Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Pow Wow"

Attended yesterdays Pow Wow at the Salt River, Pima, Maricopa, Indian Community. Which is a Native American reservation located next too Scottsdale and Mesa. The women Jingle Dancers, pranced around like young Mares. While the Fancy Dancers jumped around like young Colts. The Jingle Dancers with there dresses covered in bells the shape of cones. While the Fancy Dancers are covered with brightly covered feather, from head too toe. With large egg shape bells attached too there ankles. The older Native American men wore more traditional Native American wear. Faces painted brightly with colors of there past. It's there moment in the Sun. As the Sun sets on the older Native American dancers, women and men alike. The older men are few, for most Native Americans men, have led hard lives. Not well prepared for the modern World, that has over whelmed them. With drugs, alcohol, sex and lack of education.

As they dance around proud and strong, I feel a sort of empathy for Native Americans. Women with there cell phones plugged against there ears. Not knowing that is part of a greater plan. Too help kill of the Native American tribes, still living on reservations. So that there lands can be take back from them by the most powerful. Who could care less for there past histories and glory. For they only understand greed and death. The women think they have a new found freedom on the reservation. That connects them to the outer Worlds. Not knowing the deadly rays, that are being transmitted directly too there brains. And the Cell Towers now start to cover there once pristine lands. They too now sit and watch the TV. Not realizing the propaganda and distorted views. That are being pumped into them and there children.

The young boys and girls, who are trying to live in both Worlds now. The World of there past, is now being strongly pushed by the elders in the tribes. While at the same "Time" the young boys and girls are going too public schools. Which are no more that NWO propaganda disinformation machines. Except for these moments, these Native Americans have that these Pow Wows. They a victims of a uncertain future. A future with the total destruction of there heritage. And all the while they don't even know it. The 'powers' patiently wait for the elders too die. And along with there death. Will die the history of the Native Americans past. The 'power' have "Time" on there side. And "Time" is there greatest asset. So while you have a chance visit your local Pow Wow. Watch the happy faces the old and young alike. The colors are colors of the Rainbow. And the giggles of the Native American girls is a "God" sent. The whole event will be good for your health. And the 'powers' know that fact. For they must destroy what is good in the peoples of the original Americas. This is fact of life, for evil hates happiness. I've posted 2 videos of yesterdays Pow Wow on my You Tube channel. RD47blog ENJOY

Another event happening here locally, is the Occupy Phoenix Movement. Been following both the Tucson and Phoenix sites via Live Stream on the Net. The Tucson location was taken down by orders from the Tucson City Council. The Tucson police gave the orders too the occupying members. They had 2 hours to evacuate their location, or all the belongings would be thrown in a dump truck. They were given another location in another Tucson park. Only problem that was grass location, with a working sprinkler system. Haven't seen them back on the air yet on Live Stream. Which is providing air "Time" to all the Occupy Movements Worldwide. (Kinda makes you wonder, why that's happening.) I've been in a few augments with both the Phoenix and Tucson groups. Mainly about standing on there own two feet. And to quit asking for hand-outs from the public. This only makes them look like beggars and does not good for there cause. Funny to say on one hand, 'we're strong and we want to make a statement'. Then on the other hand say. 'We can't do it unless you gives food and money.' I finally gave-up trying to make my point with both groups of protesters. So last Monday about eleven at night. I asked the group at the Phoenix location, can I come and video you? Explained how many videos I had running on You Tube, I'd created. They thought that would be great and come on down. First they wanted me to be their at there location at 6:00 Am Tuesdays. Wanted me to interview the ones that stayed the night. Replied to them, 'that just ain't going to happen'. I'm on estimator "Time" now and stay up until about 2:00 AM. So we agreed 11:00 AM would be just fine.

Had breakfast, read the morning propaganda newspaper, then head off too down town Phoenix. The group was held up at Caesar Chavez Plaza. Located between 2nd. and 3rd. avenue on Washington street. Right in amongst the federal, state, county and city office buildings. Parked the car and headed too the park. No knowing what is going to be my next move. Once I got too the Plaza. Arrived and asked to see the groups leader (sounds kinda Martian). The first response was, 'we don't have any leaders, only a media tent'. Then one of the kids pointed me in the right direction. Their I meet a kid named Jack. And Jack was to lead me around the location. First thing I notice was how few of them there were. Next was the lack of a police presences. Only one police officers and one police cruiser. Just across from there location was a City of Phoenix building. Where I go for pre-construction meetings for City of Phoenix construction projects. And with it's large Sun Burst on the building from. I thought this would be a perfect location to start the video and interview with some of the protesters. The whole idea of starting at that location and showing the Sun Burst. Was to represent just what the protesters were up against. Knowing damn well they'd never get the symbolism. The symbolism of the Illuminati Sun Burst and there controlling powers. And if the Illuminati really wanted the protesters out of the park. They would have peppered sprayed and chased on day one. But for now, the 'powers' are letting the protesters have there day in the Sun.

After opening with a statement from Jack with the Sun Burst at his back. We preceded to move around the park. First was a guy who claimed he was a housing re processor. Then kinda moved into the fact he mowed lawns for bank reprocessed homes. Did learn one interesting fact from him. America's so called toughest Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Rented his office space from Wells Fargo Bank. Which was right across the street form the protesters location. The rest of the location was just a few temporary shade structures. Which housed the visitors information, food, media and medical unit. Now really much of a concern for the 'powers'. With only a handful of folks, as part of the demonstration. They were not going to change anything. As I told them, 'you face what my generation faced in the sixties and early seventies.' And that "Time" was on the 'powers' side. Just as it is with the Native Americans reservations.

One last word about another Native American, an Apache spiritual leader. Who was at the Apache Military Helicopter plant in Mesa Az. He was there to bless the new AH-64D Longbow Apache fighting helicopter. A sad state of affairs, we have her in America. When you have an Apache Spiritual leader put his blessings on a killing machine. For the same group that en-slaved and killed his peoples in the past and will so in the future.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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