Sunday, October 16, 2011

"Things Just Aren't Right"

Went over too Globe Arizona yesterday. It was the 29th Annual Apache Jii Day. First thing I noticed. Folks didn't seem very festive. The crowd was down from last year also. As the squeeze on the American and Worlds middle class continue. I wanted to record the Apache Crown dancers. From the local Apache reservation. And any other Native American group. I hadn't previously recorded. Once you get to making the rounds to various Native American festivals. You soon learn, there are just so many other groups. I went ahead and recorded another group of Zuni Pottery dance group. I think I've got all the different groups from Zuni Pueblo. That do the same Pottery Dance now. (You Tube RD47blog)

The group of Apache kids I wanted to record. Was of course the same group. The crowd came too the Jii Day event, to watch. And of course the organizers from Globe. Knew this, so the Apache kids were last too dance. With "Time" to kill while waiting. I walked around and talk to some of the local artist. The common denominator was. Folks were genuinely concerned for there future. I would ask folks, do you feel like impending doom?' No one said no. Now isn't that a scary thought? I know my own concerns. But that come from all the research I do for my blog entries. A common question I got was. 'Do you know about the FEMA Camps?' And of course I did. And most all knew of Nibiru. I don't watch TV. And have learned of the FEMA Camps and Nibiru. Like I said from my own research. My question is. Is the main stream media? Putting the thoughts in folks heads. Why wouldn't the 'powers'? Be hiding the truth about the camps and Nibiru? If in fact, they were true.

Here are a few of my ideas why. The 'powers' love to see the common people suffer. And by putting the idea in folks heads. That if the don't tow the line. They could very easily be put into a FEMA Camp. If a natural disaster like Nibiru passing by Planet Earth. And causing major problems. From the debris that any solar planetoids carries with it. In the Christian Bible. It speaks of 'Hail Fire and Brimstone', coming from the sky. Was this the story of. A previous encounter with Nibiru aka Planet X? I quite sure it is. Because so many other cultures. Have this tale in there own histories.

Are the 'powers' preparing the masses for a real event? Why are the FEMA Camps being built? Or are only a handful being built? To give the impression. Of large mass imprisonment. Like what was done to the Japanese citizens of America. During World war II.
There are so many different stories being planted. Just which one can be believed? As I've always said, 'stress can kill'. Because stress starts the bodies own defense systems to break down. And "God" knows the 'powers' love killing the commoners. What ever is in the air. Could be folks 'Sixth Sense' is picking this up. Or the 'powers' media system is putting dreadful thoughts in folks heads. There seems to be a common fear among the masses.

Agent Provocateur (pruh-vok-uh-tur) A person who provokes trouble, causes dissension, agitator. This could fit quite well. Into what I'm talking about. The mass media could be an 'Agent Provocateur'. Different personalities like Alex Jones, are 'Agents Provocateur'. The leaders of Occupy Wall Street. Most diffidently are 'APs'. I could be one myself. Because I'm trying to get the truth out. I'm not trying to cause trouble. But by simply trying to wake folks up. I'm being a 'AP'. When the mass media says. 'America must stop terrorism.' And I say, 'the powers created the terrorist'. Then basically I am a A.P..

With the recent riots in England and Greece. The crowds for the most part were peaceful. With small splinter groups. Causing most of the major damage. And now with what is going on in Rome. You have smaller parts of the group. That are starting fires, breaking window and attacking the police. These folks are not part of the main group. They are Agents Provocateurs. They are trying to ignite the crowds. Into greater and more violent protest. These splinter groups. Are working for the 'powers'. The 'powers' want the riots to get, some what out of control. Why are they doing this? This is all part of a greater plan. To invoke Martial Law. By the 'powers' of the World saying. 'We must invoke Martial Law. For protections of the masses.' This no different than 911. When freedoms were taken away from the citizens of America. By bringing down the Twin Towers, Building 7 and attack on the Pentagon. The government aka 'powers' are saying. 'In order to protect the citizens of America. The government must be able to spy on all of Americas citizens.' In the case of 911. The American government or 'powers'. Were the 'Agent Provocateur'.

The kids who are part of the 'Occupy Movement'. Are just being lead by the real trouble makers. Who are the 'Agents Provocateurs'. Who are being paid by divisions within the 'powers'. To stir up trouble. By offering the kids. Better pay, more benefits, better medical, an equal society etc.. While those at the top. Who are paying the 'Agents Provocateurs'. In the end, want just the opposite. They want total control over the masses. With a handful saying who gets what.

Well I better quit for now. My computer is acting funny. Next Saturday, I'll be going to record. One Eighth Air Force Fall Scale Fly-In. At the Sun Valley Fliers Club Field. Located at Cave Creek and Jomax in Phoenix.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


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