Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Christmas and Astrotheology"

Here we are already in the last two weeks of 2011. To me and many others, "Time" has surprisingly quickened up. Before you know it, it will be the dreaded 21 December 2012. And the World will find out for it's self, just what the ancient Mayans were trying to say. If indeed they ever talked or wrote about 21 December 2012. So today I would like to introduce, what I'm starting to follow. It is called Astrotheology, the study of the Heavens and the movement of celestial bodies, the Stars. And what effect they have on all of mankind's lives. Once you start getting into this subject. You soon find out that the Biblical stories come from ancient Astrotheology. And if you read the Mayan Popol Vuh. The authors tells you straight up, these stories are based on celestial movements. To explain the stories with in the Popol Vuh. Here is a really good site to get you going into Astrotheology. One of the first things you'll learn about, is the true meaning of Christmas.

I used to always say, 'the Jews invented Christmas, so they could sell the Christians more crap'. Give the heathen a Local "God", build a holiday around it. Then because the Jews have through out history been middle men. Make a ton of money off the former heathens, on Christmas. Now this may not be true, but you never know. One thing that is for sure, the story behind the birth of Christ. Has it's roots in Astrotheology. And in fact all religions are based on Astrotheology. That is why they are all so similar. Even the people of the Americas, Native Americans, Mayans, tribes of Mexico and South America. All have basically the same stories. All had a 'Tree of Life' in one form or another. Peoples living south of the Equator had the 'Southern Cross' to relate too. The Christians had the Cross of Christ. Mayans had the 'Tree of Life', just as did the Hopi. And the Hopi were the start of all Native American tribes. (Hopi migrations stories) All have stories based on the movements of the Heavens and Stars. After all, there was no TV to pollute there minds. And the men from every corner of the Planet Earth. Would sit around at night, looking up too the Heavenly Bodies. Here is the tricky part, why are all the stories so similar? Were there only a handful of humans on the Earth in the beginning? Were all the continents connected together, to form one solid continent? As the Urantia talks about with continental plates, floating about. That were one solid mass in the beginning.

I tend to believe there was only a handful of individuals in the beginning. And this idea is supported by Mayan, Hopi, Native American tales and most other religions or belief system, through out the World. And that mankind spread through out the World. To only lose contact from there original roots. And like the Hopi stories about how all the tribes of North and South America. Were in the beginning migrating Hopi tribal members. Who refused to move on, and became situated in their local areas. So this all explained how all the original stories got there similar beginnings.

Next is, who gave the humans walking the Earth? These stories behind the movement of the Heavens and Stars. That would of had to have been there Creators or "Gods". You might say the "Aliens", because alien only means, you don't know the origins or facts surrounding them. There origins are 'alien' too you. Now I'll show you an example of how the story of Jesus Christ birth, came to be. Using the Stars and movements of the Heavenly bodies.

In the Biblical story of the birth of Christ. You have the three Magi, who are following a bright Star in the sky. And in the Christian Bible you are told. The Three Wise Men were being led to the birth place of all mankind's Savior. By a bright object in the sky. Today some believe that that bright object was an "Alien" spaceship. And that idea has crossed my mind a few "Times". Until recently upon learning about Astrotheology. Other believe the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. Is no more that a way of telling the masses, Winter has started. And there would be three months of it. Until the month and day of March 21 (Spring Equinox) would signal the beginning of Spring. Which would fall on 23rd of June. And in many ways this is very true. After all, Christmas is on December 25, and close enough to the winter Solstice. Now lets look at the event of the Birth of Christ using Astrotheology.

As I get into this, I want to remind folks. This could be Hopi or Mayan, from the Popol Vuh. And if the Hopi traditions would have been written down, instead of being orally passed along. Via there Dances, tales and Petroglyphs. This would have been the same story. To mark the beginning of the Winter Solstice.

In the Northern Hemisphere you can only see the constellation Orion in the winter months (Pleiades also). And you can easily tell Orion in the night sky, by the three Stars that make-up Orion's belt. With this in mind, remember the story of the birth of Jesus Christ, is set in the Northern Hemisphere. In Astrotheology of the Egyptian's, these three bight Stars that are Orion's belt. Are called the 'String of Pearls', or King Stars named 'Mintaka', 'Aniltak' and 'Anilam'. In the Christian Bible they are the three Magi or Wise Men. And the three Wise Men are heading towards a bright Star. In reality the Magi are heading towards Sirius (Dog Star). As Orion's belt points straight at the Star Sirius. This only happens on the Winter Solstice. Thus marking the start of the Winter months. The Hopi also use Orion's Belt to mark there Winter Solstice. And I'm quite sure most other ancient societies must have used the same sighting, to know when there Winter Solstice was. So here is just one prime example of how movement of the Heavens. Get translated into modern day tales. Or in this case, the birth of Jesus Christ.

Here is another example of the same story of the birth of Jesus Christ. The Christmas Carol, 'We Three Kings From Orient Are', should be, 'We Three Kings From Orion'. The three Kings represent, Will, Love, Intelligence or Orions Belt. And the Star of Bethlehem is Sirius. Meaning the brightest Star in December is Sirius or Bethlehem. Seeing how all Stars rise from the East. During the winter months. Sirius first appears then followed by Orion. Here again the 'Three Magi' chasing the brightest object in the winter sky, Sirius.

As "Time" allows, I'll be doing more of these types of Astrotheology writings. As it is "Time" for enlightening, for everyone. Not just the groups such as the Free Masons and Illuminati. Who have this great knowledge, that has been passed down through generations. These divisions such as religions need to be brought too there collective knees. They are only keeping the masses separated and at war with each other. The sooner religions are removed from society on Mother Earth. The sooner those who reside on Mother earth. Can be brought forth from the darkness, that has prevailed for thousands of years.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS Merry Winter Solstice

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