Saturday, November 12, 2011

"There Are No Stinking Aliens, So Says Obummer"

There has been a petition sent too the Obummer's administration. That had 5,000 signatures on it, about what is called 'Disclosure'. Disclosure is all about the "Alien" possibility. There was another petition with 12,000 signatures on it. Asking for a formal acknowledgement of an Extraterrestrial presence. The Obummer administration said it would respond to any questions with over 5,000 signatures. That is how this all got started. So with 5,000 valid signatures about the "Alien" question. As promised the Obummer administration responded (First time ever heard of the Obummer keeping his word.). And the Obummer administration answered with of course a blatant lie. After all, what else is to be expected of the Obummer administration?

Here is what they said in a response to the petition. 'The White House says it has no evidence of a extraterrestrial presence. Larson of the 'White House Office of Science and Technology Policy'. Wrote that the, 'U.S. government has no evidence that life exist outside Earth. Or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted any member of the human race. Also there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public eye.' All though he did not close the door entirely. The administration left open the idea that. Many scientist and mathematicians believe that, statistically odds are high. That life does exist among the trillions and trillions of Stars in the Universe. Although the odds of a human contact with non-humans (I'm fairly sure the are no humans in the Obummer administration.) are remote. Just for your information, other petitions have been presented too heads of State. A petition demanding legalization of Marijuana had over 100,000 valid signatures. And we all known what happen to that idea. Straight into the 'shit can', as we called it in my Navy days.

So what is the government trying to say here. That the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have had extraterrestrial sighting are lairs? How about Operation Blue Book, that ran for years. Gathering UFO information from those who had legitimate sightings. What was up with that? The government claims they have stopped gather information form the general public. About there individual sightings and stories. How does John Doe citizen know this. After all John Doe citizen doesn't even know who killed JFK. With so many quality videos out now days. Of folks whom have capture UFOs on video. How can the Obummer administration, call them all hoaxes?

While the citizens of America are told there are no extraterrestrials. Other governments around the World. Are releasing too the public there findings. When it come to life that is non-human. Also on the same hand the general public is being loosened up too the fact. That extraterrestrials are all around us. Movies, TV programs, clothing, printed media all of them. Are now showing interest in the UFO phenomenon. Do you really think this is a coincidence? The same 'powers' who control Obummers dumb ass, control the mass media. Once again a public who thinks they actually voted Obummer into office. Has been lied too by the Kenyon born president. From the same whore that promised the American public. He would bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Personally I've had several UFO sightings. That have always been with another person their. I've talked to a ton of folks about there UFO sightings. The 'Phoenix Lights' in 1997 were seen by thousands of citizen here in Arizona. There are tons of programs such as 'Coast too Coast' on the Internet now. Have all these people imaginations gone wild? No far from it!!! So why has the government lied to the general public about the UFO phenomenon? Here is why, they don't want the general public to know. That they do not control the airspace over America. That the government is not in control of life here on Planet Earth. Never have, never will be. That is unless the extraterrestrial presence allow them to be. Telling citizens of America, 'that they are not ready to know the truth about the extraterritorial factor'. Making the public believe that the citizens of America would go mad, if they knew the truth. This is all just mind control of the masses. Just like religions are, to keep the masses separated. That way the masses can be controlled and manipulated. You don't like my "God"?, then I must kill you. (divide and conquer)

So always remember if you see an Unidentified Object in the skies over you. You really didn't see anything at all. It's just an illusion, your nuts, you can't see correctly, or your just plain stupid. After all the Obummer administrations told you. There are no extraterrestrials flying around. This from the same whores that are destroying the American economy. And this is the America of today. lies, lies, lies

Want to thank Anthea Appel of After Dark Radio (Blog Talk Radio, on the Internet), for inviting me on last night. Anthea has written a book called 'First Responders'. About the first responders to 911. As Anthea was New York City cop on duty. The day of the 911 inside job on America. Like me she doesn't believe for a moment, the Travis Walton story. The story that was made into a a movie called 'Fire in the Sky'. As I've written before and made a video about the Travis Walton abduction story. No one in Travis home town of Snowflake Arizona believes it either. Yet millions of American believe the story totally. This make around 15 "Times" I've been invited to be Internet Radio Shows. And I know my popularity has become greater. Just by the responses I get from various Internet Chat Rooms. Never planned any of this. Just been doing my blogs and making my videos. But for what ever reason. They are appearing more and more across the Internet. Like a person said to me a couple of nights ago. 'We know who you are, your stuffs all over the Internet'. At the "Time" I was saying folks got to stop spreading hatred on the Internet. That just helps to divide the country and World. And that's just what the 'powers' want. They want you be afraid of your neighbour, the "Aliens", the Muslims, Chinese, Russians etc. The only ones to fear, are the politicians. No matter what country they reside in. If they are in power, they were placed there by the few who control the affairs of most of the World.

"God" bless

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