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Last night I must of had 10 different Dream Dramas. None of them were negative, but very clear. For some reason I'm dreaming a lot more lately. When I have sexual dreams. I thinks it's because of the women who live near me are ovulating. Not sure if that is the reason, just a guess. But I must say that my sexual dreams are much better than any sex I had in my awaken state. That could be because I' go one years of celibacy. And the dreams make sure that I'm connected too the female part of reality. Then again this is just a guess. Last night's dreams made me realized I'd better do a little research on the subject of dream interpretation. And what ever I found I'd share with other, just like my You Tube videos (RD47blog). As a young man growing up in the wild sixties. I'd read several writings from Carl Gustav Jung. (As most good Hippies did in the sixties.) Not so much of what Albert Eisenstein had written. Thank "God" for that, because most of his theories are now falling apart. But Jung's writing were the hot item is the sixties. So I figure I'll start with some of Carl Jung's dream interpretations.

Jung believed there was a close parallel between your dream state and ancient myths. Not to sure how those go together, but that was his idea. Jung also believed the unconscious state and the conscious state are needed. To properly develop the individual. And this idea can be proven by heavy drug use. When a person fails to go into too there unconscious state (dream state). From the use of stimulants like cocaine or speed.. (I can vouch for this one personally.) You will become very paranoid, thinking the World is out to get you. Because without your dreams to connect too your daytime realities, the World closes in on you. You now see this a lot from veterans coming back. From war zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Where the soldiers are feed a lot of mind altering drugs, laced with stimulants. So they become better killers. (I could write for days about that subject.) But what is really happening, the soldiers from stress and lack of sleep. Develop these problems of paranoia. Then when they return home, they cannot deal with the Worlds problems. Simply because they are no longer connecting too there dreams. There dreams now become nightmares. Where fear of sleep presents just another problem. Then lack of sleep or sound sleep. Where they connect to the unconsciousness, cause paranoia.

Here is a very Jung prognosis. Jung explained the relationship between the unconscious and the conscious in his original way and proposed the now well known idea of collective unconscious. 'Ultimately Jung believed that by understanding how ones personal unconscious integrates with the collective unconscious, a person can achieve a state of individuation, or wholeness of self.' In other words you can't have one without the other. If you are going too attain a higher level of self. It take both realities to make you complete. And this also correlates to the idea you are far more than your physical body. You are a living entity. That is far more advanced than the 'powers' want you too know.

Jung believed there are four parts too a dream. First you have to have a scene and a "Time". Secondly you need a plot (whats the dream about?). Third is the culmination of the dream. In this phase the most dramatic things happen. The fourth phase is the denouncement or end of the dream. Jung says this is the most important part of the dream. Because you cannot influence the end of your dream. (I have by waking myself up. If I don't like where the dream is heading.) And the end of a dream reflect a situation you are in. In the conscious part of your life. What Jung is saying is that your dreams are only a refection of your daily life. And are not fore warnings of impending doom. If a dream has a negative part too it, don't take that as positively. After all, it's just a dream.

Here are a few interpretations of your dreams. Remember the key word is 'interpretation'. Repetitive Dreams are one of the most common dreams. These might come from fears from your childhood, like a dog biting you as a kid. Or some other event from your childhood. They may also be a refection of current problems in your life (job, love, children, etc.). A common one is the dream when you are naked in a group. This too is just your subconscious fears of being unprepared. Your weakness are know too you, but not necessarily to others.

Predictive Dreams are also a common dream. These dreams should be taken with caution. These may be caused by fear of the next days events. As you prepared for the problems you may encounter. A good thing to remember about these type of dreams. Is something I learned from my Mayan research. The moment you are in, cannot be duplicated. In other words, to marrow is to marrow. And to marrow has another Mayan name and no two days have the same name. So the circumstances of today. Cannot be the circumstances of to marrow. Events in the Universe are never repeated and they are part of your life. This is a fact that cannot be denied. Because you are only part of the Universe. And you cannot control the movements of the Universe. Only thing you can control, is if you take a positive or negative approach to the problem. If your dream is a factual one like death from a car crash. It might be a good idea to be extra cautious the next day driving. Or even not try to drive that day. Some of these type dreams have been proven to predict such events. So you should take these type dreams with a cautious mind. The old tale of, 'you can never over prepare', fits here.

Reoccurring Nightmares, that is something to be dealt with, within. If things in your life that happened to you. That you had no control over. Or if you had control of things and you made a bad decision. Well I don't know if anyone can help you with these problems. They are internal matters of your Soul. So enough said on that type of dream. Had a brother with this problem. He committed suicide and died with those problem internally.

Lucid Dreams are the type that you know you are dreaming. There are two types of Lucid dreams, 'high level lucidity' and 'low level lucidity'. Lucid dreams occur when you know you are dreaming and you are safe in your bed. In Lucid dreams you can have control over the situation. Thus there appears to be no fear factor. Because you can change the direction of the dream. I like these type dreams. And I offend try to influence there path. And never have my Lucid dreams be of a sexual manner. Just only have them in day to day matters. There you have it, my little story of dreams and there interpretation.

One last though on today's blog. I read in my daily propaganda news paper. About a guy named Cain, who's running for the presidency. He claims that "God" himself convinced him to run for the presidency. He claims he told "God" he had the wrong man for the presidency. And like the story of Moses in the Christian Bible. Cain compared himself with Moses. Cain claims and I'm quoting here, 'the Lord persuaded him after much prayer'. This is from the same Black man that is being accused of sexual-harassment. Strange how two different Black politicians in the same week. Decided to lie to the public about there realities. Life in the new America.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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