Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Who Are These Cats, Can They Be Trusted?"

No one knew who Obummer was, then all of a sudden he's president of America. Now here American has there choice who will run against Obummer. Here is America's choices for Republican candidate, who in the Hell are these puppets? Michele Backman (White chick from?), Newt Gingrich (Drug his ass out from some dark closet some where in the South), Jon Huntsman (ex-governor of Utah, a Mormon, not sure, Ambassador too China.) Gary Johnson (Former govener from New mexico, Maybe can give the World a straight answer about Roswell UFO crash.), Ron Paul (Another controlled puppet, to make the citizens of America. Think there is someone actually on there side. Like's to use all the key words liberals like. Don't really have any way to fix the problems in America.) Rick Perry (The guy who grabbed Ron Paul by the arm during a recent debate.) Buddy Roemer?, Mitt Romney (Mormon cultist from Massachusetts), Rick Santorum (sounds like a gangster name). And one Black Cat that dropped out of the race. He was known for his work at Godfathers Pizza, (just the kind of training you need to be president) and chasing a bunch of White chicks (Dropped out race, telling folks he needed to talk too his Black wife. About the White women coming forward about his desire for White Chick en Meat.).

There you go America, a fine line up I'd say. I'm sure each and everyone have a ton of skeletons in there closets. After all, that's how you get picked for public office. That way you can be controlled. Think about Obummer (Obummer isn't ever sure how old he is. He's such a minded controlled puppet. ) Think about that for a minute, you'll see what I mean. You know why these are your choices don't you? They are there because you have no choices. You see Obummer has been programed for several years. Probably as far back as his childhood, for this very moment and "Time" and history. A gay born Kenyon, with no known proven history of ever growing up in America. No pictures of him and his friends from elementary school through college. Not even year book photos. Hell no one remembers him from his years attending Occidental College And if he did go to college at Occidental. Transcripts indicate he applied for a foreign student loan.

So if all this has been going on behind the scenes. What about all the other candidate who are trying to oppose him in the next presidential election? How far down does this rabbit hole go? My guess is pretty damn far, for the 'powers' have been digging it for decades, if not centuries. So you see your choices for president has been made for you long ago. Maybe not the person, but at least what that person will unleash on the unsuspecting American public. The voter poles are rigged, the ballot box is rigged, the candidates are rigged. And by placing your vote for one candidate or another. You are saying you have fallen into this trap. And you did it all on your own. No one ever put a gun to your head. You could have done some investigating like me and other, but you didn't. You listened to what others had to say via the TV and other media outlets. You let others do your thinking for you. And now you must and will pay the price. 'On Guard'

Speaking of corrupt politicians in America, get a load of this guy. One "Time" governor and congressman Jon Corzine from New Jersey. Was Summoned before Congress (Other Whores) to talk about the failure of MF Global. You see MF Global lost around 1.2 Billion (yes billion) dollars in investors money. This was the first "Time" in over 100 years, that a former Congressman has been subpoenaed before Congress. Mr. Corzine was asked by the investigating committee, don't consult your lawyers before answering question and be courteous. Mr. Corzine knew that anything said under oath, could and would be used against him later. So this opened of the door for Mr. Corzine taking the Fifth Amendment. (I saw nothing, I heard nothing, I say nothing). As only a corrupt human being and ex politician could only say. 'I don't know where the money went' and added 'customers losses weigh on his mind, every day, every hour'. He went on to say, 'I'm not in a position, given the number of transactions, to know anything specific about the movement of any specific funds'. Here again 'I know nothing' from Hogan's Heros.

As Christmas day approaches and of course 2012. I look for some where to go on Christmas day. Last two years was up too Sedona Red Rock country. So I thought I'd share with others, locations I'm thinking about this year. One thing for sure here in Arizona, folks get out on Christmas day. Last years hike too Devil's Bridge west of Sedona. Me and my old friend Bill had a hard "Time" even finding a place to park. To make the hike into Devil's Bridge. I've narrowed my pick this year to two locations. One is just at the turn off too Sedona on Hi-way I-17. An area called 'V-Bar-V Site', located on Wet Beaver Creek. This area is located with petroglyphs, that date back to around 1,400 years ago. There is a $5.00 fee for the area. 928-282-3854 or visit

The other location is called Castle Dome, north of Yuma Arizona. This old mining site is off the beaten path. Located 45 miles south of Quartzsite. For those visiting the site from the Phoenix area. This mine and town was once the longest running mine in Arizona history. It operated from 1862 until 1979. During WWII over 9 million tons of lead ore was extracted form the mine, for use in bullets. There are over 50 building to prowl around today. If you want to visit the site call 928-920-3062 or go too

Today over the metro Phoenix area we are getting covered with Chem-trails. The sky has turned from bright blue to a milky white color. With lines in the sky going in all directions. We are suppose to have rain in a few days and some cloud to marrow. Seems always before fronts move in. The Chem-trail spraying starts. Like the government of America today. No one knows what terrible laws are being passed and no one seems to know why they are laying down chem-trails.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings


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