Sunday, October 23, 2011

'Airplanes Airplanes Airplanes"

Spent the last two days, first in Casa Grande then Phoenix. In Casa Grande Friday, I visited the annual 'Copperstate Fly-in'. Which is held at Casa Grande Municipal Airport. Then Saturday I was at the 'Sun Valley Fliers Club Field' in Phoenix. Being an aircraft mechanic during the Vietnam War. I still love being around airplanes, large or small. And like all of my journeys around the southwest. I recorded both days events. Which I'm up-loading onto You Tube now. I once read, that You Tube was created. 'So that there would be a video record, of mankind on Earth. In case of catastrophic event, that wiped out mankind.' Well I'm certainly doing my part. Funny story about that. While in Globe Arizona a couple of weekends ago. I was talking to a San Carlos Apache elder about my videos. I said too him, 'the reason I spent so much "Time" and effort. Traveling around and making my recordings. I was making a video log of life on Earth. And mostly about the Native Americans. Because "Time" was short on Mother Earth.' Said too him, 'a lot of things had to be in place. For me to make my travels around, recording events. I needed good health, money and "Time".' All of which have been provided to me. You know, he didn't doubt one word I was saying. And agreed that "Time" was short.

Before I get into writing about the last two days events. I've been terribly busy, preparing change orders. Change orders on about 2 millions dollars worth of electrical work. Which all of it is for the City of Phoenix. For the longest "Time", I've been on the outside looking in. What I mean by that. There are dollar numbers from suppliers and manufacturers (on bid day). Then there are real dollar numbers from electrical suppliers and manufactures (on bid day). Even though I do electrical estimator for a company. And for several years for my own company. I was always given, what is called the 'street number'. That is a dollar amount for such thing as lighting fixtures and electrical services and panels. Which make up, the majority of an electrical bid (about 40%). That is given out too most electrical contractors on 'bid days'.

Now 'bid days', are usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays. With most bids being opened at 2:00 PM sharp on 'bid day' (local time). This system is used always on government (federal, state, county, city, etc.) jobs. And on most private money jobs ie Target, Safeway, etc.. Prices for everything except the lighting fixtures and gear (electrical panels and associated equipment). You can get easily well before 'bid day'. On the other hand, lighting fixture and gear prices. Will not be issued until about 2 hours before bid opening. All the general contractor are well aware of the procedure. That electrical contractors must go through. Before they can issued a final dollar amount too the general contractor. The reason for the late dollar number, from manufacture too supplier aka supply house. Is because the manufactures. Don't want other manufactures to know the dollar amount until the last moment. And to take it a step further. The manufactures along with the suppliers. Give out two sets of numbers. Like I said before, a street number and a real number. This way the manufactures and suppliers can do what I call, 'directing traffic' (who gets the job). Well now I get those good numbers on bid day. It's not because of who I work for. It's because I can be trusted. Not to shop manufactures dollars numbers to other manufactures. Just this last week I forced my employer. To not take a lower lighting fixture price. That would have put an extra $5,000 in his pocket. Because I'd promised too the lighting distributor, I was going with there dollar amount (the lighting package) on 'bid day'. Because they gave me a dollar number, that made my bid competitive on 'bid day'. So in turn, I wasn't going to peddle is dollar number after 'bid day'. Nor was I going to let my employer. You know, 'hold my breath and turn blue, then threaten to quit.' lol

Friday at the Copperstate Fly-in, Casa Grande (21 Oct. 11). Reminded me of my days in the U.S. Navy. There I was, out on the Tarmac with my video camera. Able to wander where ever I wanted. Got a chance to me some really good folks. Airplane people are always the most educated and friendly. And with my knowledge of aircraft. It was easy to get interviews with pilots and owners. One of the best group of guys. Was the men flying the WWII Navy and Army Air Force Stearman bi-planes. And I've posted 4 different videos of there aircraft on my You Tube channel (RD47blog). You can see interviews with pilots and crew members of. B-17 Bomber called the 'Sentimental Journey', B-29 Bomber called the 'Made in the Shade'. Which are owned by the Commemorative Air Force. They have a museum in Mesa Arizona, located at Falcon Field. Larry Dustman the owner and pilot of Stearman number 181. Was also a great interview. He has a business that sell Stearman aircraft parts. Check out all my videos from that that day. There is much history in the videos. And you'll be as close as I was too the aircraft. P51D Mustang, Micro Jet, Russian Vakoylev 18T, Czechoslovakia Aero L-29 Delfin and many more aircraft.

Saturday I was at the R/C Fly-in called, 'One Eight Air force Fly-in'. Located in Phoenix Arizona, at Cave Creek and Jomax roads. I've yet to up-load these video. As I'm still up-loading videos from the Copperstate Fly-in. Here again the R/C folks are good people. Just a bunch of 'Good ole Boys', who never grew up. Still playing with there toys, only much more expensive. In November I'll be recording Jets only Fly-in for R/C planes in Mesa. A busy weekend and meet lots of good folks.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


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