Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Strange Times We're Living In"

'Such a strange "Time" we're living in'. Leon Russell couldn't have said it better. But when Leon Russell wrote those words. About the events of the sixties and seventies. They couldn't pass the 'piss test' of today's events. Even while I prepare for today's entry. I'm following the NASCAR race on my computer. The 'Good Ole Boys', soon to be, 'Good Ole Boys and a Dyke' (Danica Patrick). Are racing at Martinsville Raceway in Virgina. I noticed the inside curb to the race track is painted pink. The same pink you see on 'Breast Cancer Awareness' parades (Wonder where in the Hell that money really goes.) I've also seen the same pink on football players gloves and bandannas. When I get the sports new on Yahoo in the evenings. It all reminds me of how totally under control everything is. Everything you see or hear from the media. Is under direct control of the 'powers'. Who run America and most of the rest of the World. In fact only three countries are not under the control of the World Banksters, Iran, North Korea and I believe Syria (might be wrong about Syria). If your dumb enough to think your a free person, well your just plain dumb.

Obummer says the troop are coming home from Iraq. What he didn't tell the American public. That there are thousands of private contract mercenaries still there. You could call them the modern day Templar. Fighting for Jesus Christ against the Muslims. And while the war continues in Iraq, with mercenaries. It makes you wonder why the troop are coming home. When all you hear of, is more wars coming in the Middle East. These threats against Iran should not be taken lightly. Then again, maybe something big is about to break on the home front, like Martial Law. Will Obummer have the military turn on the public? Maybe there is some giant natural event is about happen too Mother Earth. And the 'powers' know all about it. You know there's tons of stories about underground bunkers being built around the country (DUMB Deep Underground Military Bunkers). And what about the rumors about the city that is being built under Denver Airport. And that the capital of America is moving too Denver. What the hell, even the Hopi talk about good folks going underground when the SHTF. Just a reminder, if the government says they are doing something for your benefit. You best look that 'Gift horse in the Mouth'. (See if that horse is an old nag.)

This last Friday another date of doom, came and went. On the 28 of October, some proclaimed. That that was the actual end of the Mayan Calender. And mankind was going to move into some sort of natural bliss with the Heavens. Been waiting for that transition, ever sense the Fifth Dimension wrote a song about it. 'It is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius', I think. Then you had stories about Elenin passing between the Sun and Earth. I guess the Illuminati blew Elenin out of the sky. LOL Elenin was spotted in many private astronomers telescopes, and that's a fact. But some how it did break-up, I think. Depending on who in the hell you can trust now days. One thing that is interesting about the name Elenin. Is what the letters break down too. ELENIN Extinction Level Event Nibiru Is Near. Here again proving, 'what a strange "Time" we live in'. Oh yea and that christian preacher in Florida, Camping something. Has had to move his 'End of Time' prediction back again. I believe the next important date is 11,11,11 (11 November 11). Folks have finally realized the Illuminati love there sacred numbers. And I must admit I have the same problem, if it is a problem. So 11 November 11 would add up too 33. That is if you don't count 20 in the year 2011. Then you would have 35. And what the hell, that might even be a sacred number. The Illuminati already have most numbers and symbols covered. The Sun, Moon, Venus, Sirius, Pentagram (STAR), Square, Triangle, damn I could go on forever. Not to mention all the hand signals, and places too touch on the body.

With all the news of Jews trafficking in organs (illegal organs). Do you think it's such a good idea? To be driving down the road with a 'Donor Plate' on your vehicle. Now days with the medical profession dominated by the Zionist and there Jewish doctors. When your laying on a operating table. Are the doctors dividing up the money they will earn. From the sale of your organs including you eyes, if you have good eye sight? You see the Donor Program is just another form of brainwashing. Just like all the money taken in from Jerry's Kids, Breast Cancer Awareness and so many other donation programs. Do you really think they want to cure Breast cancer and all the other cancers, no way. And why help Jerry's so called Kids. There a f--king gold mine. Old man Bush and Clinton are still raking in money for Katrina relief. Just some things to think about.

Finally about rare pork meat. While at Fry's today getting some fruits (eat your fruit and veggies). Over the loud speakers came word, 'Rare Pork is Good for You, The FDA says so'. Ever seen that video on You Tube? Where they pour Coca-Cola on apiece of raw pork. And all the maggots start coming out of the meat. Who is it that can't eat pork, the Jews or Muslims. Sounds like a damn good idea. Well enough of the strangeness for today, have I scared you? lol

"God bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS New videos from the Salt River Indian Community Pow Wow next weekend.

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