Saturday, October 29, 2011

"Antihumanism, Eugenics, Slavery"

I've been running into the words 'Anti Humanism and Eugenics', a lot lately. So I felt I'd better spend some "Time" researching these words. For those who may read my writings. Along with the idea the population of the World, is getting out of hand. Anti Humanism and Eugenics will be coming from the mass media soon. The mass media will start injecting these Globalist ideas. Into the minds of the population World wide. The mass media has already driven home the idea. That the World is over populated. By showing scenes of crowded cities, staving African children and so on. The media has already done a fantastic job. Convincing the citizens of the World, there are just to many of them. A problem, that doesn't even exist. The Americans are the easiest to brainwash. With there minds being injected constantly via TV, Movies, Music, etc.. Having brainwashed the American population. It's there fault the air is polluted. It's there fault the streets are over crowed during 'rush hour'. It's there fault there are to many of them. Everything is mankind's fault. And the 'powers' just want to help the good people of the World, have a better life. If the 'powers' wanted a better life style for the general public. The world wouldn't be based on a carbon energy system, aka oil. Your foods would not be laced with chemicals. The 'powers' would not be introducing GMO crops. The 'powers' would release the cure for cancers and other diseases. There are thousands of inventions that are bought up by the elite. So they will not move the World forward. Such as the 100 miles to a gallon carburetor. Hemp based fuels, food, clothing, medicines, building materials. This is all being done for a reason, 'control of the masses'.

How does Anti Humanism fit into the puzzle? The 'powers' want the population to believe. They cannot take care of them selves. That they need to be herded around. That the masses can't think for themselves. Or even have the ability to pick the correct diet or medicines. That there numbers need to be reduced for the betterment of the general public. While a Humanist believes, they should be self governed. With no need for governmental controls. While the Anti Humanist wants the public to believe. They can't even think for them selves. And what you have now, is a World leading to Anti Humanism. The dumb fucks that are part of the 'Occupy Movement', are pawns in the Anti Humanist movement. Right now the Zionist are bankrupting the Worlds economies. This is all being done. So the world bankers can convince the worlds populations, 'it's all there fault'. And there finances need to controlled by the elite. Who will tell who lives and who dies. And this brings up 'Eugenics'.

Eugenics or Bio-Social Movement, is being brought forth in many ways. You have wars between the Muslims and Christians. You have GMO crops and foods being introduced to the World via Monsanto. Chemical laced air, foods, and drinks. You have children taking over 50 vaccine shots by age 6. With more and more types of vaccines being introduced constantly. Such as Gardasil for female women. That supposedly protects them from Cervical Cancer. A new vaccine for protection from Anthrax attacks. That the Drug Cartel AMA (American Medical Association), wants to introduce with out even testing it. What's even funnier, is the fact that the only Anthrax attack. Was perpetrated by Americans secret government. Other types of Eugenics folks don't even realize, Sterilization and Abortions. In China they kill the third baby. In American everyone except maybe the Latino population believe. They are to have only two children. Unwanted pregnancy, kill that child, it's not a human until it's born. Teach the children's in the government indoctrination school system. That families are a out dated thing of the past. Blast into the fragile minds through music and movies. You don't need the family unit any longer. Turning the children against the parent.

How far back does Eugenics go? How far back do you want to look? Probably through out history. The Nazis of the Hitler era is the most known. Hitler believed in superior race of humans called the Aryan Race. Your typical tall blond race. The Nazis believed by killing off inferior races such as the Jew, Blacks, and certain eastern European populations. The could improve the world through DNA improvements. And those that believe Eugenic have stopped, are totally wrong. It's even going stronger, than ever before. It's just be disguised better now. Here are a few name you might recognize who believed in Eugenics. Winston Churchill, H.G. Wells, Theodore Roosevelt, Linus Pauling and of course Adolf Hitler

This all bring us too human Slavery. Which of course is the bi-product of Anti Humanism and Eugenics. And that is the bottom line. A smaller population, with more and more robots and Nano Technology leading the way. With the need for less humans to produce the needs of the elite. Then you need less and less human power, get the idea. And yes the population is walking right into the trap. They are killing themselves gladly. Look around, do you see what I see?

"God" bless


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