiful canyon into the sandstone.I've already uploaded a video of it onto my Y.T. channel.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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