Saturday, December 17, 2011

"U.S. Government Delares War On It's Own Citizens"

H.R. bill 1540 effectively declares war on the citizens of America. As more and more Draconian laws are passed by America's congressmen. This might be the final nail, in the coffin of the American citizens. Anyone thought to be detrimental too the 'powers', now can be arrested with-out a warrant. Never charged and sent away too prison. Too show how corrupt your people in Washing D.C. are. Senators passed the bill 86 yes and 13 no. The Representative from here in Arizona, John (carpetbagger) McCain (R) and Jon Kyl (R) voted yes. In the House of Representatives the vote went like this. Yes, Trent Franks (R), Ben Quayle (R), Ed Pastor (D). No was, Paul Gosar (R), David Schweikert (R), Jeff Flake (R), Raul Grijal (D). (283 yes, 136 no). Now all this bill needs is Obummers signature on it. And at the same "Time" America's leaders are saying too the citizens of America. You are the most free society in history.

Do you realize America has turned into Germany during WWII and the darkest days of Russia. Say something the 'powers' don't like, be taken away. Just exactly why was this law passed? Here is my thoughts on the subject. With more and more folks losing there jobs, there homes, there ability to feed there families. Open protest will begin at some point. As more and folks talk about the governments lack of a soul. They will start forming groups in protest. At first these protests will be more vocal than anything. Then as the 'powers' stooges, the Anarchist become involved. They will egg on the crowds to become more and more violet. And even will be doing most of the violence them selves. (Just like all the protest of today's Occupy Movement). The 'powers' will be having the police, taking pictures of individuals in the crowd. They will look for the leaders first mostly (Cut off the head of the Snake.). Then all of the protesters will be photographed and identified through drivers licenses and other photo identification. Now that this has been done. The individual protesters can be logged into a computer system. When the protests get more and more out of hand. The 'powers' will have there under-control citizen police officers or military. Round up folks and put them away. The police or military, then can come too your door, knock on it. When you answer, you then can be taken away, never to be heard of again. In fact with the new law in place. I don't even think it's necessary to even knock on you door. They can just probably knock the door down, enter and take you away, no questions asked.

Now why do the 'powers' need this in place? Just like from the movie 'The Wizard of Oz'. They are few and the masses are obviously large. The 'powers' are the 'Old Man' behind the curtain in the 'Wizard of Oz'. And they have control over the Congress, President and military. And with all of those groups not realizing they are only scum too the 'powers'. To be used and discarded, when they have no more use for them. They too will all so be put away, more than likely by foreign troops. Now you have America under control. And with no other countries that have armed citizenry. Everything is now in place for your new NWO. Something that has been planned for centuries.

With all these laws being passed against the citizens of America. In the background another assault on the citizens of America is going on. One company is buying up all the gun manufactures. Talk about your gun control? If you can't disarm the citizens of America, take away there bullets. Cerberus Capital is the name of the company that is doing just that. One gun and bullet company at a "Time'. Check this out, Cerberus owns, Remington, Marlin, Bushmaster, Ruger, Smith and Wesson, DPMS, Parker Guns, Advanced Armament, Freedom Group. They own DynCorp which is a type of Blackwater (new name Blackwater is Academic). As David Rockefeller once said, 'the best competition is no competition'. And that is exactly what Cerberus is doing to the gun and ammo World. Do you think there is more to the idea of no competition, to this? When you look at the big picture sure. All these major corporation now have free run over America now. They have laws in place to protect there interest. Just like the ALEC protest I recorded. The corporations now tell congress what to do and what laws to enact. There are no monopoly laws in America now. Just as all the individually owned broadcasting companies are a thing of the past. So will soon all other fascists of business be monopolies. I was just talking to my friend today who owns a small vitamin, holistic medicine business here in Scottsdale. He can't compete with larger drug stores. And he believes laws will soon be passed. That will out-law most vitamins, over the counter sales.

I'm sure it won't be long before there are only a few different grocery store in America. And they will more than likely be under one massive corporate company. I'm an electrical estimator and I see how giant corporations are buying up all the independent electrical supply houses. I just recently found out that the two different electrical supply houses I get electrical quotes from. Are owned by the same Motheship Corporation. Talk about deciding who get the electrical jobs and who don't. The traffic could be easily directed too one or another electrical contractor. In fact there will be only a few major electrical contractors around. You are seeing this now with 'Mr. Electric'. You are starting to see this with plumbing and mechanical contractors. All you need is the suppliers to be hooked up with there own sub-contractors. Then by feeding them the good numbers as we call it in our business. They could decide who lives and who dies. Just as your Medicaid System, that will soon be the only game in town. Fascism isn't coming too America, it's already here. It's not everywhere yet. But with the current laws to protect the massive corporations being passed. It will soon be in every facet of American life.

I absolutely hate writing about these subjects. I can't do crap about it and it gives me an upset stomach. But I want my children to at least know what is going on behind there backs. As my daughter once said to me, 'I don't know why you bother with worrying about what the government is doing to you'. Her husband recently died way too young from cancer. Cancers that should have been under control years ago. But the government is to busy convincing the population that the damn terrorist are out to get them. While in the background they are poisoning every aspect of American life. And big PHARMA is doing the medical corporations bad deeds. By telling the government what type of medicines are approved. And what crap they can put in folks food. Well there is today's rants, I'm sorry to have too pass it along. Check out what I've said, it's all facts. And always remember, the 'powers' are doing there best to enslave and kill you.

"God" bless


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