Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Occupy Phoenix Raid and Post # 700"

Whether you believe in the Occupy Movement that started in Egypt. Or the American one that blossomed up in the streets and parks of New York City. Is not what this story is about. When I decided to go down too Cesar Chavez Plaza in down town Phoenix. To record the folks who were part of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. I was totally against what they stood for. Night after night (still do) I was on Live Stream on the Internet. Watching the broadcast from various city in America, England and Europe. Here in Arizona we had two site broadcasting every night and day. One from Phoenix and one from Tucson. I would interact with the individuals behind the computer at the sites. And with those who were also in the Chat Rooms. That run along side the video coming from the various sites. I'd attack and counter attack as I would banter with others. I would tell them they needed to either get a job, or completely remove themselves from the system. And that the only way to attack the system was by, either from with-in, or by dropping out of the system completely. By not paying taxes they were not helping to support the illegal wars and other crimes against humanity. Problem was these individuals wanted bigger government. They wanted the government to break-up giant corporation. Do away with the Federal Reserve System (Nothing federal about the Federal Reserve system, it's just private banksters controlling the World's economy.), which I agree with. Ensure that minimum wages were $20 an hour and most know the rest of there demands. These demands would infuriate me along with most other Americans. After all I'm 64 and still in good health and working. And why shouldn't the Occupy folks who are much younger, be doing the same?

Then I went and recorded the protesters in downtown Phoenix. I soon started feeling a sort of apathy for them. I saw what they were up against. I saw how they had been dumbed down, from a terrible education system in America. That turned from educating the youth, too a indoctrination of the the youth. That turned the youth against there elders values. And that they should live only for demanding more from the system. And that is all these folks are doing. They are demanding more from the system. And that is what the system has taught them. They don't understand the rebellion towards them. They believe bigger governmental controls are good for them. They don't realize the 'powers' want to control from there pocket books. They want them to demand more from the system. The 'powers' want them to be dependent on the system to provide there daily needs. That is the trap and that's the trap of socialism or communism. Those system will take care of you. The only problem to do that kind of protection, cost you all your freedoms.

So is all the protesters are doing, is what they have been taught by the very system they are protesting. My feelings toward the protester really change at 11:42 PM 9 December 2011. When all of a sudden Phoenix police poured into Cesar Chavez Plaza, from all directions. And started handcuffing the occupier right and left. All of this was going on as the Live Stream feed kept going. The Phoenix police weren't smart enough or forgot. That the first thing they should have done was shut the Web Cam down. Instead the raid was being broadcast over the Internet. There was only about 23 of us watching as the raid toke place. Because it was going out on the Internet. Those numbers soon swelled to over 400, in a heart beat. Here is a blow by blow description of the raid. I didn't know if someone was recording the raid. So I typed what I saw as it was happening. Turns out some was recording much of the raids aftermath.

11:42 PM Phoenix Time, Phoenix. police surround protesters. All the protesters inside canopies (no tents allowed) are arrested. If you were standing outside of canopies, you are not arrested. Protesters ask police why they were arresting those in canopies. Police would not tell them, said they would later. Police are now removing medical and food supplies from canopies. San Diego is being raided right now also. Taking everything from inside the tents now, chairs, cooler, posters, etc. Camera still running. Police do not realize camera is still running. One of the protesters is losing it, yelling at the police. Protester yelling at police, calling them Nazis. The police are acting like SS Nazi men, taking everything. Like the Nazis did the Jews. Police still don't realize camera live is still running. This will be all over the news to marrow, I think. Police don't realize they are being broadcast all over the world live. There only 26 of us watch this channel, now there are over 400. Viewer count continues to grow. Canopies are now being taken down. Funny the police were dumb enough to not kill the live feed first. They are all being videoed. 10 arrest so far. Protesters are asking police why they are not protecting the citizens instead of arresting them? America is becoming a Police State, to night proves it. Camera still running 30 min. later. Channel 15 ABC is on the way, protesters called them. Head police officer is damn near my age, tall and gray haired. The folks that were manning the camera were arrested first, they were in tent. 12:16 AM camera still recording, dumb ass cops. Folks from other Occupy cities are in chat room. Police say now the protesters are camping, that's the reason behind the raid. This is day 56, why now? Wisconsin says, 'sorry Phoenix'. Some are blaming the Jews. Protesters are yelling at cop, 'your children will hate you some day. 12:22 AM 9 Dec. live feed went too Occupy commercial. Live Stream may have stopped live feed. Chat Room still running. Folks in chat room what to know, who killed live feed? Police now claim this site (Park) is 'urban camping'. Told folks in live Chat Room, 'I'm doing a moment by moment written record. 12:28 AM still waiting to see if live feed returns. With out live feed, viewing numbers dropping, under 300 now 12:31 AM Friday 9 Dec. Sacramento is also being raided along with Boston. This appears to be a country wide organized event. Folks from other cities want to know if Sheriff Joe Arpiro (spelling?) is behind the raid. Fucker is known all over the country. Chat Room posts say the police are removing tents and protesters are allowed to keep some items. For some reason police took food and medical supplies as soon as the raid started. 12:44 still no live feed, Chat Room still up and running. Need more wine.

Live stream returns 12:50 AM 9 Dec. Flood light install by city has been shut off, now dark around park. Protesters appear to have gained strength, here drums going in back ground. Protester says there were 20 police when raid started. Word was put out for folks too come to Park. Sounds like that happened, some protesters singing. Plan by police Masters may have backfired on them. Nothing like diversity too give folks strength. Channel 12 NBC has arrived on scene. Cheers being heard from protesters. Of those arrested, bond will only be $25. Protesters singing, ' this is what a Police State looks like. 1:05 Fox News and KUPD crews have arrived at Park. Protester glad police left them American flag, odd. Mayor Gordon's home phone # being posted in Chat Room. All sorts of states are telling Phoenix we support you, Texas, N.M, West Virgina, PA, Colorado, etc.. Police cars and Police are still on location. Police told one protester that they things taken like canopies, chairs, blankets will not be returned. Protesters believe the police robbed from them. They (protesters) believe there will be new canopies by to marrow. Someone in the Chat Room offered free donuts for life, if police officers join them. lol 1:27 live stream went down. Someone suggested calling the cops for help. Good night 1:30 AM.

There you have it, just as I seen it. I felt total sympathy for the protester now. Not because of what they stood for so much. It was the idea that many of them had found a new meaning too there lives. The protester talked of how staying up all night and protecting the canopies made them feel proud of them selves. (Police would remove any canopy that was not occupied immediately.) How at first it was a struggle to keep awake. And how that struggle bonded them too each other. How many of there numbers had been arrested for falling asleep while pulling all-nighters. (If you fell asleep during the night shifts, the police would arrest you.) How they asked for some Port-a-John and instead the police set up giant flood lights to harass them. Yeah what they were doing may not have been the best way to go. Problem it was there only way to go about venting there frustrations about lack of jobs. And when the police moved in all at once. Handcuffing those who didn't know why they were being arrested. You could hear the protesters saying to the police, 'what are you doing, why are you doing this'? And the police all remain silent as they arrested the occupiers. As there police Sargent barked out orders to the police. Telling the protesters that they would be told later, what the charges would be. Those charges later for being arrested was, 'Urban Camping'. After 56 days and night on the same spot. The protesters were arrested for camping with-in the City of Phoenix limits.

As soon as all the protesters were handcuffed and put out on the sidewalk. The police started dismantling the site. Taking medical and food supplies first. Then the started removing the canopies one by one. The police sifted through the items under the canopies. Taking blankets and what ever they perceive to be valuable. Like a conquering army does to the citizens of a conquered country. The police had trucks that pulled in with them for the raid. All the items were put into pick-up trucks marked Phoenix Police. When the police were done with they removal of items. A police told one of the protesters to tell the other protester. They could now go through what was left behind and remove the items. If not removed the items would be thrown away by sanitation department. If you watch the video I posted, you will get a better idea. Of just how brutal the whole ordeal was. I was as if the whole system turned against the citizens of America. Yes they were technically there against the law, but there sure as Hell could have been a better way to handle the situation.

When it was all settled and done. I felt like that American in one giant swoop, had turned into a Police State before my very eyes. The police showed in the end, they are really in charge. At at any "Time" they can inflect there powers over the citizens of America. The protest is still going on as I type this. The new rules say not canopies, nothing can be kept over night at the site, no blanket can be worn by the protester either. There are several new rule that have been set in place by the City of Phoenix. And with the police to back up everything they say. One final thought on this subject. Shame on the 'powers' of Phoenix, who showed just how soulless they are. They made the gulf between the police and the citizens even wider. The police acted like Nazi SS, rounding up the Jews in Germany. And who knows what will happen next. With folks like myself trying to impart what we have learned from years of watching. As American turns into one Giant Prison.

This is my 700th post today. Must say I'm a ton smarter then when I started these short tales of mine. I've done a ton of research, just to keep from being blasted for my thoughts. If no one ever reads these pages, that would be just OK. For the knowledge I've gain from doing this. Has been more that worth it. "God" bless to those above, who I know have supported this endeavor.

"God" bless

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