Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Occupy My Ass"

Well the down trodden have a cause now. They have become part of a Socialist movement. And they don't even know it. Just as the Tea Party movement. And the Hippie movements were taken over. The Occupy Wall Street movement. Has been taken over. Or maybe it was conceived by the 'powers'. Just as possibly the Hippie and Tea Party movements were. The 'powers' have so much control over the media. It seems any more, as I learn more. That the 'powers' are several moves a head. In a giant chess match. For control of the World's populations minds. And the occupiers are just another pawn. In a master plan of a few. Having all the control and wealth. With the masses just there too insure the 'powers' comfort.

The Occupy Wall Street kids ideas are old. There slogans are right out of the sixties. They think they are part of something big. They think they are about to change the World. They think that soon. They will no longer need a job. They think that the system will pay them. $20 an hour. Even if they don't show up for work. They think that everything will be on a even playing ground. They think there laziness should be rewarded. They think that the medical system will be equal for all. They think that soon. The Federal Reserve System will be changed. They think that by giving the government more power. It will make things equal for all. They think that the bank employees are all rich. They think there leaders can be trusted. They think others should send them money, food, clothing. A soft sleeping bag. So they can keep the protest going. I could go on for hours. Talking of the occupiers demands. As the first few nights prolonged. I followed the protest on 'Live Stream', on the Net. Because of 'Live Stream'. The protested had a free outlet to the World. They had access too a Chat Room. To where they could connect instantly with other groups. Instant contact, to recruit others to the ideas.

Within a matter of hours, or just a day. The occupiers were forming groups. The were asking for money from the outside. As an add ran at the bottom. Of the live video stream. Telling followers who weren't at the sites. They could send money to help them. These are the same people protesting. Complaining how donations from the powerful. Control what is done in America's political system. Yet they are doing the same thing. They believed the donations were going into trusted hands. The problem is that no one can be trusted. With large amounts of cash. It was as if, the protesters. Were trading one financial Master for another financial Master. With the new Master controlling the money. Just how much of this money from donations? Was going to trickle down to the protesters. They could care less it appeared. All they knew. Was that the World was watching. That is watching, because of the old Masters system.

The first couple of nights. I was in the chat room with the protesters. Reminding them that there Master was still in charge. There old Master was allowing them. To occupy locations in both New York and L.A.. As the protest spread quickly. And now it's in several cities. If the 'powers' wanted them removed. Then they would have been removed. But for some reason. The occupiers are aloud to remain in there locations. Think about that for a moment. To what end, does there old Master allow. Them to stay put?

They are simply pawns in a much bigger game. And what is that much bigger game. Socialism, NWO, one government and one "God". With the protesters asking for more governmental controls. They are asking for. Just what the real 'powers' want. Total and complete control over the masses. Everyone will be looking for the 'powers'. To give them what they want and need. The problem with that is. The masses will be getting only what they need. Not what they want. It will be a World of handouts. With the 'powers' deciding who lives and who dies. Yup these dumb asses of the Occupy Movement. Are doing the dirty work for there old Masters. And in doing so. They are dividing the common peoples. Those who are willing to work. Too better there position. And those who want others to give it too them. And the occupiers are the later. Just as the Hippies of old. We're used to push the environmental issues. Which was the beginning of U.N. Agenda 21. Where large masses of land. Will not be allowed to be visited again. That is unless you are part of the 'powers'. The occupiers are walking into a trap of enslavement. Believing in there dumb down minds. That this is best for the World's population. And so do there Masters.

Went down to Tucson in my bitching new VW Red Jetta. (VW is just a reminder that the Nazis never surrendered. To the Americans, British, etc.. The Germans people surrendered. While the Nazis became Americas NASA and other organizations with-in America. The Nazis left Germany in a crumbled mess. While they split from the country, with all the money and art.) Went too record what was called, 'Tucson Aerobatic Shoot Out'. The aircraft were 40% of real aerobatic aircraft size. Wingspans of 105 inches. Powered by 150 Cubic Centimeter engines. Some with four cylinders and some with two cylinders. I'm now posting all 16 competitors programs separately on my You Tube channel (RD47blog). What a blast it was to watch. These aircraft we're doing amazing stunts. With pilots coming from Australia, France, Puerto Rico, Austria and America. Now I'm hooked on recording R/C planes shows. There is going to be a Jets only rally. At Superstition Airpark Nov. 18, 19, and 20. Located in Mesa Arizona. (4 letters you never want in your address, M E S A)

I got to interview a few of the pilots at the Tucson Aerobatic Competition. With the best of a Aussie kid. Who came in sixth out of 16 competitors. (I'll post to marrow on my Y T channel.) FOX new from Tucson also wanted to interview the Aussie kid. So I videoed as the fat girl from FOX 11 Tucson interviewed the kid (nickname Bones). At the same "Time". I talked too the kid's family a bit. And they were quite aware of FOX and the propaganda. Do a little research into the problem in Australia. And you will see what I mean. They can't even own guns now. The videos of the aircraft doing there aerobatics came out quite well. For the most part my Canon Camcorder did a great job of trying to focus. On the R/C aircraft as the zipped by.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


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