Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Under Attack"

Well someone listens to my random raves it seems. At about 1:00 Am Saturday morning, I get a e-mail via You Tube. Friday the skies over metro Phoenix were being bombed with Chem-trails. It was the second day in a row with heavy Chem-trails. The lines went north too south, east too west and even at diagonal across the skies. It was terrible and I'd been on GLP with other from the west coast. Who were complaining about the constant spraying for 3 days in a row. You had folks from Henderson Nevada, Tucson, San Diego, and as far north as San Jose California. Who were getting damn tired of the beautiful blue skies. Being turned into a milky blue color for three days in a row. Tired of the odd smell in the air. Tired of being locked into there homes. In fear of what they might be breathing, if they ventured outside.

Back too the e-mail now, because it was about Chem-trails. The e-mail was about my comments on You Tube about the Chem-trails. The fellow from England's You Tube channel is GregOrca. He's 71 years old and does have some interesting videos listed on his channel. The first attack I got started by saying.

'Hi I've copied this from an earlier letter I wrote to a guy who was fanatically convinced chemtrails were real so please don't take the tone personally but please follow the links and look up the topics addressed cheers.
This was NOT originally addressed to you or anything you've written, but as you've expressed an interest in "chemtrails" you may find the information highly relevant to your interest:'

Then he went on to try and prove the existence of Chem-trails was an Internet Myth. Even going as far as to say everything in the movie about Chem-trails is wrong. The name of the movie is 'What in the World are they Spraying'. (317,000 Y.T. hits) It's produced by G. Edwards Griffin, Michael Murphy and Paul Wittenberger. One of the first things I wanted to know was. Of the millions upon millions of negative comment concerning Chem-trails around the World. How in the Hell did he pick me out. So at 1:15 AM Saturday morning, I sent a reply via You Tube. Why did you pick me out too sent your rather long written letter about Chem-trails too? And I asked him if he feared me? By that I meant my writings and 2 You Tube videos about Chem-trails.
Here was the response from GregOrca via You Tube.


Do I fear you?
Why on earth would I fear you?
You are thousands of miles away on the other side of the earth.
However you are spreading total bullshit delusional conspiracy theories to the people around you which will damage those people's lives.
You are a fear monger.
I would worry for the people around you as you inevitably are telling them childish nonsense.
Go read
I challenge you to find a single historic or scientific error on there.
If you can't demonstrate even a single error on that site then that proves you are WRONG.

You know I felt quite proud of myself, I'm having an effect on people from around the World. By his response being so harsh, I hit a nerve. Or he was sent by others more powerful than him self to attack me. The key link in the attack response was ''. We're not talking about Con-trails, which are the normal trail left behind aircraft. Even race cars at high speed, leave contrails on high humidity days, from the wings. There was a total of 7 e-mails from Mr. GregOrca. All of them via You Tube. Which I'm sure the 'powers' intercept and read. Today as I type this on the Sunday afternoon. The skies are clear with a sprinkling of clouds. You know my whole attitude is much better when there are no Chem-trail lines overhead. And from what I've read from thousands around the World over the past few years, I'm not alone.

One more comment from my new found friend GregOrca. After I replied too one of his e-mails. He was telling me I was just a random choice and he sent the same e-mail too others. Who had spoken about the Chem-trails. If I wasn't single out, then why hadn't he sent millions of other e-mails of the same letter? Of course this hit a nerve and you will see what he now called me.


It's obvious you have a mental illness.

You likely have paranoid schizophrenia.

I simply went through the people making comments on a youtube video about Chemtrails and send them all the exact same message.
Most sane people write letters of thankyou in reply like this or they post my letter on their blogs:

He has admitted he knew I live in the western part of America. And that I did a regular blog on Blogspot. First by saying I lived nearly half way around the World from him. And that I also did a blog. I was selected to be influenced by this fella, that's for sure. Will it have an effect on me, 'never'.

Going to go over too Roswell New Mexico this Thanksgiving weekend. That is if the weather cooperates with me. Once I was a firm believer in the UFO crash at Roswell, now I'm not so sure. This whole "Alien" agenda by the 'powers' has me thinking. Is the World be set up for a fake "Alien" attack? I have had several quality UFO sightings my self. So I don't have any doubt there is some in the skies over the World, that can't be explained. These object could be extraterrestrial or inter-terrestrial (hollow Earth). By spending some "Time" in Roswell, maybe I'll learn something. Or just get a feeling for the area. I'll walk the main commercial downtown area with my video-camera rolling. And go out to the infamous airbase out side Roswell. Where the UFO crash victims were taken along with there craft. And try to find some folks my age who's parent knew something. Hopefully I'll be able to record inside the Roswell UFO Museum. IF nothing else I can say I've been too Roswell. (If your going to catch fish you need a hook. But you can't catch fish without bait on the hook. Was telling the World there was a UFO crash near Roswell the hook? And was later telling the World. That that report was erroneous the bait?)

Want to thank Anthea Appel, for inviting me on once again to her show (After Dark Radio on Blog Talk Radio). I got a chance to share my letters from GregOrca (my new best friend) with the audience. Also I was at a Jet Fly-in R/C show Saturday east of Mesa. Met some guys making videos about the Fly-in. They were their for there new magazine only on digital magazine format. I guess this is the future and all magazines will soon be only on the Net and Tablets. It is called 'RC Pilot' and I promised I'd mention them in today's blog. By the way they didn't know what all the lines were in the skies were Friday. When they were making videos of the jet R/C airplanes. After meeting me, they damn well know now.

"God" bless on the Sunday afternoon. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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August said...

Dear RD47BLOG, I got the exact same e-mail from GregOrca (3 messages on youtube) but his response to me was:
"Thank you for your calm and rational response!

I normally get either letters of thanks and relief or rabid anger and sometimes even death threats!
Little in between for some reason.

Please check all the information carefully for yourself and verify all claims on both sides.

The atmosphere and its physics is quite counter-intuitive to most people .

Good luck finding your way!

I highly recommend a careful read of"

I do read both sides and just read all of the comments on his main page. I don't know what to make of him. They are, on that page anyway, just ridiculing people who try to disagree and only refer them back to their own information. In another e-mail I thought he said he was from Australia? Did he say to you England? I don't ant to be a 'believer' if it is not true. I became interested in chemtrails, though, before I even ever heard of one. I just noticed, over a few years, that they were there and it was long after that that I heard of chemtrails. I did look at some of his stuff, mostly it is confusing so far and I would call myself an above average reader/researcher. Don't know what to make of it/him. Why does he spend so much time and effort doing this? Thank you for your post. I found it on a google search looking for info on gregorca. Tori