Sunday, October 2, 2011

"The Truth, has Become a Lost Art"

Keep hearing rumors that the 'powers' are weakening. Now the only way folks would know this fact. Is if they heard in the media. Now just think bout that. If you heard a story, from the mass media. And lets say the mass media is under absolute control, which it is. Then just how could that story or rumor be true? Not saying some stories are not true. But they have been planted in the media. And in some sickening way. It was planted to keep your mind, off the truth. Here is an example of what I mean.

I stopped by to get some incense from a friend business. 'Vision Quest' is the name of the business. And it's located in south Scottsdale. I've got a video of it on my You Tube channel (RD47blog). Ashley was working their today. And we have become friends. And Ashley is open to asking me about current affairs. Today she told me, the 'powers' are losing power. And the rest of the system has cut off there funding. She also reminded me. There may be hope for mankind now. I hated to burst her bubble. As I reminded her about the Chem-trails. And if the 'powers' really wanted to. They could gas everyone from the air, if they wanted. Reality filled the air. 'Damn you right Ron'. You see the 'powers' are not above. Telling the World, they are falling apart. Or saying they have become divided. These are just more tricks. To confuse the masses. And keep them divided. As the old line goes, 'the truth will set you free'. Has no part in the 'powers' agenda. In fact the 'powers' probably created that line. Like the line in the Bible, 'turn the other cheek'. That so they can slap you on the other side.

As long as the 'powers' keep several steps ahead of the masses. They will be the ones calling the shots. While mankind scurries about. Trying to pay there bills. And are plotting against each other. To have more than the other guy. The 'powers' will always have the upper hand. And with there control over media. The 'powers' will dictate history. And the rumors you here. Will be rumors they themselves planted.

Been trying to buy a new or used car. The last week or so. In doing so, I've been reminded. Why in most polls about the least trusted occupations. Politicians and car salesman, ranked 1 and 2. I was going to buy a used MINI. The idea of buying a used car. Became less and less appealing, the more I though about it. And I've always like German engineering in cars. Just can't afford it. After seeing a small piece in the auto section of the newspaper. About how the new VW Jetta. Had actually gone down in price. So I Goggled VW cars. Got too the site. There you could build your own personalized Jetta. This seemed simple enough. I wanted a Jetta with small payments and great mileage. Next thing I wanted was a red Jetta. You want to be noticed in a small car. After typing in what I wanted. I soon found out. I had to keep down sizing the options. Didn't even want to pay $375 for a compact German car. What I ended up with. Was a five speed, four cylinder, 2 liter red Jetta. Next what I needed to do. Was type in my zip code. That gave me the closest VW dealership. Which was Chapman VW, here in South Scottsdale. Then with that knowledge. I forwarded my request to Chapman VW. All most instantly, I received an e-mail from VW. That my request had been forwarded too Chapman VW. Next morning about 10:00 AM. I got an e-mail from the online salesman at Chapman VW. He said, 'we got just what your looking for'. Thinking he had responded to what I'd asked for. I called the sales person at Chapman VW. Told him, ' I'm on my way down'. Thinking to my self, ' this sure was easy'. When I got their I meet the salesman. He got the keys to the Jetta for a test drive.

So I jumped into the Jetta. Thinking it was what I'd requested, 'wrong'. First I noticed it wasn't a 5 speed, that I'd requested. I could live with that. For payments of only $260 a month. I drive the car around the block. The whole "Time" thinking, other that the transmission. It was the same car I'd sent an e-mail about. Told the salesman I like the car. Now lets talk money. The Slick Dick closer. Came out too meet me. Showed me on a piece of paper. My payments would only $260. With my good credit. Problem was as I noticed. That was for a lease. Told Slick Dick the closer, 'I wanted too buy'. Oh well that's a different story. Slick Dick the Chapman VW closer. Came back with another offer. Too buy was $310 a month. Told him the computer at VW site. Said my payments would only be about $260. Slick Dick said, 'well that's a different car'. My response was, 'didn't I just drive the Jetta I requested'? 'No, no, Slick Dick responded'. 'We don't have that car in stock'. I said, 'well the deal is off'. Then as they say, I picked up my toys and went home. By the "Time" I got home, 10 minutes or so. There was a e-mail from Slick Dick. Slick Dick said, 'they had already found the Jetta I requested. Called back and said great. I'll be back in the morning. (needed to get my blog out). Got my blog out after a couple of hours. Took my afternoon bike ride as usual. When I got back from my bike ride. I had a message on my phone. The Jetta I wanted, was at another dealership. And unfortunately it just sold. The Good news is. We can put you in the Jetta you drove. For only $360.

You see folks. The truth has become a lost art. From your media, from your friends, your employers, everywhere you turn. Folks have been taught by the schools and media. Your only job is to get ahead. No matter what it takes. I found the Jetta I asked for today. It wasn't red, but is was every thing else I'd requested. San Tan Volkswagen had one in stock. With gas prices appearing not to be going down. Id suggest to everyone. You need to down size on your vehicles. The only place left for the 'powers' too steal your money. Is with energy prices. Oil dropped too $75 a barrel. Gas at the pumps. Went down a lousy nickle. Your saving in your home was stolen. There are stories, the retirement funds will be next. Help yourselves and the environment, down size your energy cost.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


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